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Name: Ches
Trailer: 1992 Kustom Koach 17 FT
British Columbia
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Hi All
Found this old thread on internet.I will try pasting here and see how it looks.

Reading Thread How did you camp before your Fiberglass RV?
Posted by Michael Sanders, webguy, 01-16-03 11:53:28
Location: Central Coast, California:
How did you camp before your Fiberglass RV?
What types of RVs or styles of camping did you do prior to buying a FiberglassRV?

Many of us have tried one thing or another and ended up deciding “LESS IS MORE” or “FIBERGLASS IS BETTER”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many, many wonderful memories of all of the previous styles of camping Lori and I have done. When I was a Scout Master, I canoe camped down the Kalamath River, camped on a 68’ squared rigged Baltic Catch, tent camped on sand dunes, and much more.

My favorite tent camping was in a 22’ tipi. Yes, a Tipi that was made in Oregon by the same company that made the Tipis for Dances with Wolves. The poles were 30’ long. I’ll see if I can find a photo.

So post photos of what you had before Fiberglass RV and your favorite to your previous Fiberglass RV. (Charles, this does not mean your previous Casitas, you know, before that.)

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Posted by: Suz, Moderator, 01-16-03 13:08:13
Location: North Texas:

Somewhere, buried in stuff from another lifetime, I have pictures of me hiking through the Wyoming Rockies with a 40 lb pack on my back. Not that heavy for a seasoned hiker, but I was new at it and had recently moved from sea level to 6,000 ft elev and was hiking above that. Unfortantely, I do not have a scanner, so even if I could find the pictures, I couldn't download them right now. I'll see what I can do.

I have driven in and hiked in, but always in a tent before now. From the shores of the Gulf Coast to the Mountains of Wyoming, it was all great fun, but just never enough of it. I went deer/antelope hunting on a friends sheep ranch around Devils Tower and remember that I had to break the ice apart in the water jug so I could make coffee that morning. And that was after getting the fire going. I also remember climbing atop a huge haystack waiting for the sun to rise. Before the sun rose, I had ice on my nose and rifle.

Always fun, but never enough of it. Now that I am a little older, the fact that I can crawl out of bed and just plug in my coffee sounds like a five star hotel.

I can still enjoy the things I use to: campfire biscuits, laying on my back watching the clouds float by, closing my eyes and listening to the waves or the lodge pole pines banging together. I can have everything I use to have.....only better!

1989 Casita
16 ft Spirit Deluxe
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Posted by: Lex Meuldijk, Member, 01-16-03 14:22:56
Location: Holland

As a family (2 + 2) we started camping in 1975 with what the English call a trailer tent.

I've been a boy scout when I was young. So I didn't like caravans. The trailer tent was the first concession. Till I met the BIOD Extase. Eventually we bought one in 1978, which we sold in 1999 to a family as we were in 1978. I am convinced the Extase will last for at least another 20 years.

Lex & Rita
1990 BIOD 400TL

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Posted by Chester Taje, Moderator, 01-17-03 01:22:15
Location: Hosmer, B. C. Canada:

My first camping experiance was in the Army (CDN). Thats what you call roughing it. After I got married moved up to a tent trailer.Found it hard with little kids.Moved up to a 24ft Terry, fully loaded,worked great.From there and after kids out of picture bought a old Motor home 24ft.I used it for about 2 years and then sold it due to super high gas prices(only got about 5miles to gallon).Was out of camping for a while then bought a small van motorhome. Got laid off from work and toys sold.Now bought a old Boler and fixed it up this last 5 months after using it this past summer.During summer on a few trips we decided to remodle to our liking. This next camping season we will see if our ideas worked and make ajustments as required.

Ches & Marie
17Ft Boler Canadian In Use
13Ft Boler Canadian under Rebuild
Glass IS Class

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Posted by Michael Sanders, webguy, 01-17-03 12:41:47
Location: Central Coast, California:

Originally posted by Michael Sanders
My favorite tent caming was in a 22’ tipi. Yes, a Tipi that was made in Oregon by the same company that made the Tipis for Dances with Wolves. The poles were 30’ long. I’ll see if I can find a photo.

Owens Valley on the eastern side of the High Sierras in California on BLM land along the Owens River.

This doesn’t really show the perspective. The poles are 30’ long. The front smoke flap pole is 10’ tall. The inside has an Oak camp fire, double bed, kitchen, and two other single beds. I always wrapped the Sioux knot at the top with 4 wraps in the way of the sun. The tie down area always had something for contemplation. Great memories.

