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marcye 07-09-2018 04:09 PM

Traveling routes
My son in law took his maiden trip and got stuck in 11 hours of traffic! He took the way he knew but wished there was some app or map that can help RVers. If anyone hs info please share as we always do!
Thank you

Glenn Baglo 07-09-2018 04:26 PM

I just use Google maps. It gives you info on traffic.

marcye 07-09-2018 04:38 PM

Thanks for answering me
But it was not all rv friendly it was PA to Long Island I am looking for RV friendlyor 18 wheeler friendly!

Glenn Baglo 07-09-2018 05:10 PM

On an 11 hour trip, conditions will change. Google maps reflects the latest traffic conditions by using GPS tracking.
You can map a route, but if there is a major accident, all bets are off.

madjack 07-09-2018 06:40 PM a near 3 decade long trucker, who ran that territory on a regular basis, I can tell you, there is NO RV FRIENDLY route from Pa to LI...doesn't exist...the best you can hope for is no wrecks anywhere on the route and anything resembling rush hour(4AM till 8PM, or later) will simply leave you cursing.......

marcye 07-10-2018 09:36 AM

Was wishing for a app that would help out thanks for your input!

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