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Name: Brandy
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When my Scamp was sitting over in Spokane a very wonderful gal took it in to have the bearing repacked, greased and general check up to make sure it would make it back over the pass without trouble. Once home I took it to A FABULOUS TRUSTED garage that other members have used..and when he took it off the frame for the inspection and to do various things I asked he gave me the call to say hey I just finished repacking the bearings and greasing it (he is putting on new smaller tires) "I just paid to have that done".. was my reply well they didn't do it because thats not fresh grease...blah blah mechanical mumbo jumbo...I called the manager at the Spokane store and explained what had taken place and he insists they did the work..he remembers it exactly as he had to look up the infor for the rights seals ...blah blah blah so sorry can't help you to bad so sad

I can be mean, really mean when I think I have been wronged or taken advantage of...this is about $100 bucks not to much not to little just enought to really make me irritated...I can just feel my blood pressure going up right now.. what would you do... let Karma bit this guy in the butt and hope he gets this to the BBB or some sort of mechanic watch dog type group......let it go and remind myself that in the end I have my Scamp that I LOVE.....grrrrgrrr Brandy ...any advice


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Name: Gina D.
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We really can't help with dispensing legal advise here. None of us are lawyers...

If it were me, however, I would ask for proof of the repack (a receipt, parts used etc) from both places. Did you authorize the repack in Seattle? I am not sure they can charge you for work you didn't authorize.. but maybe you did if you said "Do what needs to be done".

Once again, we are not legal counsel here.

When I have my trailer safety inspected, it always includes a repack.

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Name: Byron
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Which one are going to report? Which one is wrong? Did they both do the work?
Byron & Anne enjoying the everyday Saturday thing.
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Name: Brandy
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Not even slightly worried about the guy at this end...did say do what needs to be done with a list I know he is doing quite a bit of work (tidbits that I just would rather pay to have done) he showed me what he is talking about and told me what he thinks happened at the other shop and was very kind about not badmouthing another fellow mechanic's work I trust and believe what he showed me...the "other" shop is unknown to me so I tend to want to side with what I know and trust over here...not looking for legal advice ...I really don't want to get that worked up over the whole matter just because there is alot in this world that warrents real concern than this and when you realize if this is my worst problem than I guess I'm doing better than okay... I needed two seconds worth of venting and now I am just going to sit back and try not to work myself over this..the world works itself out and if I was truley scammed than in the long run it hurts them worse than it will ever hurt me...thanks
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Name: Brandy
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Which one are going to report? Which one is wrong? Did they both do the work?

the shop in Spokane....
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Name: Mike
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I have seen a couple ways to “repack” wheel bearings. The quick ’n dirty way is to just hand press additional grease into each bearing. I’ve been told it is OK to do this.

Now after driving about 300 miles home, the grease wouldn’t look “NEW”, right?

You made it home with no problems, so I wouldn’t get too bunched up over it. Sorry.

Just my 2˘.
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I'd never thought of it that way before, but Mike could be right. They would likely still have had to put in new seals (hard to get them off without damaging them).

That wouldn't have been a good way to do it, of course, because one wants the bearings to be clean of grease in order to examine them closely.
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Name: Brandy
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Thanks guys I just vented quickly then right after I said it I felt better...just wanted someone to whine to...on the bright side I get my Scamp on Friday and man o man the thing is Looking good ..had time to make curtains get flooring and plan all my trips...had one second of buyers remorse then I saw it again and realized I can't wait to go camping on the river..first fly fishing trip out and all will be forgotten! Brandy


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