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Corbett Road 05-01-2019 09:34 AM

Northern Oregon Gathering
A HUGE thank you to the organizers and our fellow campers. This was our first organized outing and it was a tremendous experience.. Fort Stevens Park accommodates about 600 units but seems like 'we were camping in the "bush" ...... Took a drive the first day and saw 3 bull elk alongside the road ....... lots of opportunity for hiking/biking/exploring the Columbia River History ..... Buoy Brew House/Restaurant is the place to enjoy in Astoria ....... Met quite a few BFF's and had many good laughs(hope we will meet again soon !!!!) ...... Liked to check out the various "rigs" and their owners personalized touches ...... other than our Oxygen I think Larry & Judy's 21 ft Escape 5th wheel won 1st prize(for us !!) a beautiful unit(and built in Beautiful British Columbia) ........ AND we really liked the idea of the "Clam" shelter ...... would be a good addition to have in the unlikely event of a shower or two........ I would set it up to be used as an outdoor kitchen .. would be perfect !!!! We could have secured a spot in the Guiness Book of Records for the most people to have ever cuddled into an Oxygen Trailer(only 77 units made so the record would have stood for many years :)) .. We will make every effort to attend the NOG next April near Sweet Home Oregon ......... Off to Scotland in the Fall to sample some peaty Scotchs ....... thanks again .... john/eve

JansDream 05-01-2019 11:50 PM

And we enjoyed meeting you! Plus, a big thank you for allowing us all to tour your beautiful Oxygen! Enjoy Scotland and have an extra glass for us!

Jan & John

Kai in Seattle 05-02-2019 05:05 PM

Is this the Oxygen and John that we met at the 2018 SAFE?
A good treat and completely unexpected!

Kai in Seattle

Dave and Kathie 05-06-2019 06:34 PM

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John and Eve,
It was so much fun meeting you (and I know you also like the Basil Hayden ;)). What a treat it was to have not one but two Oxygens at the get together. Thank you for sharing your little jewel.

Take care and safe travels until we meet again,
Dave & Kathie

Kai in Seattle 05-08-2019 03:40 PM

STEVE was at the SAFE, these are two more Oxygens? The PNW is breathing good these days!!!!!

Kai / "K"

Steve Hammel 05-08-2019 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by Kai in Seattle (Post 741343)
STEVE was at the SAFE, these are two more Oxygens? The PNW is breathing good these days!!!!!

Kai / "K"

I was also the other Oxygen at the NOG. I'm kind of surprised that only two of us were there as I know there is one in Portland OR. and another in Anacortes WA.

Kai in Seattle 05-08-2019 04:19 PM

Oh, Lord, Steve, I'm sorry! FOUR Oxygens! Out of 77!? Amazing. And so far I have yet to have seen another Amerigo in person. I wonder if the amerigos were more poorly-built...

Break your back and your head goes down a crack, I guess. I apologize for my unawareness.


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