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Name: Jeff
Trailer: JAYCO Granite Ridge
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Led lighting issues

I have a Jayco Granite Ridge on a Ford 450 chassis. Lost my brake lights. Thought it was the blown fuse. Replaced fuse after several fuses everything seemed ok but i had a tailight out on the right rear outer. THought that as long as i was replacing bulb might as well put in all LEDs. Now turn signals blink rapidly. Worse yet is that the side marker on drivers side comes on when i brake. If headlights off seems to work but blinks rapidly on either turn signal and side marker comes on. If head lights are on along with side markers then cruise control wont work. I attribut that to the marker feeding back intot he brake light circuit causing the crusie to disengage. Dilemma is how to correct problem and where? Please help


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Name: Z
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This forum focuses on trailers, and all-molded fiberglass trailers specifically.

When it comes to lighting issues, I always check grounds first.

Beyond that, I know with many older vehicles people have the fast blinker problem when they install LEDs because the vehicle was built with incandescent bulbs in mind. The reason blinkers historically started blinking fast is because they sense that the bulb is dying, and it alerts you that it's time to replace bulb.

I won't have my terms completely right but because LEDs draw so little power, the relay (? maybe) for the blinkers actually thinks your bulb is dying, so you get the same fast blinking as when an incandescent bulb is dying. There is some way to correct this...but it's not an issue I had so I never learned.

So I guess I have no real answers for you
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Scamp 13
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When things get squirrley check the ground side of the circut. Lights searching for grounds will light up other lights trying to connect to ground. With 12 volt dc lights if you hook them cross wired they will still light with led lights they will not usually light if hooked up backwards.
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Need to install a resistor on the wires feeding the lamp. They make them for that problem. Check out YouTube.

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Name: Steve
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NW Wisconsin
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On my wife’s car when you were in cruise and turned on the left turn signal the car would suddenly drop out of cruise . The problem was that the rear left lamp was bad . Replaced lamp with proper lamp and problem was cured
I think Zacho is on the right track , your vehicle was not designed for LED lamps
I would remove the LED lamps and replace them with the standard lamps that came with the vehicle and see what happens . The resistance of the LED lamp may be fooling the computer into thinking the lamp is burned
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Name: Paul
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Agree with Steve. Put the incandescent bulbs back in. The flasher control does not seem to work based on the on-off time. Rather it works on the amount of current (heating, I suspect) that is created when the current is drawn. LED bulbs comparable to the incandescents draw about 1/4 of the current, which is wonderful, when you want to slow down the coach battery drain. Everything highway related on your camper is driven by the TV alternator. You would never be able to measure the amount of gasoline you save by replacing the brake, or other lights with LED's. Do replace the incandescents with LED's in your camper, so your battery lasts longer while parked or camping. Leave the others alone.
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Name: Gordon
Trailer: 2015 Scamp (16 Std Layout 4) with '15 Toyota Sienna LE Tug
North Carolina
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Originally Posted by mszabo View Post
Need to install a resistor on the wires feeding the lamp. They make them for that problem. ..
Or a flasher that works for LEDs or incandescents... https://www.superbrightleds.com/blog...%20being%20out.
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Name: Bob
Trailer: Casita - 2019 SD17
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Originally Posted by mszabo View Post
Need to install a resistor on the wires feeding the lamp. They make them for that problem. Check out YouTube.

mszabo is correct. The turn signal blinker speed is a factor of the resistance of the turn signal system. That is why when one of your lights burn out, the resistance changes and thus changing your turn signal blinker speed. Replacing the high resistance incandescent lights with LED lights changed that resistance.

Grounds are also a factor or shorts in the wiring.

From your description, it may be that you have multiple problems with your electrical system.

To trouble shoot the problem(s), replace all of the LEDs temporarily with the old incandescent lights. Resolve your other problems one by one. Then put the LEDs back in. All you should be dealing with now will be the speed of the blinkers.

There may be a blinker module designed for LEDs which you can install to replace the old module. Check online with third party suppliers. I am sure you are not the only one with this issue. Also check with the service department at your local dealership. They may be able to give you some answers. Keep in mind they will give you the answers that suit their bottom line. Occasionally though, you will get an honest mechanic who will give you straight answers.

Remember "Where there is a will, there is a way". Nay sayers often push me to accomplish what I am told is impossible. That is why our country became a great nation. A lot of nay sayers and a lot of people proving them wrong.

Best wishes with resolving your electrical system challenges.
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Name: star
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South Carolina
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You just need a LED flasher module for your turn signals, check your local parts store. Something like this https://www.autozone.com/electrical-...450-super-duty
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Name: Natalie
Trailer: ford
Posts: 63
I want to buy an rv awining light for my rv. Does anyone have any suggestions about this?
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light, lighting

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