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Casita Weights Discussion

Moderator note: Thread created from a discussion on a for sale ad. (Trailer has sold; ad moved to classified archive; this discussion here so it may continue, if helpful.)

Originally Posted by jeffreym View Post
I forgot. I have towed it with a Toyota Tacoma, a Toyota Tundra and a Chevrolet Silverado. The trailer is light - about 2,500 lbs. The tongue weight is about 300 lbs. I have a brake controller installed in all the trucks that I used to haul it. The brakes in the trailer are very good.
Jeff, if you run it across a scale you'll find out the 17s come in at 3200-3300#s with roughly 400#s on the tongue. The posted dry weights from the builders are before anything is added to the rolling shell .
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your weight makes no sense. that is different from anything I know. You do realize that weight capacity is 3500 on the axle so you are saying that casita almost max's out the weight before we even put our stuff in??? Need other help on this one. Thats not what casita publishes???
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Those are real world loaded weights. See the thread "Trailer Weights in the Real World" in the General Chat section. Post #297 links to a spreadsheet you can filter by make, model, and length, and it will calculate averages.
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well thats all well and good but thats not good based on dexter axle rating
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Name: Todd
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so the spread sheet in chat forum says real world weight is 2260 and 520 tongue so this is similar to manufacturer how do you come up with 3300 lbs????
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Name: Todd
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based on this 3300 is way off for real world

This is a spreadsheet of all of the weigh-in results that I have from the past several years.
Several trailers were weighed multiple times.
8 trailers were weighed by others and reported in this thread.

Sorted 1st by TOTAL, 2nd by TONGUE, and 3rd by Length
Items 13, 14, & 19 are the same trailer, it was weighed 3 times
Items 33 & 37 are the same trailer, it was weighed 2 times
Items 39, 46, & 55 are the same trailer, it was weighed 3 times
Items 61 & 98 are the same trailer, it was weighed 2 times
Items 75 & 91 are the same trailer, it was weighed 2 times
Items 66 & 71 are My Trailer it was weighed 2 times
Item 02 is also My Trailer It is totally gutted*, consisting of just the Frame & Wheels, Floor, Fiberglass Body, Windows, and Door.
Item 105 has a generator on the tongue
Items 55 & 71 These 2 trailers had a FULL fresh water tank up front

