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Hi there

My wife and I are getting into a FG unit and we are shopping. However because of budget constraints we are finding that many trailers are sold before we can get there. I am now looking at a 1999 casita 17' with the ac in the front, or a 1999 Burro 17' wide with the ac on the roof. Is one better than the other? Are the qualities of the workmanship equal? You guy and gal here have been the best education for me in this adventure and I sure there are a few who can help us out.

thanks again


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The Burro seemed to be roomier inside, the double walled design showing innovation for its generation, Pre Oliver...but having the same root thoughts in the double wall perk....People swear by them. Burro is hard to find. The room is a big plus if you are a large person.

Casita is narrower inside, quality is good, single hull, people swear by them too...Risking here the wrath of Casita owners they are Scamp in genre or visa verso...both designs are part of Boler history, the design coincidence is too blatant to ignore, Scamp also being a contracted company of Boler dim years back...The best ideas prevail so I have no problem here. If you are considering Casita I would also look at Scamp too. In both of these the hull punctures for the cabinets need watching 10 years into its life...I live in sun country so this is a maint. issue here, the plastic covers deteriorate in U.V. light.

Currently Burro is history as a company so support is gone. There are urban legends of rebirth but hold your breath. What I do not like in Burros is the dorsal seam. If I were to own a trailer to be different or a unique one with good room it would be the Burro wide body, I would just address the seam issue with reasonable maintenance.

Where you live and how harsh an environment you are going to live in should dictate some design needs. The Canadians make very good rigs and are a bargain right now.

Scamp has been very good to me bending over backwards on every issue, even if I did not own the trailer, just because I was working on it was good enough for them.

Others will weigh in, owners are great sources of info.

I would ask specific questions and explain what you want to do with the trailer?...Such as full time/part time use, climate extremes, off road use, type of rig towing it, ect.

Good luck, Happy Camping.


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"Best" is a loaded question, what is best for you may differ from someone elses. Everyone here is passionate about their rigs.

I have a Burro 17, wide body. I love it. The air on top might become an issue for taller folks, as the business side of it hangs down in the "hallway". At 5 ft tall, this isn't an issue for me.

Fit and finish on the last ones made is a bit odd, such as my door is not square, but it is fully functional, and a few other cosmetic odds and ends that have annoyed, but not caused issue. All safety items and wiring, gas lines etc are done well and I have no worries.

Width is a great asset. Mine has been converted from traditional set up to having the larger back area, traditionally a large dinette and bed, to a living room. I sleep up front on the twin, and still have room at the end of the bed for 2 Beagles. Everyone is comfy.

For unconventional configurations, the 17 foot Casitas have the ability to sleep two on singles at the dinette. You couldn't do that with the Burro, the seats are even to short for me that way (Tho I have curled up and napped back there before.. wouldn't want to do it all nite)
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For me, I really like the double walled construction and the finished fiberglass inside. I wasn't partial to carpeting on the walls, as it is almost impossible to clean. If a burro springs a leak, its easier to locate, you don't have to remove wall covering. You can sponge it down if its dirty. The double walled construction appears to give it better insulation, but this is balanced by the layer of covering on the walls which we don't have. If you have asthma, which my son has, cleanliness helps modify the issues.

Plus...I like the burro on the side...

I wouldn't buy one or not buy one based on whether a company is still in business, as we have seen that can change overnight. I would make a list of preferences, likes and dislikes, and make my decision that way. Some people thought they could live with wall coverings, and then want them gone, or sell the trailer.

Me? My next trailer, I would want to be a wide body Burro or an egg trailer.

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I have to weigh in..

I have a 16' U-Haul which is the cousin to the Burro.

When I was shopping for a fiberglass trailer, I had really liked the Casita but didn't like the carpeting on the walls but was ready to puchase one as I didn't know there were other options. When my trailer popped up for sale I raced over to look at it and was sooo happy there wasn't carpet on the walls - easy wipe down no holding of odor. SOLD!

After attending my first rally, and 'Open House' day where we all walk around and look at one another's rigs, Casita has a few things I wish I had in mine, but then some of those owners wished they had a few things my rig had - so what's "Best" is tuned to the individual needs of the owner.

Recently I was able to view a 17' Burro first hand, as I helped a buyer from Alaska with his purchase here in Ohio. I was amazed how the Burro had just a bit more room than my 16' U-haul and seemed just a bit wider and obviously a foot longer.

When you see the one you're supposed to have, grab it! Love it! Enjoy it! You'll never be disappointed!
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i like em all.. When im purchasing one, it comes down to price, condition and location..

All of them will give you years of happy camping if you take care of it.
Phil & Denise Underwood
1997 Bigfoot 21 RB
2002 F-250
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An older used FGRV in good condition, and fairly close to home, is not always the easiest to find, especially if you are adament about wanting this or that or not wanting this or that. They also don't last: here today, sold next hour. After five months of searching ads, just knowing I wanted a FGRV with bath, I was able to go to a rally and view different makes and models of FGRV's. I decided my ideal would be a 17' Casita Spirit DLX, the perfect one became available soon after, I bought it and I love it. After spending the last 1 1/2 years with it and seeing other trailers, I might have been just as happy with any one of them. What I'm saying is, try to look at as many different trailers as you can, have an ideal in mind, but if a trailer becomes available that is a little different from your ideal and the price is right, buy it. You may fall in love with it. And if you don't, our trailers don't depreciate much, so sell it and look for something else. Good luck.
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Be sure to check out the home page for a large number of different brands. 99% are no longer made. But at least if you see an ad for a particular trailer, you'd have a better idea of what it may look like. A number of the brands have links directly to the particular album for pictures.

Here's the link to the known new trailer manufacturers: All Current Trailer Brands. BigFoot is still listed, but they recently went out of business.

There's been discussion about carpet etc on the walls holding odors and hard to clean. My 20 year old trailer with "rat fur" on the walls has absolutely no stains and no odors. I suppose if it cooked fish and broccoli in the trailer on a daily basis, it would start to smell, just like carpet and drapery would smell in your home. I find the interior with this finish to be warm and inviting rather than cold feeling. However, if I was looking to buy used, I would judge each trailer on it's own merits rather than having a predetermined idea of what to expect regarding fit and finish.

The determining factors are your needs, your budget and what your tow vehicle can tow.

Best of luck on the hunt!

Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
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burro, casita

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