Don’t get me wrong, I now love my Casita. Fiberglass RV are right for me now.

Enjoy your visit - Webguy
e-mail: Michael Sanders, Donations: Website Donations.

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Posted by Thomas and Janifer, Moderator, 01-17-03 14:52:59
Location: Northeast, Oklahoma:

Wow, Michael, I hear the drums just looking at the picture. That's quite a treat to get to stay in one of those. I'll take that Casita off you hands if you feel the need to go back to that Tipi. I'll stay in the trailer. I haven't slept on the ground since I can't remember.


Jana Journeycake
1975 Surfside TM-14 (ft)

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Posted by Suz, Moderator, 01-17-03 15:01:32
Location: North Texas:
Sleeping on the ground
Jana wrote>>I haven't slept on the ground since I can't remember
Boy, I remember the last time I slept on the ground...that's why I have a trailer now!

1989 Casita
16 ft Spirit Deluxe

Posted by Rick, Moderator, 01-17-03 19:59:49
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada:
We slept on the ground...
until last year (not counting houseboating 9 times on the Shuswap) - about 35 years of tenting. Good excuse to snuggle up! Now we bought the Bigfoot and feel guilty having a bathroom and shower,

(but..........we''ll adjust real quick)


*Leadfoot in a Bigfoot*

95 Bigfoot 25B21 (21.5FT)
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Posted by Dan Meyer, Member, 01-17-03 20:56:51
Location: Minnesota:

Before we got our Scamp, my wife and I would travel long-distances on Amtrak, in a sleeping compartment. For shorter distances, we would drive and travel from Motel 6 to Super 8.....

I Camped as a kid with my family. We started with a tent, then transitioned to a pink 1970 Bethany tent trailer. Then Dad just had to have a Motorhome, and we bought a '72 25 foot Executive motorhome. After a couple years, Dad decided he needed a cool motorhome, and traded up to a '76 GMC Motorhome. By that time I had moved out of my parents home, but Dad was nice enough to allow me to borrow the motorhome once or twice a year; I even took my wife-to-be camping with it once or twice.

Anyway, after 15 years of Amtrak and motels, we decided a travel trailer would be fun and rented a small stick built trailer for our fall vacation. We enjoyed it so much we decided to buy a small trailer, and decided a Scamp was just the thing. We looked for a used one for 6 months and decided there just wasn't a good used one available at a price we were willing to pay.

We stopped by the Scamp and looked around one summer weekend, and discussed what a new trailer would cost with the staff. They wrote up a proposal for us, and we took it home to think about. The next week we placed the order over the telephone, and took delivery in August 2000.

We enjoy our Scamp much more than Motel 6 and Super 8, but not as much as Amtrak's sleeping cars.

-- Dan Meyer

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Posted by Thomas and Janifer, Moderator, 01-18-03 04:43:05
Location: Northeast, Oklahoma:

Motel to motel; that brings back memories. that's how we traveled when I was a kid. mom tried the TT once. she didn't like it. I was so little I don't remember anything about it. I know the year before we had tried camping out on cots. It was soo cold I never want to do that again.
but after the TT we went the motel way. family feud. Where's my shirt? in the other suit case...on top of the car. always the one not with you. Come to think of it, I have more bad memories then good.
Well there was that time I wokeup to the sounds of raccoons running through camp and the birds just starting to get around early in the morning. that was nice. An the time with the girl scouts down at one of the parent's pond. Girls are so sweet between 10 and 12.
So if I can keep warm, have all my stuff right there and still hear the wild life, I'll be happy. and one more thing, have that night time bathroom close by.


Jana Journeycake
1975 Surfside TM-14 (ft)
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Posted by Robert Brummett, Member, 01-18-03 06:53:10
Location: York, PA & Co. Kerry, Ire:
Getting started
My wife and I tent camped for years, starting with a small 2-person backpacker's tent. Then a 4-person wall tent since our dog-family was growing. Then I had a sabbatical coming up and decided I wanted to spend some time photographing on an Indian reservation, where I had some friends. At first I built a bunk in the back of the pickup, but then decided that while that would be OK for a night or two I really wanted just a wee-bit more comfort than that. Looked around and bought a small Rockwood tent camper. Only about 8-feet long when folded, it opened up to two big beds and a dinette, which also converted at night into a small bunk for the pups.

