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Name: Jack
Trailer: '98 BURRO 17WB
Posts: 2,548
Thanks Dave. My interest is purely thought-problem fantasy or problem-thought fantasy or fantasy-thought problem of the Could I afford the tires? Would I always find a pull-thru site and similar. Good luck to you or your client if you're scouting. I will say I was put off by the lawyer boilerplate in the ebay ad. Looks like given the age, the trailer demands a serious survey but "good to excellent" should mean exactly that.


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Name: Sharon
Trailer: 2005 Casita Spirit Deluxe
Posts: 528
We had a foldup sticky (Aliner). After watching it disintegrate before my eyes for 4 years, I decided I wanted something with quality--if there was such a thing in the RV world.

That's when I discovered fiberglass eggs. My used Casita is two years older than the Aliner was and still looks and feels new to me.

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Name: Diane
Trailer: u-haul ct13
Posts: 1,011
I saw my first FG while camping in West VA. I asked to look at it and the nicesest couple told me all about why they liked it. I was hooked. That was about 20 years ago...I had a pop-up at the time that suited my handicapped best friend's needs, so I stayed with that for a long time. But always look on the web to research them. I wanted a Casita, Could not afford it...then a Scamp...When the time was right I looked everyday on Craigslist and this FG club and FG 4 Sale .com for a year. Jumped on the first one nearby in my price range. It was a mess and I paid too much for it's condition. Proud to say she is in working condition now, because of the most wonderful helpful people on this website who were encouraging, gracious and patient with me. Best site ever! Thank you friends, am so happy with my Uhaul Ct13.
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Name: Imogene
Trailer: 2013 Casita
Posts: 173
Saw a FB at a campground in S. Carolina around 1986 or so......talked with the owners, looked in....was impressed (it was small, compact, towed by a very small car, and the owners were an older couple from NH heading to florida for the winter). I thought "one of these days" and that happened last early fall when I found a13 Scamp in Kansas City.
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Name: Imogene
Trailer: 2013 Casita
Posts: 173
Not an FB but a FG...duh.....
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Name: JC
Trailer: in the market
Posts: 29
It was just a few weeks ago that I thought Casita was the only lightweight fiberglass trailer out there. Learned about this forum from the Casita forum.

Today I posted the question of how many are manufacturing lightweight, fiberglass 5th wheel trailers (that's what the wife and I have decided will suit us best).

In the past two weeks, we've been in several Casitas, a Bigfoot wide body and a Scamp. Really looking forward to seeing our first Escape 5.0 in person!
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Trailer: Bigfoot
Posts: 149
Sometime in the late 80s we saw a Scamp 5th wheel while tent camping in Big Bend National Park. We never got to meet the owners but never forgot it. When we finally decided tent camping was getting too hard we started looking for Scamp 5th wheels and bought our first one in South Carolina in 2004. The following year sold it and bought a deluxe model from Missouri. In 2010 we bought a Bigfoot 5th wheel from Oregon. It's so comfortable I think we will hang on to it for a while.

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David & Leslie's Avatar
Trailer: Scamp 16 ft Side Bath
Posts: 705
Believe it or not, our camping experiences began with car-camping in a Ford Escort hatchback! Economical yes, but comfie it was not. That great little car got to the high-mileage mark as I was preparing to retire. We wanted to travel and knew we needed newer, more reliable wheels so we chose a Mazda MPV minivan - another super vehicle.

We happily van-camped from coast to coast and border to border for serveral years, but then ... one of us got 'trailer lust' and wanted a place to make coffee out of the rain. Any trailer would need to be light enough to pull with the MPV so I began my research with pop-up tent type and Chalet models. Hmmm - tent trailers are HEAVY and the quality of A-types was not super.

One of our neighbors had a Perris Pacer parked in his carport ... hardly ever moved so I dropped a note in his mailbox asking for facts about FG trailers and if he might want to sell it. He kindly answered our questions and politely said they'd pry that trailer from his cold dead fingers!

Internet searches brought us to the orginal site and all the amazing and helpful members here. As others have said, what we learned here is why we love our Scamp and FGrv's in general.

Ahhh - eBay! We had just returned from a trip to the Midwest and out of habit I logged on to see what was new. OH boy, a Scamp 13 ... in Missouri! And no one was bidding on it! We corresponded with the seller who sent many photos, which DH analyzed a pixel at a time. It seemed too good to be true, but this was before all the scamming began so we jumped in with a bid. Wham, a proxy bid ... you know the drill. Well, we picked a number from thin air and slammed our bid at the last second - and WON! So back to MS we went, picked up our beautiful little GeezerEgg (from a couple who happened to be friends of friends from airline days in my other life ... small world, pun intended.) and took the long way home - 4200 miles thru Rocky Mtn NP!

Now, the 13 had no bells or whistles but we enjoyed every minute and every mile. However we are never immune to those 'itis' things ... mine was to have a bath. I mentioned to DH that for my next (landmark) birthday I planned to buy a toilet with a new trailer attached. He said 'why wait' so now we have our 16 footer, The Royal Flush! Sold our 13 at a rally from a note on our windshield.

