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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Scamp
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So, my situation is, I won't have the money to buy a used trailer until about mid February, but I need it by the end of February, somewhere between CA and AL. My question is, once I "make a deal", how long do I have to deliver the $? What I am saying is, by Feb 15 I should have the money to buy, but I need to pick up by March 15, how soon can I make an offer, with (possibly) no money down, but steller intentions? Just how does the egg world work? What are my trust, their trust issues? Two weeks? Three? Last minute? What?

I have even thought about possibly asking a fellow member of this board to check out the egg for me if they are in the area of sale and paying sight unseen, don't even know if that is okay, what do I do if time is short. I could tent camp until the perfect trailer comes up, but single female with a dog here. What do you all suggest?

To clarify, I am in CA, need to by last minute once I get the cash. Don't really want to buy sight unseen, am willing to go without, but if I do find something that looks good, is it out of line to ask another board member to check it out for me? If not, then what to expect? Buy if it looks decent, sight unseen? No, Yes? Never? What do I have to do? Kind of in a quandry about trailer buying ethics here?

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Monica, I don't know how sales are going here lately, as my computer decide to blow up and I was computerless for a month, and only got back to this forum yesterday. But if it's like it was when I was on the search for any type of fiberglass, they sold within a short period of time. So someone holding it for you without $$$$'s in hand wouldn't have been likely. I am sure sales have slowed but most people are wanting to sell either need the money for whatever or for the purchase of their next rig. Hard to say what you will find. I guess that's a question for the seller. Good Luck with your search. Robin

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Name: Rachel
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I've bought all my boats, cars, and eggs second hand, and I'd say there's no way to generalize. It all depends on what you and a given seller work out.

I've bought things from people who were of the "first one to show me the money takes it and that's all I care about" mindset; and, on the other end of the spectrum, I once bought a boat sight-unseen from some people halfway across the country, sent them a check the next day, and then (by prior arrangement) didn't pick the boat up for three months. As I was getting ready for the trip, the (prior) owners said "Why don't you stay with us for a few days and make a vacation of it?" I did that and had a wonderful time. We had lobster dinner, took our boats out together (my new one and their new one), and they also pointed me to some good hikes that I did on my own.

In short, it depends, and there is no norm, I don't think.

I've tent camped by myself lots of times, and I also car-camp whenever I'm on a driving trip (not fond of motels, plus I travel with my dog). But again, that's a personal choice.

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Name: Donna D
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There are a lot of helpful people on this forum. Many are willing to go look at a trailer, in close proximity and give an honest viewpoint. But, remember everything is subjective. Using the Buyers Check List helps too.
Donna D.
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Name: Roy
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I think that if you might be wanting to rely on a fellow members opinion you should have a good idea of what you are looking for and willing to accept. As Donna says the buyer's check list is a good start. What is good for you may not be good for someone else. Have you done your research? Do you know what you are willing to accept? Do you know your prices?

Do you have a deposit that you are willing to forfeit? Depending on the circumstances ... I think that a certain percentage would accept a few hundred down knowing that someone would be picking it up in 4-6 weeks or even less as time goes on. Even more so if the individual had to travel some distance to pick it up.

If you are going to give a deposit over a distance, consider PayPal because that at least is traceable to an individual with bank accounts.

There are no cut and dry standards, your mileage may vary depending on the seller.
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I've helped 2 people in the last year get a FGRV and most recently a gentleman in Alaska who had found a 17' Burro here in Ohio and blindly wrote to me asking me if I'd go check it out for him as it was located about 25 minutes from my home. He was pretty set on getting it, just wanted someone to give a 'visual' to him. My husband and I went and checked it all out, I took a camera, hubby crawled under and took pics of the underbody, axel etc, spent about an hour checking it over as if I were buying it for myself or a family member, got into the car and called him to tell him what we found, what needed attention etc. My Alaska friend called the buyer to tell him the unit was SOLD and overnighted a check to him. It's currently in the same storage barn as mine is, and how very cool it was to see 2 FGRVs stored together keeping each other company over the winter!!! LOL

I also helped a very nice couple in Oklahoma with their purchase by towing a trailer back to my home from another state I was visiting and happened to have an empty hitch. They drove here to pick it up. For someone like me, I just enjoy seeing new trailers and helping people and hope these people, if ever asked, would 'Pay it Forward'. FGRV people are amazing and I've met some truly genuine individuals.

I donno...that's how I think anyway. I'm just happy to be part of a WONDERFUL group of FGRV people and want others to enjoy theirs as much as I enjoy ours!

Good luck on your search. You won't be disappointed!!
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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
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depends on the seller. Some are mellow, and some just want the cash in hand now. Even with the economy as it is, they can do that with these.

The sellers of both my 13 and my 17 held their rigs for me. With the 13 footer, it was because the seller and I found out during chit chat that we were both cancer patients.

He said "Oh, I want you to have this, it will do for you what it did for me" and he held it for a week while I juggled and got the cash.

My 17 footer was a cold call from seeing it on the street.. a knock "Is that for sale?" and a gentlemans agreement was struck. He handed me all the manuals and refused to take a deposit. "give it to me when you pick it up, I am in no hurry and I know you will pay".