My wife had fought the idea of the camper, but once she tried it she agreed it was the way to go. At the last minute she decided she didn't want me to go all the way out to the reservation alone and decided to come along. We had the greatest trip of our lives. Such wonderful memories.

Then, late last year as my plans for the family-farm documentary began to shape up I once again decided on a "comfort upgrade.' I love the Rockwood, but the thought of setting it up and taking it down at each stop was almost too much to contemplate. Marginal weather conditions would also be an unpleasant complication. I started to do some research and decided that the Casita was just what I needed. First I looked for a used 13'. Then I decided that the extra room would be nice, so searched for a 16'. Finally, for many reasons, I settled on the 17' and since the prices of recent, good-condition units were so high I decided to bite the bullet and order a new one. On 11 Dec 2002, in Rice, I picked up my new 2003 Spirit Deluxe with hi-lift axle and lino floor (plus everything else!) and took two weeks of work/play to get it back home just in time for Christmas.

So far I am very pleased. Even the wife is impressed. The other day (20F) I turned the furnace on for a while and then showed her how warm and toasty it was. She was surprised at how comfortable it was and I could see the wheels start to turn about how many places we could go in this new little house.

Now I look forward to some decent weather so I can get to work!

"Otra" (On The Road Again)
2003 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe

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Charles Watts, Member, 01-18-03 09:26:15
Location: Illinois:
Pam likes to tell people that her idea of "roughing it" used to be a hotel with a breakfast buffet instead of a full-service, sit-down breakfast with china service and waiters with crumb brushes.

But, to her credit, she was the one who pushed me off dead-center to purchase our first trailer ... I believe her exact words were "I'm so sick and tired of you talking about it. We are going to just buy one. We can sell if if we don't like it!"

Ah, such fond memories.

I, on the other hand, always tent-camped, canoeing many summers in the Canadian boundary waters and the Quetico. (I always managed to talk someone else into carrying the canoe on the portages!)

Pam and I also did our share of tent camping early on ... but as my career took off, so did our lifestyles. Sorry if this offends someone, but I sincerely don't believe it's fair (particularly to the women) to take a long TENT camping trip with small kids ... too much work and I've seen too many folks reduced to yelling, fighting and crying.)

I always made it a point, however, to camp one-on-one on occasional weekends with each of our kids, as well as being active in their Indian Princesses and Indian Guides (apologies to Jana!). I was Chief Iron Leg ... primarily because I always carried the biggest sticks to beat off attacking soldiers, bears, etc. I was also often wagon master (carrying foodstocks, tents, etc)(they didn't trust me to carry kids!) on numerous Boy Scout outings.

My youngest son and I made it a point to camp each year on his birthday (Oct 8) ... starting when he was about 3. We'd hike back into the woods (and I know this isn't politically correct) where we'd carve our initials and mark his height on the same tree. Finding the tree each year was always an adventure, since we did our vandalism far off the beaten path.

Writing this makes me wonder if the tree is still there. I'll have to go check someday.

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Posted by Bill H, Member, 01-18-03 09:37:44
Location: Sunny S.E. Colorado:
Life before the Scamp
Before the Scamp, we traveled in jets and "camped" on cruise ships. Guess one day per port just wasn't enough.

Is this progress?
Posted by Nick, Member, 01-18-03 10:33:24
Location: Fort Worth,Texas
Good times
I started out in the Cub Scouts in a canvas 4 man ( takes 4 men to carry) wall tent. Advanced to a bed roll camping with friends.

Fast forward a few years till children were in school and we had a shell camper on the pickup. Spent many happy vacations in Colorado and Arkansas and points east. .

After my wife and I parted company, I got a motorcycle and camped
over a great deal of the south west (USA). If I saw a place that really interested me I would return later in my pickup put on my back pack and spend a few days or weeks exploring.

After Marlene and I got together (long story) we decided sleeping on the ground and traveling on a motorcycle was still fun.

We really needed an air conditioner in the summer at Big Bend and a bathroom would be nice too.Casita to the rescue.

We come home for a while and then load up and go somewhere for a few days or weeks pretty much at will.

Forest Service campgrounds are our favorites.They run from OK to fantastic.

We have met a lot of really nice people (and a few grouches),and made some really good friends.

Looking forward to Lost Maples and meeting some more great people.

Nick and Marlene
2001 Casita
Patriot Deluxe 13ft

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Posted by Thomas and Janifer, Moderator, 01-18-03 12:34:37
Location: Northeast, Oklahoma
tent camping
No offense taken, Charles because there was none there. The boy Scouts still use the Delaware language in some of their ceremonies. I'm not sure what version of the language, but they try.

