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Name: charles
Trailer: 21 Bigfoot
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do whats best for you. they have to come pick up the trailer anyway. so insist on cash and use your bank to help make sure the bills are ok. 1000 dollar bills are not in short supply. It was a good price and if they were serious the money shouldn't be a problem. If the deal falls through email me at and I'll drive down fro wilsonville and hand you the cash! I have a 21 but have been thinking of going a little smaller,but not back to a casita
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Name: Patrick
Trailer: Shopping for new RV
North Carolina
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I haven’t read all the answers here but judging from the few I did read the obvious and
simplest answer is good old cash. With any other form of payment you can be burned.
If the buyer wants the trailer he will produce the cash...just don’t do the deal in a dark
alley in the ghetto !

My last big deal was completed in his bank and the teller counted and delivered the cash
to me at the teller’s window....your bank or his and cash...simple and fool proof.

Also note that there are no $1,000 Bills a denomination
that was suggested by “blkbry” in the previous post above.
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Trailer: Bigfoot 19 ft
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Originally Posted by Ev in Oregon View Post
I have SOLD my Bigfoot. It is enroute to WA state, and the new owner is just the sort of person I was hoping would buy it. He told me he was in love with it before he even saw it in person.

So, this marks an era of my life coming to a close. I'm an emotional mess, watching the Bigfoot being towed away by someone new, but I know this young man will give "Marty" all the TLC that she deserves.

I understand your mixed emotions. Last summer, we picked up a “new-to-us” BF 21 and took it camping & dog training. I sold my BF 19 while out still of town a couple of weeks later.

So, I was not present when the new owners towed the trailer away. And that was good, as I dearly loved that trailer. Me & a couple of generations of dogs had some great trips. I hope the new owners enjoy it as much as me.
'02 Bigfoot 21í | '07 Chevy Tahoe
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Name: Donald
Trailer: Bigfoot 5th wheel
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PayPal fees are very high and very complicated. A better way might be Skrill (
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Name: Rick
Trailer: 72 Boler
British Columbia
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Up here in Canada, E-transfers are used allot. Money is transferred from one account to another in the snap of a finger. Just be aware the Sender can cancel the transfer before the Receiver accepts it. Once accepted though, it's a done deal.

So if the seller agrees to buy, they can do the transfer while standing in your yard. You then accept it and even check your bank account online to see the transfer was made. Then do the paperwork for the title.
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Name: Rob
Trailer: Trillium
British Columbia
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Originally Posted by gordon2 View Post
Only ideal if you are sure it is legit. And therein is the problem, fake cashiers checks have become quite common...
Unfortunately, cashierís checks are less safe than they used to be. If you donít know and trust your buyer, you simply cannot assume that a cashierís check is just as good as cash.

Yes, I've always been leery of cashier's cheques because no one really knows what they're supposed to look like. I like to go to the bank, then insurance agent so the cash changes hands when the title does.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Escape 15A
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Originally Posted by Jon in AZ View Post
Hadnít heard of it, and I was involved in another lengthy thread on the subject on another forum when I was preparing to sell my Class B.

I visited the site, but couldnít get any detailed information about cost, terms, and fine print without parting with a lot of personal information. Didnít exactly inspire confidence. Have you used it?
I have not used it as I bought my camper on eBay, but have heard good things.
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Name: Susan
Trailer: Scamp
New Mexico
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Accepting payment

I was a bank teller for 10+ years. Cashiers checks are quite often forged-not foolproof at all. Due to privacy laws, it is often hard to call a bank and verify funds are there (we used to do this but not anymore).

The marker pens are good, but if the bill is really worn or dirty you may get a false counterfeit.

A good quick way to check American currency-feel the collar on the president's coat. It should feel rough-with little grooves. Most counterfeiters today used sophisticated color copy machines and good paper, but you cant get those grooves unless it was printed with actual plates-an intaglioprocess.
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Name: Kirsi
Trailer: Shopping
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Having bought and sold recently, I would never use PayPal or Venmo or other online places. If you read the fine print, they can take the money back.

I have received counterfeit cashiers checks.

What I did..... When I sold...... we went to his local bank, he paid the bank to issue me a cashiers check. He held the check and we went up DMV and transferred the title.

When I bought.... I had a cashiers check sent ftom my bank. It was verified by their bank. I checked the title was valid before giving the check. We went to DMV and transferred title.
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Name: Marty
Trailer: Shopping
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I'll be traveling across the US and hope to find a trailer along the way. I don't want to carry cash. What is the preferred way to pay for one?
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Name: Kirsi
Trailer: Shopping
Posts: 2
Have the funds available in a bank that has many branches. You can withdrawal there. They can make the cashiers check in front of the seller, so the seller knows it is good. Hold the check until you get the title verified by DMV. Also check it is not stolen by title verification on the internet.
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Name: Avey
Trailer: 21' BigFoot, 17 wide body Burro
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Originally Posted by Ev in Oregon View Post
I may have my 1988 Bigfoot sold. I'm hoping I can get some advice on the best way to accept payment from the buyer. I know wire transfers and such are not the way to go. Cash seems to be the preferred method, but how do I know the bills aren't counterfeit? Do I hold onto the title until I can bring the money to the bank and have the bills checked? Or is there some other way to do this that's not so complicated? Thanks!
This is what I do!
I have the buyer meet me at the BANK, it's really nice when the two parties use the same bank. But if not, I still have them meet me at my bank. I bring the trailer or car or what ever and sit down with a bank employee and have the buyer count and give the money to the banks employee and have them count it. Then I hand over the pink slip and have the bank deposit the money it into my account.
This works great
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