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Originally Posted by Tom 72 View Post
Floyd, you were not the offending party. The way I read the thread is that Patti [Keekers] was saying the prospective buyer should "man up and and say so." not you, sir. The point was that the prospective buyer was being uncivil by not communicating he was not going to complete the transaction.

Take no offense, we all wish you well.

If I have misidentified who was offended, pardon me.
Thanks, I have already corrected my post and my understanding.
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Name: Kelly
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Originally Posted by Glenn Baglo View Post
Maybe he just had buyer's remorse before completing the transaction.
Buyer's remorse does happen. Or perhaps he got to the bank where they planned to borrow the funds but was unable to make that happen. Both situations are embarassing enough that they would overcome good manners for many people.
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Name: claire
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Originally Posted by keekers View Post
Thank you Claire, great suggestions.
glad to help, patti. around here, local police actually encourage folks to use their services/parking lot for a major sale like this. (and yes, we call ahead to make sure someone is actually there to supervise the transaction). they consider it part of their service to the community & would much rather supervise this transaction than have to investigate a robbery or assault at your home.
hopefully you'll have better luck with the next buyer.
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Personally, I see nothing to worry about. I have had many dozens of similar happenings myself. Until a contract is signed, and money in hand, there is no deal.
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Name: Harold
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The worry as I saw it...

Originally Posted by Jim Bennett View Post
Personally, I see nothing to worry about...
The worry as I saw it was that the person may not have been really interested in buying the camper at all, but was scoping the place out to come back later to steal it, or maybe rob the owner. You hear stories about that happening especially on craigslist, but it's usually when the item being sold is of pretty high value and very portable, such as jewelry.

Coming back to steal a camper? Probably not. But I can see how that situation could make someone nervous. My bet is on pre-buyer's remorse and bad manners. I think bad manners is becoming really more common than it used to be. I could be wrong.

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Name: claire
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Originally Posted by keekers View Post
Tom, yes I have the camper blocked in. Ok to call me paranoid.
i'd rather call you "paranoid", patti, than "victim". i am reluctant to conduct major sales like this at my home. i avoid even the chance of a negative encounter, especially when there are safer alternatives available. when i am unable to avoid it, i try to move the item to the garage. at least, all i have to do is open the garage door to a stranger rather than allow that person inside my home. you have the camper blocked in & secured, so i wouldn't worry too much, but i would sure conduct future sales of the trailer away from your home. best of luck
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Name: bill
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Typical C/L. Buyers and sellers on C/L have no reputation, no feedback. People change their mind, people don't show up, people with no money look at stuff with no intension or ability to buy. Its how it goes.

I never hold items either. Remember, despite all of its problems, C/L is free. And its better than a classified ad in the local paper, which will usually cost you money and just reach a small, local market.

Fortunately in the world of molded fiberglass trailers, you as the seller have the upper hand.

I had a person come to my garage sale this year, spent at least a half hour looking at everything. Finally came up with one item: "Can I have this?" "Sure, its five dollars" "well I don't have any money" "And can I have a bag for it too?"
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I NEVER hold anything I sell, without some CASH, as a down payment.
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Name: Steve
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I have a friend who buys and sells stereo equipment on craigslist. He has endless stories of how unreliable craigslist buyers/sellers are... don't even think of counting something sold until the money is in your hands.
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Name: Patti
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Thank you

My thanks to everyone for their comments, and support. I really enjoy this community for just that reason.
I have done many transactions on CL both selling and buying and have found honorable people there. Maybe I was just lucky.
Anyway, I'm done with this particular a**h***.
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Name: Dick
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Had a friend that had a atv in he back of his truck and the truck was backed up to his garage door. They cut the lock and lifted the atv over the side of the bed of the truck. Not only lost his atv but it really messed up the side of his truck when they got it out. Just shows that if someone wants something you have, they will find a way to take it...
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Name: Jann
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Originally Posted by keekers View Post
I showed my camper to a guy named Austin yesterday, said he was from Boulder. Made a deal on my camper and said he was going to the bank. Never returned. Sure makes me wonder about his intentions. Driving a black Forerunner with a rack on top. Watch out???
Ask for a cash deposit and give a receipt with all info on it as far as price, vehicle, etc. If person is serious they will give a deposit. If no deposit it is not sold. If person comes back with money ok. Get phone number and address from person when they call about item. Protects you and them. When they know you have their info then they are less likely to steal or scam you.
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Old 07-07-2018, 10:29 PM   #33
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Name: Dillon
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In the Austin, TX area Walmart has started "welcoming" almost all Craigslist transactions. I was once told that Walmart parking lots have more cameras than London. And they have one, at least, at every intersection, every bar, every ...

And yes, in some places the cops are welcoming car sales and such in designated parking lots all over the country.
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I've sold many an item on Craigslist, mainly motorcycles, we all know about people who ride motorcycles, don't we, well so far for that. When selling on Craigslist, or any other way of getting your sale item to market it's always quality the buyer before you every give him your address, or phone number. I ask many lead in questions, you might say I'm qualifying the buyer to see if he, or she knows what they are wanting to buy and what they are buying. I can tell right quick if buyers are really buyers or not, just from a one received email, that don't talk money and don't offer lower prices then you are asking. I don't even answer emails with the question, will you take X number of dollars for cash right now. From past experience on items I have sold on Craigslist, 1 out of 10 are buyers, others are just wasting my time and I might only respond to 2-3 of the emails I receive. We all know who buys Casita's, or other fiberglass RV's, there in the 60-75 age range, have the cash to buy it, and know what they are worth. Biggest thing to remember is, qualify the buy first and feel good about have them come to your home to look at your trailer. If you think you don't feel safe around buyers, make sure you have other friends or neighbors present when they are looking at your trailer, etc.

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