We've been full-timing for 6 years and plan to continue as long as possible - we our FGRV! Happy camping - L 'n D
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” A. Einstein
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Old 03-14-2014, 04:15 AM   #49
Name: Russ & Vivian
Trailer: Scamp
Posts: 94

The first time I saw a FG trailer it was on Ebay, way out of my price range, not even sure what kind it was now, never the less I thought it way cool. Never saw one being pulled but saw a couple sitting in yards, I bought an old Banner last year and went boondockin a few times and sold it because it just didn't feel right. I was on the prowl for a new trailer, went down the road a piece to the new Field&Stream store, on the way back I spotted a 16ft Scamp sitting beside a 30 some footer 5th wheel, don't ask me how I saw it but I have a knack for that sort of thing and have got some really good deals that way. Anyway we stopped and gave it a quick look over, no for sale sign on it, so I knocked on a door and the lady said the people down the lane owned it. I knocked on their door and no answer, not one to give up a wrote a note and placed it in the screen door. We had not driven 20 miles down the road and the owner called and said yes it was for sale. Now I know nothing about Scamps or FG's but I do know they are few and far between in my neck of the woods, he told me how much he wanted for it and it was in my price range so I agreed to look at it the next day. Cash in hand we pulled up and got out looked it over, rather quickly and said I'll take it, hooked up and drove it home. The min I pulled up I fell in love with it, here come to find out it was in excellent shape, everything works and the interior is mint, fiberglass is a little powdered but a good buffing is all it needs. I had to order two marker lights and some snap caps but other than that shes ready to go. I couldn't be happier unless I was boondockin with a fire and Jack&Coke. So this is my first FGRV and thats how I got interested and ended up with my Scamp. "Thats my story and I'm stickin to it"
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Name: Roamin
Trailer: Previously owned a Scamp 13'
New Hampshire
Posts: 248
A few people had them for camping at dog agility trials, and I thought "just the ticket!" I kept my eyes open (online) for one for sale in my area for a couple of years before actually going to check one out 5 hours away. We came home with it. It's been great, and we are going on our 4th season together.
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Name: Filbert
Trailer: Tote N Tarry
Posts: 213
My parents bought a 1972 Tote N Tarry for a trip to Alaska in 1978. We drove to Prince Rupert, took the ferry to Haines, and then drove home via the Alaska Highway. The front of the trailer looked like a meteorite after entering the earth's atmosphere, from all of the loose gravel pelting the front of it. After a new paint job, we took that little guy all throughout Mexico and various local camping trips. Dad passed away in 1998, but his trailer still sits in the the carport. As soon as I get the taillights working again, then it will be roadworthy once again! I can't tell you how many offers to buy it I've received, but there's no way I could ever put a price on those precious memories.
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Trailer: Casita 17 ft Spirit Deluxe 2007
Posts: 496
Have had tents, bed of a truck with a cap, 2 pop ups, a sticky, and a motorhome. Saw a TAB at a local dealership, and decided to research it a bit.

The web is called the "web" for a reason. It let me to the Casita. We looked at one locally and decided it would be perfect for traveling and camping. So that is what we have and do.

After seeing the one locally we called to order and they had one in the works that someone had cancelled and we got to order everything we wanted and pick it up in less than 6 weeks. terry r.
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Old 03-14-2014, 08:26 AM   #53
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Name: Jon
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 13 S1
Posts: 8,506
Love at First Sight!

Ten years into our marriage and with two preteen daughters, we discovered we loved camping at the beach near San Diego. I got tired of the hassle of lugging and setting up a tent and assorted paraphernalia from AZ, and my back doesn't like sleeping on the ground anymore (though I did plenty in the day…).

I was actually shopping for a small tent trailer (many childhood memories in a 1971 Skamper…). I was aware of the glass eggs, and had even looked at the Scamp web site, but thought the 13' would be too small for 4 people and the larger sizes too heavy for our vehicle. At least three tent trailers were sold out from under me, and I was in town to get our van serviced when I saw her - a pristine 2008 13' Scamp sitting by the side of the road with a "for sale" sign. One look inside, and I realized, "This could work!"

