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I hope someone will save these items, restoring one of these RV's was fun and an educational experience. Here is what I had to do:
Items I found to be essential to rebuilding a Compact Jr.
1. Replacement of all screws around the windows. Elmer wood glue the ends of the replacement screws.

2. Using GE caulk or the like, weather seal all of the windows and anywhere else you find leaks.

3. Check your tire wells for damage and leaks. Fiber Glass repair gook will take care of any leaks.

4. Using a wire brush attached to a cordless drill; brush off the rust on the metal frame under the unit. Then paint with a rust REDUCING spray paint, it comes in cans. The major reason for failure for Compact Jrís is FRAME FAILURE!

5. Treat the Ĺ inch plywood bottom of the trailer with Thompsonís Water Seal. Yes, I know the wood is treated, but that was 36 years ago!

6. Remove and carefully examine the light and the AC electrical outlet in the unit which in on the Port side. THIS IS A FIRE HAZARD, IF YOU USE MORE THAN A 10 AMP LOAD ON THIS OUTLET.

7. Install two new electrical outlets in the unit, one below the icebox on the starboard side and one just above the drawer on the port side. Use three-wire romex and install in the circuit breaker box below the sink. Donít worry about going around the circuit breaker. There is a risk, but not much of one. Most plug inís at campgrounds have a circuit breaker where you plug in! Now you can run your mini-tv, microwave, electrical heater, additional lights, etc.

8. Replace your propane tank if a service station determines that the code number on the tank makes it ILLEGAL TO REFILL. When in doubt, spend the $29 for a new tank. Also, now tanks are mandated by Federal Law to have an OVERFILL valve. If your tank does not have it, get a new one and save your life. I would also use soapy water to check all connections from the tank to the stoves for leaks!

9. Pull out and replace the ENTIRE DC wiring harness from plug to rear tail lights. Use the correct guage wire for replacement and use the plastic protective cover and string the wire so that it OUT OF THE WAY!

10. Make sure that you have drill holes that allow you to stick those metal, push button retainer stems into holes to tie down the pop-top when it is IN THE DOWN POSITION. Those Jeep hood pull downs, two in front and one in back, are not replaceable and could (In a heavy wind) tear loose and therefore destroy your pop top by blowing it off the unit.

11. Build retainer protection wood covers for the taillights and the tube that drains your icebox. (That tube can flood the inside of the trailer).

12. Change out the doorknob on the back door with a schlage lock. Old units tend to fail which could lock you in your Compact Jr, until help arrives.

13. Replace the hose (water in) receptacle and the drain receptacle if they leak.

14. Check the hose from your water tank to the sink, carefully. If necessary replace the pump faucet. Clean out your tank with the green tablets you buy at any RV center. Make sure you rinse at least 3 times, however.

15. Check to make absolutely sure the main bolts, holding down the furniture inside the unit are bolted down to the frame TIGHTLY! If not tighten them before you have serious damage.

16. New tires and main wheel bearings. Make sure you grease the Main Wheel bearings and put on new tires with tread. Make sure they are inflated 80% of the max air pressure listed on the side of the tire.

Because this unit rarely weighs in at above 900 lbs, loaded and does not put much pressure on the tires, some owners donít check to see if they are any good.

17. Find yourself a jack that will allow you to change tires on the RV. I find that a Chevy Citation 1980-82 jack works just fine. Check at your local wrecking yard.

18. Sand down all rust spots under your gas-cooking stove and inside your heating stove and then re-paint with a heat resistant stove paint that is also a rust reducer.

19. Pull off your tail lights and check for corrosion and replace if necessary.

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Thanks for the documentation Bob It will be of great value to those looking to rebuild a Compact Jr. Stop by once and a while and let us know what you're up to... you've got friends on this forum
Donna D.
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