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Name: Perry
Trailer: 2018 Escape 5.0
Lanesboro, Minnesota, between Whalan and Fountain
Posts: 460
Most Escapes have 80" beds. We chose our Escape 5.0 because it had an 80" full queen and over a foot on each side to throw our arms and legs. Plus one of us doesn't have to crawl over to get out of bed, leaving the other in peaceful sleep.


2018 Escape 5.0 TA - 2019 Ford F-150, 3.5 V6 Ecoboost,

Previous Eggs - 2001 Scamp 16' Side Bath, 2007 Casita 17' Spirit basic, no bath, water or tanks, that we regret selling, 2003 Bigfoot 25B25RQ, that we also regret selling
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Trailer: 2004 13 ft Scamp Custom Deluxe
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We seem to be dancing around the 800 pound gorilla in the room.
What do you want to tow and by extension, what do you want to drive.

Towing a smaller fiberglass trailer is a totally different travel experience than towing a larger trailer.
There is a sacrifice to be made as you increase the size of your trailer,
but if you want larger amenities you must make the sacrifices to have a larger trailer.

Stuff like parking on side trips , or going through drive-ups, sometimes even availing yourself of smaller campsites can be a distinct advantage of the smaller trailers.
If you actually need something larger than a full sized bed or must have a dry bath, or have special needs, then you must have a larger trailer and usually a larger tow vehicle.

We have had a Scamp13D for 15years and have no plans to trade into anything larger any time soon. It has a fullsized bed, a full wetbath and all the amenities afforded in a nice motel.

I see many people buy small and then contract twofootitis .
This can be costly if buying new, but if you are not sure what you really want then buy used for the first couple of fiberglass trailers .
Buy new once you decide what is the right size.

While it seems most folks tend to upsize when starting small, I actually found that a 13 was a much better fit for us, and after towing larger trailers found the Scamp13 to fit well enough to buy new and to keep long term...
Much larger feels like clown shoes.

Trailer storage, especially indoors, is another consideration which gives the advantage to smaller trailers.

My sympathies to those who can not fit comfortably into a smaller space,they simply don't have the choices which others enjoy, but at least that solves the shopping larger.

Know your needs and get something which you can enjoy the advantages and tolerate the liabilities. Do this and you too can buy a trailer which you can keep for decades.
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I think the question has been answered, and it is possible with the right unit. Those that are taller can give the best advice on this issue, and people have stepped up to explain in pretty good detail how their particular units work for them proving if one has a question about molded fiberglass trailers, this is the place to be!
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Name: Richard
Trailer: Escape 5.0 and 66 Avion C10
Posts: 6
I am 6'1". I really liked the Scamp 19, but I could not fit in the bed. I have an old Avion truck camper and have been sleeping diagonally for the last 10 years. We picked up an Escape 19 and I can easily fit in the bed. It definitely makes camping much more enjoyable when you can get a good night's sleep.
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Name: Jerrybob
Trailer: casita
Posts: 235
We have the SD Casita...we leave our table down all the fact we added a thick IKEA mattress years ago. I am just under 6'4" and my wife and I sleep comfortably in our trailer. If I really stretch out....I can touch both sides of the trailer but....who the heck sleeps in that position. Same thing is true with the roof a/c.....I only hit it if I try which I just don't do. I shower in the trailer as it it uncomfortable....not really. Like someone else said.....these little trailers have their positives and negatives.....I love our Casita and find mostly positives. I had bigger trailers in the past....we downsized to the Casita and love it. I suggest you find a Casita....and lay down in it. Good luck.
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Name: Joe
Trailer: Keystone Bullet Premier7
Posts: 2
Not just the beds

I am a tall guy myself and I can get comfortable in one of the short queen mattresses but I bed to bend my knees. Not much of a problem as I tend to sleep on my side anyway. The biggest problem I found when searching RV’s was the shower. Make sure to check the fit their. I found many I could not stand in so I searched a long time before finding one.
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 11
Originally Posted by John in Santa Cruz View Post
yeah, Casita 17' foot Independence (twins) or Liberty (king) fit your size just fine. Deluxe versions (most I've seen are Deluxe) have A/C, shower, toilet standard.

with these, you will be using the bed area as the dinette. With the Liberty, you'll need to remove the center section of the King bed to use as a table....
Agree, I am 6'2" and Casita Independence twin or king (sleeping length wise, not side to side) is no problem for sleeping. I can fully stretch out and even point my toes without issue. However the roof will barely touch my head while standing, and I have to tilt my head in bathroom. Wife is 5'4" and just laughs at me. We make it work!
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Name: Ray
Trailer: scamp
Posts: 399
Well depends

I have a scamp 16 foot. I am 5 11 and do fine in it. When I have had it out operationally I have had taller guys in it with no real problems. At one point we were sleeping 4-5 full sized guys in it. OK very tight, but the other option in zero degree weather was sleeping bags on part shelter picnic tables :-(

Now it is a bit tight if I am laying just straight, but I seldom sleep that way. Head room would probably be an issue especially with roof based air conditioning.

find someone with one of what you are thinking about and give it a try.
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Name: Ken
Trailer: Casita sd17
Posts: 4
I am 6’3” and I fit across the back of my Casita. It’s 75” across and I don’t sleep flat on my back.
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Name: Stebe
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 28
I'm a little over 6'2" and find my Casita 17 acceptable. The model I have has the AC over the "double" bed so that is out of the way. I always leave the bed down. The bed is fine for sleeping but the ceiling height is a tad low. It does not bother me however because when I'm standing in the Casista I'm usually cooking or cleaning (looking down) not just standing tall.
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Trailer: BIGFOOT 21 FB
Posts: 81

Anyting over 6 ft and you got to sleep diagonally
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Name: J
Isle of Wight
Posts: 536
Originally Posted by nefldiver View Post
Anyting over 6 ft and you got to sleep diagonally
Thats not true. Even in a Casita - because they have no storage in the way - you get the whole 6'4" ish width.... (external width is 6'8") Not the height though.
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Trailer: BIGFOOT 21 FB
Posts: 81
Originally Posted by mgbbob View Post
HI crew, I am 6'3" and wondering if I would fit in any of the Scamps/Casitas? I know other folks must have had this issue but my search didn't show up anything. Thanks, Bob

Have you considered the Bigfoot 21 foot rear bed
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Threads on bed size: http:// and the Legacy Posts: http://
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Name: Mike & Gail
Trailer: 2015 Casita 17' LD
Loveland, CO
Posts: 3
Casita Liberty: 82"

We set up our Liberty beds as twins and they are 82 " long, the same as the Independence. They were only 24" wide, a bit narrow, so we cut 3/8" plywood to 82" by 30", rounded the rear corners, cut foam mattresses with an electric carving knife. Lots of room now. Also added an extra side access door to reach under the passenger side compartment under the bed. Casita sold the door and hinges to us for $15. Also cut holes in plywood so you can reach through to storage by lifting mattress.
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