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In the near future I am seriously thinking about going down to Az to find a permanent home if and when the market get better... but where can I go with the trailer where they allow older trailers.. Most of those RV places are for those big MH and dont allow anything older than 10 yrs old....??
All the Scamps look alike so are they gonna snear their nose at ya because it isnt one of those 'fancy' stickies?
If any of you in AZ know of places that would be ok can you please email me so I can send away for a brochure.... it would appreciate it....
I dont really want to get into a big metro area if I can help it...... just need a place to land so I can see whats available...

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Parks have age restrictions? Seriously?

"The babbling that I brook." - Pink Floyd

1991 Scamp 16'
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yep.. some do.. i know the rv park right by me.. if anyone wants to stay more than a month your trailer has to be within the 10 yr range...
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Hello, Christi V..... Mary Ann and I are spending our second winter of snowbirding in Black Canyon City, Arizona, which is about 25 miles north of Phoenix. This is a small town at the foot of the desert mountains, away from the Phoenix hustle-bustle. We are in the Bradshaw Mountain RV resort, a smaller RV park. There are many campers of different ages, sizes, and types here, including one Casita. Everyone here is pretty easy going and friendly and no-one cares what type of camper you have.
There are several other rv parks closeby, so you can try this one out until you get familiar with the area and then move to another one if you like. Unoficially, sometimes you can negotiate a lesser rate.
Good luck
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Thanks...! I appreciate anything i can find and look into it....
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Hi Chisty,

I am in Mayer AZ. 68 miles from Phoenix at 4700 feet elevation, the distance to Phoenix and Flagstaff are near equal on I-17 with Prescott Valley 31 miles away west near Prescott 8 miles beyond that on AZ hwy 69. There are many places to stay here for free, I can put you up or the Powell Springs campground just eliminated their fees, there is a 14 day stay which is never enforced, its a nice pine country camp ground. Also there are many free sites on state and B.L.M. land for season passes of 20.00 in this area.

When its summer the cooling off of the high chaparral is a wonderful advantage over lower elevations in the desert. Also there are camps with hot springs in Camp Verde.

Older out of the way free mountain spaces like Stoneman Lake are peaceful or the Gypsy camp near Lynx Lake is still free in the Prescott Forest, Mingus Mountain is newly rebuilt at 8000 feet and has power installed at sites for cheap.

Personally I go to Flagstaff to forest road 740 or near the Nordic center on hwy 180 and stay for 2 months in summer, the area is called "the tanks", I explore the lava caves, the town square in Flagstaff has entertainment every Saturday night at no cost for admission, the area stay is time unlimited with no urban time Nazis to kick you out. The elevation is 8400 feet, but your still only an hour and 45 minutes away from the hot desert of 105 degrees in Phoenix. The evening thunder boomers of the monsoons roll in late June early July just in time, staying into August-September making for drowsy sitting in the camper reading a book time between the shows that summer nature puts on.

In Arizona I have never been refused a stay because my rig is 39 years old...That behavior is for more farther west coast states to worry about. I will be posting the Forest Rd 740 camp 2008 soon from last summer.

Other topics are the Kaibab National Forest, Prescott National Forrest, Coconino National Forest, area of Payson Az, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests and the Arizona White Mountains. While Arizona is remembered for its deserts, it has some of the largest forests left in the nation.

If you come down please contact us.

Welcome to Arizona in advance, wishing you safe journeys .

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Name: Vivian
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Parks have age restrictions? Seriously?
Some have length restrictions as well as age.
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Parks have age restrictions? Seriously?
[b]Some parks do.

Link to past "Trailer Ageism" discussion
Frederick - The Scaleman
1978 Fiber Stream 16 named "Eggstasy" & 1971 Compact Jr. named "Boomerang"
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Sometimes the age restriction is just a device to exclude questionable renters and sometimes it's a 'nose in the air' thing. However, the good thing about Scamps, Casitas, etc., is that they have no real way of checking your model year, so just tell white lies. A cleaned and waxed 20 year old Egg looks no older than a recent one.

I suspect that any RV park which is actively enforcing model year is an RV I wouldn't be happy at anyway.

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Consider joining Escapees RV Club. You'll receive a thick book of RV parks for all over the country. Investigating your options is half the fun!
Donna D.
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thanks donna.. will look into it... didnt see if there was a 'fee' or not...??

Pete my luck they would ask to see the title for the yr of the trailer!! then your stuck... I have a hard time lieing to people.... not in my nature....
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3 years ago, we travelled 10 states (AZ to WA) with a small 80's stick 5th wheel. Only one campground (Reno, NV) asked the age question. It was over the telephone. They said NO. Did not bother mentioning that I was towing with a 1971 pickup.

I've lived here (Cochise County, southwest of Tombstone, on the Mexican border) for almost 30 years. Have transitioned from an engineering professional, to a part-time school bus driver, to retired (with the usual health and layoff "incentives" along the way ). I'm concerned on what you are looking for in AZ.