I discovered this web site, and fiberglass-rv-4sale, that evening when I was researching a fair price (which turned out to be more like a steal!). We bought her the next day, our girls christened her "Scampy," and my wife and I are forever grateful the tent trailers didn't work out! In addition to our annual beach trips, we are exploring the wonderful state parks right here in AZ.
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Old 03-14-2014, 10:25 AM   #54
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SouthwestOregon201's Avatar
Name: Dave
Trailer: 1979 Scamp 16 Delux
Posts: 102
Needed something to fit the tow vehicle

I have always had a smaller pickup, and the tent and ground routine wasn't as easy to deal with.
Following up on an ad in the paper, I checked out a couple of x-military rentals. Both of these Scamp trailers were in need of repair. The cost was ideal and I cleaned one up and used it for years.
Years later, still owning a small Toyota truck, I spotted a 1972 Hunter Compact II and went to deal with it. That trailer was very useful for years and I was able to sell it for more than I had in it.
But alas, I discovered that the popularity of the fiberglass trailers had taken over and now they were hard to find.
When I spotted my current Compact I, I hounded the owner until we struck up a deal. I believe I'll keep this one for awhile.
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Old 03-14-2014, 01:45 PM   #55
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frank_a's Avatar
Name: Frank
Trailer: 2012 ParkLiner #006
New York
Posts: 2,272
We wanted a lightweight trailer with minimal maintenance concerns. I was looking around the web for info and happened on this forum. We now own an egg!

2012 ParkLiner #006
2013 4wd 4 door F150 3.5L Ecoboost with 9200# tow package
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Name: Mike
Trailer: Boler13/trillium4500/buro13
Posts: 824
Back in the 70s I saw a few bolers on a rv lot and with 2 small children I thought it would be a perfect trailer and it must be really cheap as it was so small compared to the large trailers all around them . When I asked the salesman how much I was shocked to hear the price I could of bought a new car for about the same price so decided to pass maybe later in my life I would get one.went the tent route ( kinda sucked) went the motor home route ( really sucked gas) and then in the 90s my naibour got a boler .they camped in it for years and very much enjoyed it .the naighbor than got ill and the trailer sat for afew years. I asked the naighbor if he would be interested in selling and he said no as when he got better he was going camping . Sadly he never got to go again as he passed shortly after. A few months later his wife came to me and said she was ready to sell . I was quietly thrilled and told her I would take good care of it .the boler is now on loan to my son at happier camper as I would never sell it .
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Diane R.'s Avatar
Name: Diane
Trailer: 19' 2002 Scamp
Posts: 60
Send a message via AIM to Diane R.
When I met my husband about eight years ago he had a cute but heavy 17' Forester camper. We used it a few times, and he started talking about getting a lighter camper. One day on the way to church he spotted a small camper sitting on the side of the road, and he had me go look at it. The camper was small, in good shape, and very soon ours. That's how we acquired our 13' U-Haul, and stumbled into the wonderful world of FG campers!
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Name: jen
Trailer: 1980 13 ft. burro
Posts: 851
I had never camped or slept in an RV type thing in my whole life and a couple of years ago I was walking across Pennsylvania with a horse and sleeping on a lot of barn floors (which was awesome, not complaining)...and a couple of my overnight hosts put me up in their RVs that they used for guest rooms. One was a classic old really long stick-built, the other was the front living quarters of a really big horse trailer.

I was 100% charmed and decided during the last weeks of the trip that I had to have one of these. During evenings when I had some time and wifi signals I googled around to learn what could be pulled behind my Subaru. The T@b trailers showed up, and then molded fiberglass and there was no turning back. During one of our meetups when my dad came out to Somerset county to resupply me with horse feed, I asked him if he was interested in a project.

And so it was that a month after I finished the cross-PA walk, my dad and I were driving through a snowstorm from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis to pick up a cheap Burro that we'd never laid eyes on before. Yep, I was that guy.

We spent three winters totally renovating it (though I started camping in it the first year) and it's a whole new Burro now. My husband and I use it as our rolling HQ for wildlife photography and love it. And last summer, my dad died just 6 weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer, so the trailer is an especially nice gift from him. It was the reason we spent a whole lot of time together over the past couple of years and boy was I lucky to have that.

Photos show the trailer when we picked it up, and in August 2012 after lots of work and a paint job, on my way out for its second trip over the rocky mountains from Pennsylvania, and then last fall with new windows, custom rock guard and front gear trunk.
Attached Thumbnails
20101204 bob's driveway burro small.jpg   20120825 done! 1 rucio burro.jpg  

rucio at parker dam state park.jpg  
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SecondEventuality's Avatar
Name: D & K
Trailer: 2010 Casita Liberty
New Jersey
Posts: 10
An astronomy star party 2 years ago! There were a couple Casita's there and thus started our path to discovery (and research and planning and pining away).
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Barrett family's Avatar
Name: Curtis
Trailer: Trillium 5500
Posts: 57
I had been in a rockwood tent trailer as a kid, then when I started my family in maple ridge bc, we bought another cause it had to be towed behind our family vehicle. After towing that tent trailer to northern Cali and up to Alaska with two babies I longed to be able to stop on the side of the road to feed the kids or change a diaper. While driving home from work I say a late 70s boler on the side of the road for sale. I drive by every day and it had just been put out. I called the number, the guy was asking 5500$!!! I thought to myself this guy is nuts!
The next day I drove by, it was sold. I knew I must be missing something. And once I went to see another in person, I realized the fgrv was what I wanted! I listed the rockwood and started searching for an egg that could sleep a family of four. Bingo the trillium 5500 appeared! Never been a happier camper!!

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