01___13_____Burro______B13___________718______90__ ____808
02___13_____Hunter_____Compact Jr____800______60______860*
03___13_____Hunter_____Compact Jr____980_____140_____1120
04___13_____Hunter_____Compact Jr___1200_____100_____1300
05___13_____Boler______B1300________1160_____140__ __1300
06___13_____Burro______B13__________1100_____200__ ___1300
08___13_____Burro______B13__________1260_____260__ __1520
09___13_____Perris_____Pacer________1260_____260__ __1520
12___12.5___WeisCraft__Little Joe___1380_____180_____1560
13___13_____Hunter_____Compact Jr___1540______60_____1600
14___13_____Hunter_____Compact Jr___1480_____120_____1600
15___13_____Scamp___________________1420_____200__ __1620
17___13_____Hunter_____Compact II___1640______80_____1720
18___13_____Scamp______Standard_____1480_____240__ __1720
19___13_____Hunter_____Compact Jr___1600_____150_____1750
20___13_____Boler______B1300________1580_____220__ __1800
21___13_____Trillium___T1300________1600_____240__ __1840
22___13_____Hunter_____Compact II___1700_____160_____1860
23___13_____Scamp______Standard_____1720_____230__ __1950
24___15_____Trillium___T4500________1804_____170__ ___1974
25___13_____Hunter_____Compact II___1900_____120_____2020
26___13_____Escape__________________1780_____240__ __2020
27___16_____Casita_____Standard_____1780_____240__ __2020
29___13_____Boler______B1300________1920_____280__ __2200
30___16_____Casita_____Liberty Dlx__2060_____280_____2340
31___13_____Casita_____Patriot Dlx__2120_____240_____2360
32___16_____Scamp___________________2100_____320__ __2420
33___16_____Scamp______Standard_____2280_____240__ ___25 20
34___16_____Scamp______SideDinette__2240_____280__ __2520
35___13_____Casita_____Patriot______2280_____280__ __2560
36___17_____Boler______B1700RGH_____2365_____220__ ___2585
37___16_____Scamp______SideBath_____2400_____200__ ___26 00
38___13_____Casita_____Patriot______2380_____260__ __2640
39___17_____Escape_____Plan B_______2340_____320_____2660
40___16_____Fiber Stream____________2560_____180_____2740
41___19_____Bonaire____Oxygen_______2420_____320__ __2740
42___17_____Casita_____Liberty______2260_____480__ __2740
43___16_____Scamp______Deluxe_______2440_____360__ __2800
44___16_____Casita_____Freedom______2580_____240__ __2820
45___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2260_____560__ __2820
46___17_____Escape_____Plan B_______2500_____340_____2840
47___17_____Escape_____Plan B_______2560_____320_____2880
48___19_____Scamp______5th Wheel____2420_____480_____2900
49___16_____Casita_____Spirit_______2640_____300__ __2940
50___17_____Escape_____Plan B ______2560_____380_____2940
51___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2560_____380__ __2940
52___16_____Fiber Stream____________2800_____160_____2960
53___17_____Boler______B1700________2730_____240__ ___2970
54___17.5___Bigfoot_________________2600_____380__ __2980
55___17_____Escape_____Plan B_______2500_____500*____3000
56___17_____Casita_____Freedom______2680_____360__ __3040
57___17_____Casita_____Spirit ______2660_____380_____3040
58___17_____Casita_____Freedom______2620_____420__ __3040
59___17_____Casita_____Spirit ______2740_____380_____3120
60___17_____Casita_____Freedom______2700_____420__ __3120
61___19_____Escape_____Dual Axle____2670_____460_____3130
62___19_____Escape_____Dual Axle____2920_____220_____3140
63___17_____Casita_____Freedom______2760_____420__ __3180
64___17_____Casita_____Liberty______2860_____360__ __3220
65___17_____Casita_____Freedom______2880_____360__ __3240
66___16_____Fiber Stream____________3000_____250_____3250
67___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2860_____390__ __3250
68___16_____Casita_____Spirt________2960_____300__ __3260
69___17_____Burro______Wide Body____2900_____360_____3260
70___17_____Burro______Wide Body____2820_____440_____3260
71___16_____Fiber Stream____________2760_____500*____3260
72___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2980_____300__ __3280
73___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2900_____400__ __3300
74___17_____Casita_____Liberty______2880_____420__ __3300
75___17_____Casita_____Liberty______2840_____460__ ___33 00
76___17_____Casita_____Freedom______2980_____340__ __3320
77___19_____Scamp______5th Wheel____2640_____680_____3320
78___17_____Escape_____Plan B_______3020_____320_____3340
79___20_____CustomLite_5th Wheel____2820_____520_____3340
80___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______3040_____310__ __3350
81___17_____Casita_____Freedom______3000_____360__ __3360
82___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______3000_____360__ __3360
83___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2960_____400__ __3360
84___19_____Scamp______5th Wheel____2780_____580_____3360
85___18_____Trillium___T5500________3060_____340__ __3400
86___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______3020_____480__ __3400
87___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2960_____440__ __3400
88___19_____Scamp______5th Wheel____2720_____700_____3420
89___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2980_____450__ __3430
90___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______2960_____470__ __3430
91___17_____Casita_____Liberty______3000_____460__ ___34 60
92___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______3140_____360__ __3500
93___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______3020_____480__ __3500
94___17_____Casita_____Spirit_______3000_____520__ __3520
95___17_____Casita_____Liberty______3100_____460__ __3560
96___19_____Scamp______5th Wheel____3000_____580_____3580
97___19_____Escape_____5.0__________2860_____780__ __3640
98___19_____Escape_____Dual Axle____3305_____450_____3755
99___19_____Escape_____Dual Axle____3440_____360_____3800
100__17_____Casita_____Liberty______3140_____680__ __3820
101__19_____Escape_____Dual Axle____3620_____240_____3860
102__19_____Scamp______5th Wheel____3300_____560_____3860
103__17_____Oliver_____Elite________3560_____340__ __3900
104__19_____Escape_____5.0__________3220_____680__ __3900
105__17_____Casita_____Liberty______3300_____660__ ___3960
106__19_____Escape_____Dual Axle____3740_____240_____3980
107__17.5___Bigfoot_________________4040_____360__ __4400
108__20_____Bigfoot____5th Wheel____3600____1060_____4660
109__20_____Bigfoot____5th Wheel____3780____1000_____4780
110__20_____Bigfoot____5th Wheel____4420_____640_____5060
111__21_____Bigfoot____Rear Bed_____5200____1160_____6360
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When I look at the spreadsheet I see over 30 Casita 17's weighing over 3000lbs with the tongue weight and that has certainly been my personal experience.
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Name: claire
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casita posts the following DRY weights for their trailers, 1880lbs 13ft PD, 2180lbs 16ft SD, 2480lbs 17ft SD. as the spreadsheet shows, weights vary, depending on what the owner then adds to the trailer and the location of that's very important for every trailer owner to WEIGH your trailer and tongue after you've added your belongings/water to make sure you're not overloading it and that the added weight is appropriately located prior to travels
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We purchased a new 17ft Casita SD in 2013

Listed factory dry weight was 2480 Lb
Listed factory dry tongue weight = 365 lbs
Dry weight leaving factory with options installed =approx 2700 lbs
Trailer weight when loaded for travel= 3200 to 3300 Lbs
Tongue weight when loaded for travel = 425 lbs.

All the weights are consistent with the weights listed in
"Trailer Weights in the Real World"

If my fresh water tank , grey tank and black tank were all full of water , I would exceed my GVWR and Axle rating.
We have towed our Casita close to 25,000 miles without issue.
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Using the sorting capabilities of the spreadsheet, the heaviest Casita 17 weighted comes in at a total weight of 3960 lbs, with 3300 on the axle & 680 on the tongue. The lightest is 2680 lbs with 2260 on the axle & 300 on the tongue. The average is 3296 lbs, with 2879 on the axle & 418 on the tongue.

Since Frederick is no longer weighing trailers at rallies, many of the newer listings are provided by owners - I don't have a way to verify the weights, so they are listed as "Shared". In any case, very few Casita 17 models come in at under 350 lbs tongue weight, which is one of the reasons many suggest a tow vehicle with at least a 5000/500 rating.
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