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Name: Herschel
Trailer: Casita
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Dark Side

We all have a lot of fun ,this has to be one of the best group of people i have ever been associated with . Just good Friends !!! here is a copy of an email I sent out a few days ago to those i have an e mail for . I have another thing to ask , after you read some of these answers to the email I sent . Help me name this thing . some funny replies
Yes it is true , I have gone to the dark side, kinda maybe , I hope you will find it in your hart to forgive me , We just sold the road toad and acquired a 28 ft class C four winds . I really dint wont to give up you as a Friend , I was hoping that I might still hang around the forms , and maybe attend some rallies, It is fiberglass not molded and not a trailer ,but maybe I could serve as the Mother egg ship and shade provider, battelstar egg . the following answers

Herschel, why don't we start a group and renegades and call them the Pocitas (Past Owners of Casitas)?You and I could become charter members, and who knows who else would join up.
No problem with that here! Enjoy your new wheels!
As long as you don't change your name to "Darth"! You could have kept the road toad and pulled it behind the sun blocker! Talk about being up class!! I guess we will still keep you in the family since you were already in. You are still coming to the RVER, aren't you?
Hi Herschel ... you may be gone but you'll be back - I know because I went from Casita 17 to Coachmen motorhome to Scamp 19 and back to Casita 17. Can you say full circle?
If my vote counts, and in my house it seldom does, you are welcome to hang around. But, only if you stand at the door of each pot luck and say Welcome Massa to each person entering and then take your place at the end of the chow line . Seriously, anybody can make one mistate, hope to see you again soon!Watch out for cross winds and truck ruts in the highway!!!!!
Hi ya Herschel! Congratulations on the new purchase! As long as it's an RV who cares! I sure don't. Travel safe and enjoy all the new found room!!
Good luck with it all. Are you still going to head up the RVEG? Hope so.
when i saw your casita for sale, i couldn't believe it. whatever possesed you? @@@@ and @@@@@ jumped ship and bought a little larger trailer and @@@@ and @@@@ had bought a fifth wheel the year before @@@@ and i are still loyal to casitas cause we don't have sense enough to pull anything bigger. we are so lucky to be content with what we have. we are signed up for pineknot in october. maybe you all can make that gathering. we would love to see you all again. we as well as @@@@and
@@@@@ and @@@@ and @@@@ spend the hottest part of summer at the golden eagle campground in eagle nest new mexico. we plan on getting there july25th. you all should consider meeting us all there. we always have a great time there. we spend a month cause it is cheaper than staying 2 weeks.of course the casita is the smallest camper in the park but we have as much fun as anyone else, maybe more. keep in touch. love,
Hey Fellow Dark sider Back in Feb. @@@ and I Bought a Class A TREK
We drove all the way to Fla From Texas to get it.
We were at the Bandera Tx Rally this year in it.
and we plan on going to Pine Knot this year also.
Welcome to the dark side
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Having at one time been a resident of the Dark Side (albeit in the computer world, yes, I once owned a (shudder) COMPAC!) I feel strongly that calmness, compassion, and consideration are the right way to react to your steps away from the path of the Little Plastic Trailer. While you are enjoying all that, room, those pop-outs, those real armchairs, a kitchen with more than two burners (and, perhaps, even an oven), think of us traveling down the road to righteousness, eating our microwaved or restaurant meals, cooking outside in all sorts of weather in Dutch ovens as if that was what we really wanted to do, leaning back in folding chairs and smiling as if we were comfortable.

You will always be welcome, though down wind, at my campsite.
Of course you will remain as a friend. The molded fiberglass trailers work their magic in bringing us all together. Once a friend, always a friend and always welcomed at the rallies.
Looking forward to seeing you, Darlene, Tinkerbell and your Class C Four Winds at River Valley and beyond.
That's OK Herschel. You'll get lots of sympathy. Just tell folks it is a square egg and the mother hen died giving birth!
No harm done, Herschel. When we had to go to a larger trailer because of my wife's physical health and more grandchildren, we were still welcome at Casita rallies. Gene told me that and it was true.
I still post on the Casita Forum at times.
Always remember, you may change trailers, but you will change not real friends.

well, you know the Star Wars saga: Luke eventually was able to understand and forgive his father, who had become Darth Vader. If he can forgive that, well, who am I to throw stones, eh? Shade might be nice--of course you realize you will be responsible for the biggest egg parade attendance at your rig, right? Bring the keg and we'll all be square! ha!

Hey, I've been parked in a spot with no shade during a Texas heatwave - feel free to block sun for me!
There are other former egg owners who have changed rv due to changing needs & still attend rallies & participate in the forums.
No sweat as far as I can see.
Message body

Dear Herschel!

We have the original "Mothership"(our 31 ft fifth wheel) and Mountainborn (Larry and Betty Harm) have the original sunblocker (35' Coleman 5er)named SPF 50! Both of us had Olivers and both of us have fiberglass 5ers, though not molded.
Of course, we forgive you, but a motorhome?????????hehheeehheee
Chuck n Geri, the hound herd in the Mothership pulled by Beastie
Pick up a 13 foot Scamp as a shuttle craft for your Mother Egg Ship. In my case it would be used as a "dog house" when I got in trouble with wife! Enjoy your new ship and I look forward to visiting at River V..Geo&Kat Herschel when I bought my first egg I still belonged to some RV groups... I did not think I would fit in at there rally's...... I found out they loved my casita and they let me park right in between there big 45 foot diesel pushers... you are always welcome at any rally or get together we have..... after all it all about friendship......
well now you have it ! lets name it.<br class="yui-cursor">

Bama & Pachyderm Posse , Herschel, Darlene, Tinkerbell

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Name: Vickie
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So Herschel---you ARE still going to the RVER, right???

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Name: Herschel
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 680
Originally Posted by Vickie B. View Post
So Herschel---you ARE still going to the RVER, right???
yes i am
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