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Thinking ahead to this spring, I'm thinking that my Scamp is 3.5 years old and I've had it for the 1/2 year and I don't know what maintenance has been done. I crawled under it and it said Al Ko on the axle and on the end it has Al ko on a rubber plug. I pulled the rubber plug out and there is a zerk fitting. Can anyone tell by this description if the bearing I see in the RV section at Wally world are the right ones? Just thought I would have a spare set. I thought also, that I would get some bearing grease and shoot some in the zerk fitting. Does it some out around back or near zerk where I can I see that I have put enough in? I this what I see called EZLube?
I've search the postings and I'm still confused. Also, recommendations for particular grease other than "bearing grease"?
Really hate to keep asking all these questions but you guys seem to know so much about these things and I'm learning. Please be patient.
By the way, last year just before freezing time here I bought a fitting to go in the city water connetion to blow the lines out and then read I may have missed some drip loops in the lines so I went ahead and put 6 gallons of RV antifreeze in. (didn't get around to putting in a water heater bypass). Recently I thought since all the water is gone, I might as well take the airgun and blow the antifreeze out of the faucets back into the jugs and save it for next year. Seems reasonable to me and I thoght maybe I would put it in the freezer for awhile to make sure it isn't water diluted. What do you think there? OK? Hate to throw it away at about $3/gallon.

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Until others pop in, take a look at the Helpful-Links page for info on your axle:

Helpful-Links - Axles & Running Gear


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E-Z Lube is a Dexter tradename, while Al-Ko calls theirs the AG Hub Lubrication System, but I believe that it is functionally the same thing. I suggest a look at these websites (which are from within the sites listed in the Helpful-Links section suggested by Donna) to determine if this is what you have and how you should maintain it.
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Did you drain the hot water heater?

If you didn't then you may have some water in the heater and hot water lines. The hot water bypass is a great idea because you drain the heater then turn on the bypass then blow out the lines.

You can winterize with less than 3 gallons if you don't have to fill the hot water tank.

Antifreze in the gray water lines is necessary as you don't want water freezing and breaking your drains and toilet.
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Chris: This is the procedure that i use on my easy-lube axles.

I jack up the wheel that i am going to grease. I use synthetic grease because it is not water soluable. As i spin the wheel i slowly pump grease in to the zerk. The grease will go into the bearings and come out the front by the zerk. When i see clean fresh grease come out i wipe off the excess and replace the cap.

As to the winterizing I go through several steps on all of my camperss. First i drain the hotwater heater. then i turn the bypass. I put a blowout fitting on the city water inlet and blow 40 psi air through the water system opening one faucet at a time to remove as much of the water as possible.

Then i attach a garden hose to the city water inlet and pour antifreeze in to the hose then attach the blow out fitting to the hose. Using the 40psi air i blow antifreeze through the system opening one faucet at a time untill i see antifreeze come out. Then i pour antifreeze into all of the drains.

I hope this helps. I have never had any frozen pipe damage even with 55 below zero temps.

Harv in Colo.
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Unless you plan to completely repack your bearings it is important to use the same type of grease that is presently in the hubs. There are several types that are suitable but they may not be compatible. You can tell the type by its color. Black grease is lithium based and contains molybdenum disulfide. If it is red, it is regular lithium based grease. What ever you use, make sure that it has "NLGI No. 2" printed on the tube. Waterproof grease is designed for boat trailers and would work fine but I have never seen it used as original on this type of axle.
Let me repeat what Harvey said. With this type of lube system, it is important to pump grease in until new grease comes out. Otherwise, you just end up moving old grease from the inside bearing to the outer bearing. Pump the grease in slowly as you rotate the tire. You don't want to put too much pressure on the rear seal.
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Craig-- what I can see of the grease looks almost green. Very dark, definitely not red. So I guess it is "Black grease is lithium based and contains molybdenum disulfide." and I'll look for "NLGI No. 2" . Jack it up and spin it as I pump slowly.
Darwin- I did drain the hot water heater and hopefully this year I will get a bypass put in. I also put some in the drain traps. Like the idea of blowing the anti-freeze in from the city wate connection. Afraid I will have to flush the fresh water tank a few times to get rid of the taste.
Still can't figure out from the links as to which bearings go on this axle.

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