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Name: Mike
Trailer: Waiting on 16" Scamp
Colorado Springs
Posts: 41
Why a molded fiberglass camper?

I suspect a question I'll get asked is why a MFG camper versus a stick/tin camper. Thought I'd enumerate:
o Had a stick/tin truck camper;tired of fighting leaks and rot. MFG perfect? No but way better.
o They all have some iffy construction; I'm pretty handy but hate rot.
o Getting a Scamp 16. If we decide it's not what we really want THE MARKET FOR MFG TRAILERS IS HOT!!!! Just look and see.
o The Scamp 16 w/o AC fits in our 8ft garage! That is HUGE to us! If/when we go to sell it, it will be pristine! Done with storage lots..... Had too many break ins of property.
o We probably won't go full time; it we do, have to re-evaluate.

The concept of a MFG camper just appealed to me right off. I've owned boats (they don't leak and are robust) so this construction seems the best.

I don't think we are minimalists but too old to do the tent thing. A small camper will be good for a couple and a small doggie.
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Name: Pam
Trailer: 1997 Scamp 16
Posts: 3,403
I bought a small, used, 20year old molded fiberglass camper in 2005, and just recently sold it for more than I originally paid for it. These campers hold value. I bought used because I wasn't sure I would camp enough in it. But that didnt' prove true, I love camping in Fiberglass. I'm also a member of a vintage camper group so we have a lot of camping gatherings. I just recently upgraded to a 95 Scamp 16, base model, no bathroom, basic. And I'm loving loving it as well. For me, the simplicity, small size, lighter weight, low rot potential, all add up to the best choice in campers.
Happy camping to you
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Name: John
Trailer: I started with a 2010 Casita Spirit Deluxe.I now have a 2015, Dynamax DX3-37RV Super-C diesel puller
Box Elder, SD (formerly of Long Island, NY)
Posts: 134
When I ordered my 2004 Toyota Sienna minivan, I knew I would tow something eventually and so I ordered the then optional Factory Tow Package. In 2009, I learned of the Burning Man event. It sounded interesting but, with me being on the East Coast and Burning Man being held in Northwest NV, I had not arranged for enough vacation time to go in 2009. I did arrange for sufficient vacation time for 2010 and then decided that I did not want to be in the Black Rock Desert in a tent; I started researching small, lightweight trailers. It quickly became obvious that I'd be best served by one of the small "egg" fiberglass trailers I could safely pull with the minivan I then owned. I settled on the Casita 17' Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer and placed my order with the factory. I did need to upgrade Toyota's OEM Class 2 hitch (I upgraded to a Class 3 hitch that had Weight Distibution and Sway Control). In late August, I left NY and drove to the Casita factory in TX. With NO towing experience, I headed west carefully threading my way through TX traffic. It worked out GREAT! My Casita was basically a small studio apartment on wheels. I made it to NV, enjoyed Burning Man and, then headed back to NY (I had not yet retired and needed to get back to work). I did retire in 2011 and, hit the road for two months that Spring and, in late Summer headed back to Burning Man (spending FIVE MONTHS on that trip). I was hooked on RVing! Over four years, I crisscrossed the U.S. multiple times logging over 50,000 miles on my little "egg". Early on, I decided I wanted more room and started "shopping" for an upgrade. It took several years but, I finally decided on a TRUE Super-C diesel puller motorhome which, after six+ years, I now Full-Time in. The money I spent on my trusty "egg" netted me 80+% return of what I paid (fiberglass "eggs" depreciate FAR slower than "stick built" RVs). Starting small in an "egg" allowed me to get the full RV experience without breaking the bank. Most newbies would be well served starting the way I did. If it turns out that they like RV living, great! If it turns out that RV life is not for them, they've risked far less money (much of which will be recouped upon sale of their "egg"). When a couple new to RVing starts, it's not unusual for one to like (or hate) the RV experience more than their partner. At 17', my egg was small. Fiberglass trailers are built as large as 25' which may well be better for two (or more) people. Again, if it turns out that if RVing doesn't suit them, they get more of their initial expense back than they would had they purchased a "conventionally built" RV. In today's Covid19 Pandemic times, it can be MUCH more difficult to find a suitable camping space which can have a negative effect the RV experience. Newbies would do well to attend an RV Boot Camp BEFORE buying an RV. During the Pandemic, most RVBCs have been cancelled. I did read recently that the Escapees RV Club was going to hold an RVBC virtually. Escapees' in person RVBC's are WELL WORTH a "newbie's time and money as mistakes made with RVs are often expensive and, sometimes dangerous. Arcane (but important) topics such as the various weight ratings RVers need to understand are explained in a way that the average person can understand.
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