Nick said something that caught my eye. >we decided sleeping on the ground and traveling on a motorcycle was still fun. We really needed an air conditioner in the summer at Big Bend and a bathroom would be nice too. <

Is there a sentence missing? just reading it outright, I got a very strange picture in my mind of you two going down the road with an AC on your back, holding your bathroom. funny.
maybe just the word *but* is missing. oh well, we get the gist of it. that's the important part. it's just that picture on a motocycle keeps poping up..sorry.


Jana Journeycake
1975 Surfside TM-14 (ft)
Retired Underground Coal Miner.
Served in Canadian Army (1PPCLI)
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I guess you all can add to this.It should be fun
Retired Underground Coal Miner.
Served in Canadian Army (1PPCLI)
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Name: Roger
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My first recollection of camping was at age 4 when I had to sleep on the steering wheel side of our 1959 Rambler with seats that folded down into a bed while we camped outside my grandparents small canned-ham style '50s camper. Later, I tent camped with my folks, and then went along as they graduated to a variety of fold-downs and small travel trailers.

After I struck out on my own, I've tent camped, back packed and slept in the open, motorcycle tent camped, had a parade of differnt types of camping trailers and had a single class-A motorhome.

Camping has been an integral part of my life all my life. I hope it will be for my kids as well.


Who's next?
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Name: Ches
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My old MH heading East to Nova Scotia.Not to my liking
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Retired Underground Coal Miner.
Served in Canadian Army (1PPCLI)
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Trailer: 1986 U-Haul CT13 ft
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Backpacking in the Tetons, Beartooths, Bighorns and Olympic Peninsula; canoe camping in the BWCA and Quetico; winter camping in the Quetico, Yellowstone, Rockies; horse packing in Glacier; ski mountaineering in Ciolorado; glacier climbing in the Wind Rivers; snow caving in the Absarokas. Then car-camping with a tent for a few years.

But when the bones get a bit old, the UHaul is a bit more comfortable.
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Name: Byron
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Many many years ago I started camping with my folks. Early camping was on a tarp with a bed roll. Then dad bought a pup tent for my brother and I to sleep in and a couple sleeping bags. The tent even had a bug screen on it. What a treat to be able to sleep and keep the bugs away.

After I moved out I bought a big tent and some other stuff. The pile of stuff kept getting bigger and bigger. Before long it took a utility trailer and a van to haul all the stuff, and a wife and two kids.

After the wife and I went seperate directions, I was invited to participate in a backpacking trip. Off to store to buy more camping gear. That first trip was so much fun, and so relaxing. It was really nice not to have all that stuff. On to current wife and talked her into going backpacking. It's been a question ever since about who was dragging who out the door for the next backpacking trip. However once again we were struck with adding stuff. Got to where I was carrying over 60 lbs. Got to it down to about 42 for the last trip and didn't miss the stuff I took out.

We have at time "car" camped. That where you camp close to the car. The only thing in addition to the backpacks is couple of folding chairs.

We started getting a bit wimpy in the last couple of years, we don't like to camp in the rain. Hence, the new Scamp in on the way. We also attend a couple of events every year. We think it'll be much easier to get dressed inside the Scamp rather than dressiny while laying on our backs in a backpacking tent. (Dressing is no problem out the back country, just hop outta the tent and get dressed. The chipmonks don'e voice a lot of objection.)
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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This is my original fiberglass camper. As you can see, it did not have too many opportunites for mods....although I did a couple, moving the seat for better balance, and adding a deck compass and some additional deck lines. In the background is the entrance to Desolation Sound on the west coast of BC Canada.

The pile of 'stuff' is all the things I pack in the boat. Talk about storage logistics!
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Name: Dave
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Wow, the opening post is different, how did you do that? I wish I could see Michaels Tipi photo, the description sounds good.
If I recall I began in and old square umbrella tent (outside frame) in the back yard. Then canvas " voyager" scout tents,followed by more tents, finally with a cot. Now that I have glass, I will never go back to canvas&cot .
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Name: Frederick
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When I was a kid, the family had an "Umbrella" tent; my brothers & I would get to sleep in the back yard sometimes on hot, muggy, upstate New York summer nights. When we travelled during summer vacations, we tried to stay with Aunts & Uncles & Cousins; but usually on the 3 day trips from Upstate New York to my Grandparents' farm in Southwest Oklahoma, we would have to get a motel somewhere in Missouri.

