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Trailer: 2009 Casita Spirit Deluxe
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Your input please on best size Casita for 2 retirees - I fly fish with or without my hubby - I want a bathroom - this will be my first travel trailer and I will need to handle it alone sometimes - I think 13 ft will be too small, other options are 16 and 17 ft. ALSO any advice on configurations welcome as well. THANKS in advance!!

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I think there's probably more to it than bathroom or no bathroom.

Different layouts create different lifestyle choices. Bed up as a bed permently or swapped back to a table each morining, bed size, how much counter space do you need to cook, will you cook in the trailer or outside most of the time? Storage accessibility changes with layout too. Ease of inviting company into your trailer.....

I would suggest finding a way to get to a gathering of fiberglass trailers and doing the tours. You will soon discover which layouts and sizes appeal to you

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Try and rent one 1st
13' or 16',17' then decide.
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Name: Frederick
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Your input please on best size Casita for 2 retirees -
I have observed that the 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe is the most popular, and most easily available, new or used. There must a reason for that.
Frederick - The Scaleman
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Cindy, Welcome! Can't advise you on which to buy cause I truly believe it's a matter of camping choice. How do you like to camp?

Just wanted to let you know that we have a 17ft Freedom Dlx and I like it ok, but would much prefer the Spirit Dlx. I hate the captains chairs! But that's what we bought so I live with it. Otherwise I love our Casita! Mainly just wanted to encourage you to feel ok with the model, lenght that best fits your camping style. We downsized from a 35ft Class A after health issues for my Dh required either downsizing to something I could handle on my own or not having any rv. I researched options and came across this site and explored my options. Just knew "glass" was the best option for me to have all the comforts I like to camp with yet small enough for me to handle by myself. We have had it for going on our 3rd summer and I really couldn't be happier. They are easy to handle and though small, let you have a few creature comforts. So don't hesitate buying the 17ft. Of course I have rv'ed all my life and was pretty efficient with all aspects of useing/maintaining an rv. Pulling was my issue, actually backing up was my issue! But it can be learned. Well find the size/model you want and Enjoy it! Good Luck!
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Name: William
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I think the 13' would be too small, and if you bought the 16' you would like it a lot but knowing the 17' is available you would probably wish you had gone for it. On the other hand if you are going alone you may be more comfortable towing the 16' because it is so much lighter. Lets take a look at the difference between 16' & 17" and between models. The SD which is the most popular has 2 dinettes as does the Freedom, The SD has benches with storage under them where the Freedom has swivel chairs, most make a permanent bed out of the double dinette in the back in both models and use the side dinette for eating etc. The bed in the 16' is like 47" wide and the 17' model 54"inches (full size bed), The ceiling in the 17' is higher for those over 6'. The 16' has a step under the lip of the bed and the storage under there is less. The tongue weight on the 16 is much lighter than the 17 by 125lbs-150lbs. I think that covers the major differences between the two. Towing the 17" requires a tow vehicle that will handle a minimum of 3500 lbs, the same size vehicle will tow the 16' effortlessly.
Love being Inneggsile
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I just looked on the map and Bandera is just northwest of San Antonio.

April 21-25 there is going to be a big fiberglass rally....the Bluebonnet.

It is going to be held at Skyline Ranch RV Park.

I'd suggest you plan on attending it if only for a 1 day drive there. As of March 1st there were 147 trailers registered for the rally. You should be able to see just about all the different sizes and floor plans. They are mostly Casita's but there will be other fiberglassers there as well. Just be prepared with a check list so you make sure you see all the floor plans.
Joy A. & Olive
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Name: Donna D
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Joy has given you excellent advice. There is absolutely nothing that beats personally viewing different brands/layouts of trailers to help you make up YOUR mind. We can give you all kinds of reasons we personally like a particular layout or brand, but it's going to be your investment. For instance, I know Robin really doesn't like the captains chairs, but you'll find other folks that wouldn't want to be without them.

For me, and I travel alone... it's gonna be a 5th wheel and probably an Escape at that.

How's that for an answer Best of luck on the egg hunt
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Name: Marsha
Trailer: Oliver
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Absolutely try to see as many as you can in person. We're setting ourselves up to retire in three years and we're giving up our Scamp 13 for a Casita 17 SD which we'll be picking up in early May. The reason we switched from Scamp to Casita initially was the option of having a king size bed, which is what we have at home. After seeing the Spirit Deluxe and then the Liberty Deluxe, which looked like it was all bedroom, we decided on the SD. Also browse through all the forums, the info posted is invaluable. Happy shopping!
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Name: Vicki
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Hey Cindy!!!
Sorry that when we went to Hilla Palooza you were not able to stay long enough for the "showings". I did stay, and you really DO need to get to the Blue Bonnet gathering if possible. You will get the chance to see so many differant makes, models, setups etc. - I think it will help in your decision.
I know you will get so much good info here - glad you finally jumped on board!!


PS- any fish lately??
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Trailer: 2009 Casita Spirit Deluxe
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COOL! So much great info! Will be back for more, and will let you know which one I'll be getting! Thank you guys!
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Depends on what you will be towing it with and how much room you want inside the trailer. I see you are in San Antonio, I'd take a trip to Rice and check them out. Nothing better than getting into them to see how they feel. Also, head room might be a factor for you guys, depending on how tall you are. I belive the head room in the 13 and 16 is less than the 17 foot Casita; unlike Scamps where the heard room of the 13 and 16 ft are the same on Scamps built after the fire in 2005, no 17' with Scamp of course. I believe the layouts for sleeping are different in the varitiy of models as well.

Yep, I'd take a drive to see how they stack up. I would go the extra feet (17') and see how the bed or beds fit in the different models.

We do like our side dinette and leaving the bed in back as a bed in our Scamp and would not want one without the shower and toilet. They are very nice to have.

There are a lot small trailers out there: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseacti.../1.cfm#23262145

Good luck.
DesertHawk- Las Cruces, NM USA
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Name: Liz
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If I couldn't have my fifth wheel I'd do the Casita 17' Spirit or 17" ft Burro . I like a full time bed and a dinette where I can fly tie, eat, and look at maps.

I think going to that rally and seeing the trailers in person is an excellent idea!

1979 Boler B1300 | 1987 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | 1988 Bigfoot 5th Wheel | We officially have a collection!
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