Yes, asking other members to look for you long distance is appropriate and encouraged. I have looked at several for other folks, and it resulted in a few sales. And a few "run.. run away!"s.

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I bought my trailer off Ebay and only had to send $100 via Paypal within 24 hours after sale and the seller was willing to allow up to 7 days after sale to pick up and pay the rest. He did request that the sale be in cash if possible; but was also okay with a check if there was a local branch of my bank in his area.

Something you might consider in purchasing right away if you have a credit card. You could pay the Seller thru Paypal (easy for Seller/Buyer to set up an account if you don't). That way, if you don't have all the money now, you could put part of the sale to be charged to your credit card and it would go to Seller immmediately. Then, when you have the money, you can pay off that part of your credit card. Check out your c/c charging period and you could even have up to 30 days before you get your next credit card statement.

I don't know about you; but when I won my trailer on Ebay, I left my house in less than 12 hours to go pick it up, driving 7 hours in the middle of the night, because I was soooooo excited to claim it as my own!

Good luck with your hunt. It seems like every trailer for sale in the last several weeks that I have looked at has been in California. Maybe the "good luck" gods are with you this month.

Nancy from FL
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Name: Ches
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British Columbia
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I have sold 3 fgrv's over the years. In each case I let the buyer get their money when they could and just held the unit till they paid. I even had people come to me with cash and wanted to buy from me knowing that i had promised to sell to some one else. I guess its really what the seller wants.
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Name: Greg
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As a general rule(of course, there are always exceptions) I've found it depends on the pricing how flexible the sellers are and how quickly one needs to move and complete a sale.

If the trailer is a "screaming deal" these sometimes only last hours and the sellers are deluged with responses and some saavy buyers offer more then they're asking to beat out the others. You need to have cash in hand and be ready to close the deal quickly on these when they come along.

If the trailer is at a "market" or "premium price" these sellers generally know they are asking fair or high value for their trailer and will sometimes be much more flexible to deal with because they know to get their price they need to be more accommodating on terms. These generally take a bit longer to sell although I have seen extremely nice ones go very quickly.

The last 60 days, probably due to the economy, I have noticed some "screaming deals" sitting longer than they normally would so who knows what the spring will be like. Normally, about March prices rise and sellers get less flexible, but we'll see if that changes in 2009. My guess would still be that if you can complete your deal by mid February you'll get a better deal then closer to summer and season.
Scamp Owners International
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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Scamp
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I am so glad to hear that some others are willing to check out a trailer if it is in their area considering the scam posts I have read. It is hard to buy and risk losing your dream for fear of a scam. I am confident that my tow vehicle and my trailer will "come to me" in the right time, I kinda feel like fate will have a hand in it. This is a life change for me as I plan on full timing immediately upon purchase. Like I said, I am willing to tent camp for a couple weeks if necessary until I get "that feeling" about the right trailer. I cannot wait!! Thanks to all who have posted, I know this is an excellent "community" on these boards and am looking forward to becoming one of the honorable members of the FGRV family soon. I also want to put it out there that I would definately, once I become experienced enough, be willing to go and look at a trailer for someone if I am in the area. I am thinking, if there is enough interest, this might be a good forum to have on here, for those that need this kind of help to post a locatation of the egg and see if those willing are in the area. Just a thought. Thanks again to all!!
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If you are going to give a deposit over a distance, consider PayPal because that at least is traceable to an individual with bank accounts.
Not all are traceable to bank accounts -- Mine is set up with only my credit card (which I use as a firewall between the world and my bank accounts -- I had to resist a lot of emails from PayPal to get it that way, but I did.
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Name: Roy
Trailer: 1972 boler American and 1979 Trillium 4500
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Not all are traceable to bank accounts -- Mine is set up with only my credit card (which I use as a firewall between the world and my bank accounts --
Interesting Pete. I thought all paypal accounts had to be verified by reporting back the amounts of the 2 small deposits made to your bank account. I wonder how they did that with your credit card? 2 small charges?

OTOH, I would not think one could get a credit card without a bank account. Maybe if it was a prepaid one.

When I bought mine, the pictures on ebay told me very well what to expect of the body and interior. (I bought a wreck). What I did not know was what shape the frame and axle were in. There was not anyone here that was close ... so I made a few long distance calls. The local RV place was not interested, so I found a body shop/ mechanic that agreed to stop by on the way home and have a look at it for me for $50 before I bid. After winning his son made a few more dollars by picking it up and bringing it back to the shop to check out the bearings etc before I was to tow it back on a 10 hour road trip. Money well spent both pre and post auction. A win - win - win situation.
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Trailer: 2005 16 ft Scamp
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Thanks very much, that gives me possible other options!
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Name: Roger
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I bought a boat and sold it. I sold two cars. The deal is the same. A couple of hundred to hold it and the balance in cash at pick up. If others look at the item after the deposit, their name is taken with a promise to call them if the deposit deal falls through. Also, the deposit is returned if the balance can't be raised.

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