In my 20's I was very active in Church Youth activities as a "councillor." Our Minister and his wife were avid backpackers, and organized highschool aged youthgroups on camping trips. One was a week-long hike & campout on Catillina Island. Another was a hike into the Havasupai Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon. Between small tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and food, my backpack weighed 75 pounds.

When Robert & I first got together, There was a local community VIP who hosted campouts on his country weekend property. Robert has an "Umbrella" tent and we added air mattresses to our supply of gear... and added air mattresses... and added air mattresses... They only seemed to last one or two uses before they leaked air so bad that we had to discard/replace them.

My family holds a reunion every other year since my Grandfather died in 1984. Robert & I started tent camping in KOA's during our cross country trips to attend these reunions. Robert didn't sleep well, and would usually be up at sunrise, wide awake & ready to get back on the road. I, on the other hand, could sleep almost anywhere, under almost any conditions. It would take me a lot of time to become consious in the morning; an effort that usually required infusions of caffeine.

One morning I stumbled to the campground restroom thinking I could grab another 1/2 hour sleep after my "potty" break. When I returned, Robert had camp completly broken down and packed in the car. I decided right then to look for a trailer that didn't need erecting & dismantling.
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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I started at an early age with my parents, but my Mom refused to do any wilderness are tent camping, so they would borrow my grandparents Shasta (?) travel trailer. We spent a LOT of time at Beverly Beach in Oregon, and at Odell Lake.

Then, after they split, my dad would rent traditional tent trailers. I learned to hate them.

When old enough to venture out on my own, I did the full pack, hike and wilderness camp while eating wild berries and hugging trees and stuff, all thru the Cascades in Northern Oregon and Washington. (All this while smoking twp packs a day!.. ah, to have that kind of tissue again )

THEN, my downfall.. was buying a VW camper van. I didn't buy it for the camper part, it sort of came with the package.. but boy, did I learn to like it. It opened a whole new world.. being able to spend time at one place, still feel outdoorsey and having the security of an "RV". I continued to tent camp, but also took that bus all over. I think having the "House" in a rest area for the nite was the main appeal.. I had spent too many nites on poorly folded car seats in the cold.

After moving to California, I did not find camping really appealing here, and would never go out on my own.

I took a long trip with a friend in his Motorhome and went "This is what I need". My element truned into a campmobile! Then, I bought my first Pop up. That didn't last long, I wanted BIGGER, so I got a Coleman Colorado.. and then.. the egg.

The rest, as they say.. is history! I can't imagine sleeping on the ground again, tho I am sure I may at some time. I still have a tent ad a small supply of tent camping items, but most got sold off in a garage sale this summer.

