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4suresure 07-11-2018 10:24 AM

75 Trilium furnace gas valve
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The furnace has been working fine but recently the pilot light won't stay lit.
Changed the thermocouple and still no luck. The picture shows the gas valve with the thermocouple removed (top pic has been rotated 90deg counter clockwise). I put an ohmmeter on the contact where the thermocouple conects to the gas valve and touched the other lead to the body of the gas valve. It reads 0 ohms. Not sure if that tells me anything.
Is it possible to repair or replace this valve? We really like the look of the retro furnace so I want to save it.

David Tilston 07-11-2018 07:44 PM

The advantages of a gravity furnace go beyond retro style. Since they use no electrical power at all, they are ideal for boon docking. While the gas valve can be replaced, the valves that are available are expensive, and have a different port arraignment. This means that some tube bending will be required to install it.

Duo-Therm Furnace Gas Valve, Replacement 710-201MC

Hey look at that! Walmart sells it.

My preferred option is to locate the exact same valve, on kijiji, in some other furnace of the same vintage. I see that you are in Alberta, me too. I just did a quick scan and only came up with one contender:
He wants $200 for it, but I have seen them for as low as $50. Of course, the gas valve may not work, but Randy Bishop tells me that he has never come across one that a bit of cleaning would not fix.

That brings me to my next point. The thermocouple is a part that can still be purchased.
Bring yours to a furnace service shop. They will likely have one you can use.

4suresure 07-24-2018 03:53 PM

75 Trillium furnace gas valve
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Many thanks to David Tilston for the replacement furnace gas valve. Works great, fresh coat of high heat paint and good as new.

P.S. For some reason the valve pic always rotates. Even tried shooting in square mode on my iPhone. This is a completely different pic than the one above. Anyone know what I'm doing to cause that?

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