A flooring question - Fiberglass RV

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Okay, we know carpet and vinyl and wood of various sorts work for flooring. but.....
Has anyone tried the epoxy-type garage flooring? I was at the local RV show and the vendor had lots and lots of color options. He also said it could be drilled through, which would mean I could put this down first and then put in all the cabinets and stuff.

Wadda ya think? Aside from cost (which is comparable or a bit more to tile or really good vinyl). Do you think it would take the constant jarring and bumps being in an egg would require?
Just thinking out loud here.


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Bonnie, not sure if it is the same product that I saw being applied on a floor of the cafatiera, on a school I was working on.
They rolled out an epoxy with rollers on the floor,even about 5 inches up onto the walls to form a water tight seal where the bottom cement block was laid on cement floor
Then they sprinkled colored plastic chips and let them sink into the epoxy....When dried it gave a slight bumpy surface so not to be slippery when wet and a nice cheery look.
If the product you saw was like this I am sure it will give and move along with the floor and not crack if proper adheasion is achieved as the epoxy will become one with the matierial it is matched too.
Sounds like a great idea if it is the same product and if I had a mind to change what I got I would go this route.
Gerry the canoebuilder

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I'm going to paint mine! Check out this topic: Flooring, What have others used?

Lowe's carries the EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating. AT $70 I think it would be a great!

I've seen it with the base coat in gray or tan.
Donna D.
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My only concern with vinyl sealant would be if it wouldn't allow any trapped moisture in the flooring to escape. While it would go a long way of protecting your floor of any moisture from inside and I guess like a spray-on truck bedliner, it'd be super durable, but I just wonder it it may seal the floor too much.

I do know in home construction you have to allow wood floors & walls to "breathe", otherwise you're inviting dryrot or worse. An example is putting weatherseal on a wood deck, you apply it on top to keep rain from getting into the wood but you don't apply it to the underside of the deck to let the wood breathe.

Of course, that may not be the case with Fiberglass Eggs with floors made with fiberglass impregnated plywood, sealed fiberglass floors, ect.

My Scamp's carpeting was totally nasty when I got it, so I pulled it up and replaced it with interlocking faux hardwood flooring. It's was just so easy to install and looks great. I bought a lesser priced grade of flooring that was closeout priced at Lowes for $24 for a 6 sq. ft. pack. Two packs floored my Scamp with leftovers. Took one day to install & trim. It has a blond oak veneer that closely matched the Scamps stock dinette table veneer.

I can sweep it clean in a minute. I never could understand why have wall to wall carpet when a little area rug is so much easier to maintain...just take it outside and shake the dust out, wash it with a gardenhose & a bit of laundry soap, rinse and let dry in the sun.

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I looked at some in Cosco. I thought it would be a nice product. I think it would sure be easy to clean.
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Like Bob, I found a Vinyl laminate simulated wood strip flooring at HD. Two cartons(approx $80) did the whole deal with leftover for any repairs. It is called Trafficmaster Dimensions Allure and it is a phenomenal product for RV use. After a year with the floor and heavy usage with two kids I can attest to it's ease of cleaning, and durability. It was a breeze to install and took about 4 hours for the entire trailer. The strips are about 8" wide and about 4' long. You just score it with a razorblade and snap. The tabs lock together with an adhesive that is already on the tabs.

I'd be a bit nervous with the epoxy garage coating as it is made to adhere to porous concrete and if the concrete isn't prepared properly and scored with a diamond floor pad prior to application, it can peel up and flake in a very short time. Not really sure that plywood would be a proper surface for adhesion and longevity not to mention the issues Bob brought up. Just my rambling thoughts.
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I've started painting floor cloths. It's the poor man's rugs from the 1500's or so. I've decided to make one for the main part of the floor in the Casita. Rip out the carpet, it'll save some poundage too.

Take a canvas drop cloth from the hardware store, cheap. Look in the "oops" paint supply for cheap, tasteful paint or pick your own. Put a primer layer on, I've used Kilz. Paint, with house paint, whatever your artistic whim is on the rest. I have also been putting on a clear coat to protect the final masterpiece. Install as free floating or put some double sided carpet tape around the edges and pop into place. Something kinda weird I've discovered, house paint has a nice thickness, it feels pretty neat to finger paint with it. Get that tactile thingy going.

Bored? Do another. It's cheap. Have the kids do something fun.


a quick note, I painted a couple floor cloths for my Vets new office. Over a year of people and pet traffic and they are still going strong. As you can imagine, they get tons of cleaning too.

Here's two pics (I hope), one of my Vet sitting on one in place. The other is my dog showing off her footprints painted across the cloths. Let me tell you, she wasn't too pleased having paint on her paws...

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