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  1. Bill of Sale
  2. License plates, differing laws
  3. How to make financial arrangements long distance
  4. Has anyone ever shipped a trailer long distance?
  5. Trailer Insurance
  6. do we have any canadian lawyers here
  7. Pro's and con's about applying for 17 numbered VIN
  8. Thoughts on Canadian Dollar at par
  9. How can you tell what year a Trailer make is?
  10. Importing Caravan/Trailer from Europe
  11. The continuing saga of registering the trailer...
  12. Import from canada
  13. Canadian purchasing a used RV in the US
  14. What's with the government?
  15. Pricing
  16. Out of State Dealers and Sales Tax
  17. Financing a used egg
  18. Negotiating the price on our new Toyota Sienna.
  19. PTI registration in Cal.
  20. Registering and Insurance in Canada
  22. Importing from Canada
  23. US citizen considering importing from Canada
  24. Selling a trailer to Canada....Cash/Check
  25. Conscience vs. Good Business
  26. Buying Used Bigfoot in Canada
  27. An interesting way to handle a trailer sale.