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Billreedred 07-13-2018 08:51 PM

I had my 7 way plug wire hook up drag the pavement and rub 2 wires into. Is it ok to cut the cable/wires and splice them all back together and wrap with electrical tape. I took it to camper world to replace the whole cable and they did not know where the end hooked into the box in the parkliner 2017. So i guess i will try to repair.

John in Michigan 07-14-2018 05:41 AM

Bill, I would say you have two options:

1. Best approach: Order a complete new 7 wire cable with 7 blade connector, and wire into the "box" that you mentioned "camper world" couldn't figure out.

2. Splice the damaged wires using weatherproof crimp splice connectors, then cover the whole wire bundle with split loom tubing.


John in Michigan 07-14-2018 05:45 AM

third option
Actually, there is a third option: Take your camper to any reputable trailer shop. This is a simple repair. Amazing that "camper world" wouldn't be able to figure out how to wire in a new 7 wire harness.

mszabo 07-14-2018 05:48 AM

Not a problem, go to Youtube they have many videos on how to repair.

Morgan A 07-14-2018 04:18 PM

Little House Customs <> has replacement plugs (7 Pin Replacement Plug (Trailer End) for $7.99.

mbbear 07-14-2018 04:58 PM

Why I love this site... so many intelligent, knowledgeable, caring individuals!! fiberglassrv... the BEST!!

John in Michigan 07-14-2018 06:30 PM

7 blade plug at your local auto parts store $5 (NAPA, etc)

Markz 07-30-2018 08:01 PM

You can repair it yourself, but watch some YouTube videos on the proper methods first.

John in Santa Cruz 07-30-2018 09:04 PM

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if the wire dragged and ate through the rubber sheath, I would NOT attempt to repair, I would replace the whole pigtail (wire + 7 blade plug) to keep it weather tight and road worthy.

follow the cable into your trailer. somewhere, it goes into a junction box... disconnect the trailer battery, AC, and solar (if any) before working on this wiring. take lots of photos and/or draw a diagram before or while taking things apart, so you can put it together the same way.

if the pigtail cable disappears inside the trailer (not uncommon with fiberglass RVs), you might opt to cut it off about a foot from the trailer body, and get one of these pigtails with a integral junction box... slice open the foot long stub of factory cable, seperate out the wires, trim them to optimal lenghts, strip and crimp marine ring-terminals onto them, and secure them to this new external junction box, which you bolt to the inside of the trailer A-frame...

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