I don't LIKE a cold nose (Unless it's attached to a dog) and I certainly enjoy my coffee more if I haven't had to do 1/2 hour of filthy prep to get it.
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Name: Gina D.
Trailer: '77 Leocraft 17 & Former Burro owner and fan!
West Coast USA
Posts: 9,015
Here was my garage sale this summer.. The sign on my propane tank said "Trailer not for Sale" But I sure got asked anyway.
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Our high school days were spent camping in a tube tent... Almost ANYTHING is an improvement over that! As poor college freshmen, we became unofficially engaged when we pooled our money together to buy a North Face backpacking tent. A wonderful luxery!
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I didnt get the camp much except for maybe a girl scout outing and with friends now and then. . My folks werent campers. I am a great outdoors person, so camping is a great adventure for me
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In 1959 I started with a coleman pop tent looks like an igloo.
I still have tent it has been coast to coast and border to border.
Moved up to a tent-trailer in 1982 used it until 2000 when I bought my first Scamp.
I don't count motorcycle trip with small one man tent I only got to go one time.
wow just think over 40 years and only 3 different types.
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Started in an old VW bus that I had to push start every time I wanted to move it. Fixed up a Chevy cargo van and that worked well for many years. Found an old 13 foot Scamp and that was great until I found my 16 foot. I wouldn't want anything bigger. Recently got the 13 foot back, so now I have two Scamps. Hope to get the 13 foot fixed up to do a little winter camping and ice fishing.
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I had to stop and think about this. I started in the Boy Scouts, tent (or without-just a sleeping bag) camping in the Cascade Mtns in Washington State. Then as a counselor at a YMCA location called Camp Fox on Catalina Island in So. Calif. Back packed in So. Calif. as Asst. Scoutmaster and eventually purchased an 8' cab-over camper to use on our '56 Chev pickup. Enjoyed many trips all over the western U.S., Canada and Mexico. One trip was for 4 weeks with our 3 kids, 2 dogs, Ann and myself. Eventually replaced the '56 Chev with a '65 3/4 ton Chev with 65 gallon fuel capacity still using the same camper. In 1976 we took the kids out of school the last week of April and took a U.S. bi-centennial trip. Hiked around many of the civil war battlefields, visited many civil war museums, Spent a long day in Boston walking the Freedom Trails. Visited the "Old North Church" where I recalled going up the bell tower in 1946 to see the same view as Paul Revere. My father had just been discharged from the Navy and knew someone who attended the church or we'd not been allowed in the bell tower. Deterioration was preventing access for the public to the tower.
We climbed the Statue of Liberty, spent a day in Washington D.C., and even visited Niagara Falls.
Purchased a 13' outboard powered fiberglass runabout boat with my brother-in-law and spent week-end after week-end during summer months tent camping or sleeping in his tow vehicle at Lakes Mojave and Mead. My '59 Volvo was too uncomfortable to get a decent night's rest, but it sure was a great tug otherwise. We did this for several years.
Then back to tent camping for a family reunion on my wife's side.
We started a business and were simply too busy with that and getting our kids through high school and into college and/or the military to even think about camping, although we had purchased a cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains. We had moved and the cabin was only 20 minutes from home. Eventually I got tired of not knowing which location dinner was going to be served at, and when it was at the cabin 1/2 the time we decided to move full-time up the mountain. Why fight the inevitable?
Fast forward to 2000 when Ann and I began thinking it was time for us to expand our horizons. I started looking at R.V.'s of all types, and since we had sold the boat many years before we were no longer hampered by towing it. We'd had a great experience with the fiberglass boat and also seen a few stick-built campers and motor homes which had become kindling on the side of the road. A FGRV was the obvious answer, but it took over a year to find a used one. One appeared in a parking lot next to our bank, but I thought I had no intention of paying $10,000 for one. It slipped through our fingers, and several months evaporated.
Another appeared for sale in our town! O.K. Lord, this is the second time you've sent the rescue boat, I'm recognizing the signs and paying attention now. This one is even better than the first, because it's been raised 6" so it will go up our steep road! Wrote the check and the 2000 Freedom Deluxe Casita was ours Problem was, we had no tug. We did have a partially restored '68 Toyota Land Cruiser but it wasn't the optimum tow vehicle. After about another month's searching, the opportunity appeared to purchase a white 2000 V8 4WD Toyota Tundra. Hey, we've now got a matched pair
And the rest is now history
Kurt & Ann K.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: 2003 Casita 16' SD
Posts: 1,899
Digest version:

Camping with the family from almost as early as I can remember. Canvas slab sided tent. We set up camp with almost drill team precision. That lasted me up through early college.

Then some camping, Uncle Sam style. Half a tent. Find a buddy and connect the halves for a complete tent. A little Camp Dix, a little Fort Sill and a lot of Germany.

Back home and back packing for a number of years, mostly in nearby Vermont. Left Massachusetts and came to Michigan.

Too far to drive for decent backpacking trails. In Michigan it was camping out of the trunk. More stuff, bigger tent, more amenities.

Early October, 2002, camping with my sister and nieces in the Nigara Falls area. Woke up to hoar frost everywhere, quickly wet feet and a struggle getting the Coleman going in the cold. I decided I still loved camping but this aspect wasn't as much fun. By the end of that month (October 30th) I took delivery of the Casita (bought a cancelled order trailer).
Without adult supervision...
Quando omni flunkus, moritati.
I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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Name: Ches
Trailer: 1992 Kustom Koach 17 FT
British Columbia
Posts: 4,897
***Then some camping, Uncle Sam style. Half a tent. Find a buddy and connect the halves for a complete tent. A little Camp Dix, a little Fort Sill and a lot of Germany.***

Two ponchos.We did that too in Cdn Army in Germany--1963 to1966
Retired Underground Coal Miner.
Served in Canadian Army (1PPCLI)
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Nick H
Posts: n/a
33 Years of Tent Camping - Backpack Equipment, almost every state in the lower 48 and most of Canada
The ground just getting too hard! Moving up to a Casita.

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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Liberty Deluxe
Posts: 34
Send a message via Yahoo to Roger L.
Sometimes we wouldn't even put up the tent...
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