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Karmantra 01-19-2019 02:01 PM

Hymer Touring GT fiberglass trailer info?
New member here, wondering if anyone has seen/viewed a Hymer Touring GT fiberglass trailerómade in Canada, new to the States. Limited dealers in U.S. at this time, although there is a dealer 2 hours from where I live. Anyone viewed or have experience with one? Thanks and Appreciation, Karmantra

thrifty bill 01-19-2019 02:12 PM

Yes Hymer was at the Tampa RV Super Show. I was impressed as it is their first egg, much more usable than the Nest that was also at the show and the Hymer was about $10,000 less. Aisleway was much tighter (narrower) than our Escape 19, tiny refrigerator, really flexy floor. If it wasn’t new I would have suspected rot.

For the same money I could get a new Escape 17, maybe a 19, so it would not interest me.

Love the windows!

vintageracer 01-20-2019 09:12 AM


Spongelander 01-20-2019 11:15 AM

I hope that turns out not to be true, but the CTV story embedded in the link about 100 Cambridge folks being laid off doesn't look good.
That link is here:

On the other hand, if true, there won't be golden parachutes for the three execs, Thor will get a better deal, and the factories will have the chance to start over with fresh leadership.

Mike Magee 01-20-2019 04:45 PM

Once Thor gets its hands on it, who knows whether this trailer will continue being built. Look what has happened to construction of Parkliners and Livin' Lite Camplites after they were purchased by larger RV mfrs.

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