If you need to find work, things are tough right now (unless you are a medical professional). If you are retired, the options are more open. There are lots of developments for the retired with lots of money. I suspect that anyone hanging out on this site would have problems with a gated, age restricted, Home Owner Association hugging development . When my parents moved down here, they specifically ruled out buying into a 55+ restricted neighborhood.

The lower altitudes get hot in the summer. Pavement melting hot. Never cool off at night hot.

"Valley of the living inferno" runs from Phoenix down thru Tucson to Green Valley and Nogales. You have already ruled most of this out, due to the large population. The Colorado River Valley, from Yuma up to Laughlin, NV is also very hot. The lower desert (Quartzsite, Gila Bend, etc) are not very habitable in the winter.

The above places are great places to bask in the sun in the winter. We are going to a few of them next week.

I really like the climate here. The altitude is 4,800 feet. Cools off at night in the summer. The "dry heat" is easier on the body than the "sopping wet heat". It occasionally snows here. Usually melts off by mid-afternoon. Only 1 or 2 snow storms per year have any impact.

We got some major problems with smuggling (both human & drug). The Mexican drug wars are being felt on this side of the border. It gets personal when a drug chase comes thru your preschool bus route.

Some excellent suggestions presented for northern az (Flagstaff / Prescott area - also higher altitude). You get more winter - which might be a good trade-off for less 100+ degree summer days.

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Christi, Christi, Christi. A little bit of snow falls and the city you live in gets a wee bit of flooding two winters in a row, and next thing ya know you're planning to move to Arizona?
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Peterh... LOL yes I will plan on moving to the sun country in the near future.. I have been a washingtonian the majority of my life and i have grown the webs between the toes!! I do not like it here.... to depressing and gloomy!!

Russ and Maria... I have looked at Sun City. but as you say.. to many restriction and where would I put my egg? They dont allow that in the drivway I am sure!!!! Probably cant hang your cloths out on the lines either... HOA sucks....too... I will find my little place one of these days....but have to wait till the houseing maket it better... I might try to do a snow bird thing next fall and see how it goes.... Yes I am retired now... but still have to live within my means... like everyone else...
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This is not in AZ, but you might like the four mild season climate and much lower taxes and property values. We moved here in 2003 from Phoenix and we love it; it's cooler, quieter, less traffic...

Silver City
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Here's an RV park you might like while you explore the southwest.

Burro Mountain Homestead
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I dont really want to get into a big metro area if I can help it...... just need a place to land so I can see whats available...
Christi, Arizona is a big place with a varied climate, so you might want to decide if you want heat in summer or snow in winter, then go from there. But here are some ideas for your future exploring:

Deadhorse State Park - Cottonwood. Good place for exploring the mid-state region, including Flagstaff (snow!) and Prescott.

Fool Hollow SRA - Show Low. The "pine trees as far as the eye can see" area. Again, snow/cold.

Catalina State Park - Tucson. Lots of people like this park. Tucson is a mid-sized city with a variety of housing, and a little cooler than Phoenix.

Lake Pleasant - NW of Phoenix. If you want to explore the Sun City communities west of Phoenix this might be a good perch. And yes, you would have to store your trailer to live in those developments.
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My parents have a 1980's trailer in Yuma,last year (4 years after they bought it) the park adopted the 10 year rule, they didn't have to move but if they sell or change ownership (like giving it to me) it has to be removed from the park.
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I'll second the comments on living in Silver City, NM. It's altitude is 5,900 feet. Definately cooler in the summer (and in the winter).

A little to the east, consider Safford, AZ. It's altitude is 2,900 feet. And the land is flatter. You are swapping warmth for avoiding a few days of driving in the ice & snow.

Both are smaller cities with community colleges in the area. Safford just fell off of a mining boom. Recently, the mines had large layoffs. The wide valley still has agriculture.

Hook up that Scamp and tour the area for a while.

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While we've never encountered any trailer age restrictions in AZ, there are length of stay restrictions. IE our favorite park and mentioned earlier Dead Horse in Cottonwood you can only stay 14 days in I believe a 60 day period.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Payson, AZ yet. Fabulous mountain town.
We have stayed in Payson Campground and thoroughly enjoyed it. Right in town, can walk to a lot of stuff and the owners and hosts are phenomenal. About 20 mi N of town are loads of state and national parks that are gorgeous and very inexpensive to stay. Christopher Creek campground is one that is mentioned quite a bit.

I would figure out the area or town that you wanted first, and then look at the campgrounds. Arizona is loaded with camping options including BLM so there will be no shortage of options once you decide where you are wanting to go.

Make sure you look up all of us AZ FGRV members when you get down here to explore. We moved here 14 years ago after I retired from the airlines and had been about everywhere, this was the choice and never regretted it.


Scamp Owners International
2015 Escape 19 & 1997 Scamp 19
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