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Old 08-06-2021, 10:32 AM   #21
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Name: Jann
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Originally Posted by RogerDat View Post
In looking at the tongue I have dual propane, nice switch over regulator. And a single battery. I'm somewhat skeptical of having dual batteries and dual propane up there. Concerned about overloading tongue as well as just the available room.

Dual propane holder spans across the tongue as would a dual battery holder. So I have two questions.

Has anyone put all that on the tongue of a 16 ft Scamp? How did that work out?

If there is only to be one "double" on the tongue how would you prioritize them? Two propane and one battery or one propane and two batteries. And why? Assume a 60 - 100 watt solar panel is in the mix.

Have also wondered about using a single larger propane tank. Say 30# instead of two 20# That single tank would fit between the sides of the tongue. Just sticks up higher than a 20# but no higher than the holder for 2 20# tanks that rides on top of the tongue.

I'm leaning toward two propane but only because I was wet and cold and ran out of propane once in Colorado. Was somewhat miserable experience. On the other hand even the propane stuff in a new camper doesn't work without there being sufficient juice.
I've done the same of running out of propane. We do 2 tanks. If you have solar you shouldn't need 2 batteries. I hate running out of propane in the middle of the night in the cold. Fridge and everything quits. We also do not use the automatic change over on the tanks since that could run out both tanks and you don't know when it changes over. If one runs out then switch over and refill as soon as you can.
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Name: Dave W
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Forklift propane tanks have a level gauge.
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Originally Posted by Jann Todd View Post
We also do not use the automatic change over on the tanks since that could run out both tanks and you don't know when it changes over..
You check the gas gauge in your tow vehicle. Why not check the gauge on the propane changeover?
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Name: Dave (AKA John)
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We used a Crown 12 volt golf cart battery on our Scamp. Not as much capacity as two six volt batteries, but less weight. The GC12 weighs 88 lbs and provides 155 amp hour capacity vs GC2 (two) providing 205-240 AH at 112-136 lbs.
If 155 AH is enough then you will save almost as much weight as that second tank weighs vs having two six volts.
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Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 2010 Scamp 16
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Originally Posted by jwcolby123 View Post
Replace the battery with a LiFePo battery. 30 lbs for 100ah or 60 lbs for 200ah. REAL amp hours.
I can't make a fiscal argument to management for a battery that expensive. Well I could make it but management she no listen. It boils down to usage. As is true of many I don't camp enough to gain from 10x as many discharge/charge cycles of the LiFePoLiFePo vs flooded lead acid. My camper weight is decently under tow capacity of the vehicle so weight savings of battery are not critical. Perhaps when I retire and can do more camping the cost can be justified. As time goes on I might anticipate battery weight becoming a bigger factor in my having to carry it to and from the camper.

It is good to know what worked in Montana and Rocky Mountain environment as that is on my to-do list for fall or possibly spring camping. Dual battery and 30 lbs. of propane based on real world is good to know.

I do like the idea of having a second propane tank so that one is in reserve. I am also a fan of manual switch over or going deliberately to auto only when you know tank #1 is getting low so you can plan on getting it filled next opportunity.

I had not considered horizontal fork lift tanks. Bit more of a modification to mount but they are a very solid tank with a lot of capacity. Being lower they may open up some possibilities.

I might even consider a small 5 or 10 pound tank as a backup. Something to either attach to camper or as a way to run a small heater radiant/catalytic heater in the camper.

I'm only going through all this now because like the old Trillium the 1977 Scamp I recently sold had a gravity heater and no electrical required propane fridge. So now I have to once again become familiar with all the modern conveniences in campers. So what is this "toilet paper" you speak of taking with you camping?

I live not to far from a grain elevator with a scale, catch them when they are not busy and it will be fairly easy to get some weights for trailer and tongue. I seem to recall with just trailer on scale difference between weight not hitched and hitched gives you tongue weight. Have been debating if I wanted to get a totally empty weight and in the end decided to go ahead and put gear in that would normally be in the camper. Empty weight doesn't matter. How much I can add to basic load out does matter.

I can calculate water weight, clothes, food, any specialty items I might take. If it is close I may want to get a second tongue weight just to double check that hasn't changed too much. I have to concern myself more with what I haul in the tow vehicle. Food & Coolers go there. Plus luggage carrier for folding chairs and some bulky items. Need to keep that plus tongue under weight capacity of vehicle. Independent of tow capacities.

I'm not going winter camping in the Scamp, gosh I thought everyone knew campers aren't for winter camping, tents are for winter camping. Been there, done that, got the patch for it.
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Name: John
Trailer: Scamp
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switch over regulator

Who has a good recommendation for a good switch over propane regulator? I have plenty of battery power with 100 ah and 100 watts of solar, but have had two bad dual regulators and am tired of my fridge turning off until I figure that the first tank ran out of propane.
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Old 08-11-2021, 11:15 AM   #27
Name: Ron
Trailer: 2004 trillium outback 13ft
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I “designed” what was up front on my Trlllium Outback to get the tongue weight I wanted. When I bought it, it had 2 tanks and 2 6v batts with 350# tongue wt. I wanted. 180-200. I replaced batteries with sealed gel-cells and located them under bed near axle, one on each side. That gave me room for a utility box up front. I normally just have one tank unless I plan to be far from refill opportunities. Works good for my TV, a subaru forester.
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Old 08-08-2023, 07:45 PM   #28
Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 2010 Scamp 16
Posts: 3,744
I need to post a picture of the final results. Moved the dual 20# propane tanks forward and switched the jack to a horizontal shaft so it wouldn't be hitting the tanks. Added two group 24 boxes side by side oriented long ways going front to back behind the tanks.

My tongue weight was low around 8% so the additional battery weight is welcome. I did have the shop that added the supports for the batteries add some extra reinforcement to the tongue and front frame. WDH will put some strain on the tongue.

I also had the brackets for the WDH welded in place instead of using a bolt against the side of the tungue to clamp them. Was also part of strengthening the tongue to help handle the stress of WDH.

The WDH was mostly to shift weight to the front wheels since my Escape is FWD and I could tell there was less steering traction in wind or bouncy roads even with the tongue weight down at 8% I get that up around 12% without the WDH and I don't think it would have been safe over 45 mph.

I haven't been able to really test the difference the WDH makes, I drove it back from the shop in a driving rain at low speed and haven't gone anywhere since. I measured the front bumper height and then with empty trailer hitched up when the WDH trunions were drawn tight the front returned to its normal height without the trailer. I may get a vehicle front axle weight without camper and then with camper and WDH just to confirm that the weight is properly distributed back to the front wheels as well as restoring the tow vehicle to level.

I had a manual switch over for propane. Dual group 24 batteries should yield about 70 to 80 amp hours of capacity. 100 watt solar should deliver about 5 amps per hour in good sunlight. Maybe 30 amps per day. I would be surprised if most days I used 30 amp hours but haven't used the camper for long enough to know.

I always figured even with a deficit in solar of say 10 amp hours per day I could go 6 days before I run out of juice. Probably be out of water by then unless I packed in good amount of extra. Definitely would be out of wife at 6 days of boondocking. Or if there wasn't sufficient power, propane and water to shower before heading back out to civilization.
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battery, propane

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