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boats19 07-13-2019 12:25 PM

Another Scamp 13 Axle question
I called Dexter to order a new axle for my 76 Scamp and the sales rep asked for the "Hub face to Hub face" measurement. My trailer is already at the shop, and Scamp has not been answering or returning calls. Anyone have that number?

Jon in AZ 07-13-2019 01:02 PM

Another Scamp 13 Axle question
Wondering why the shop isnít taking the measurements and ordering the axle?

boats19 07-13-2019 01:49 PM

I took it to a truck and trailer shop thinking they would have experience to do good work. It turns out they didn't want to deal with it. The guy I was dealing with said he talked with a local welder who was willing to do the work. Since I dropped it off Tuesday just before the 4th of July weekend no work was done. The following week I was on vacation kayaking with my brothers so I was happy the welder would at least tow it to his shop. When I talked with him he was aware of Dexter but but wasn't interested in doing the legwork of chasing down the numbers with Scamp. I returned from vacation on Friday. I called Scamp but only got voicemail. Left several messages but got no response yet. I called Dexter and told them I needed a 6' axle with a 22 degree down starting angle and an 8 inch arm... That's where the problem started. I don't know if the frame is 72" or the Hub face to Hub face is 72". So long story short, I suck at timing because I want to use the Scamp on the 25th of July and it may not be tow ready.

David B. 07-13-2019 06:49 PM

Gary, the face to face measurement shouldn’t be difficult for the welder or you to get. You can still “chase down” the parts from Dexter or purchase from Scamp. Since you live in Michigan, I would take it to Scamp to install one, as your original axle is a “leading arm” configuration, and it will have to be changed over to a “trailing arm” configuration since I was told that Dexter will not make the original leading arm one.
I had made the switch with our 1990 Scamp 13’, and it required a spacer tube welded to the frame to make it work, and that will give you a “lift” as the axle will be welded or bolted to it. If that is the direction you end up going, you may not want to have a downward angle, but a zero angle. I used a Flexi-ride rubber torsion axle so I could have pretty much any angle, as the “dog-leg” and axle shaft is splined so positioning is up to you at any time. I keep it low for pavement camping, and raise it up 4” for off road camping.
Best of luck with your axle swap, and I hope you will try to make it to the U.P. gathering August 7-11 at Lake Linden (near Torch Lake) and we can swap stories.
Dave & Paula

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