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Hi all,
I have a question regarding a storage modification that I have been thinking about. I like to have all of my 'things' in a certain place, probably my OCD kicking in at this old age. I have been thinking of having a modification done to the rear of the Casita at the bumper. Perhaps adding some kind of metal support, welded to the bumper, upon which I can place some outside storage box, maybe like the ones that are in truck beds....something on that line. That way all of my 'things' will be readily available and won't clog up the Casita living area. Will this affect the tongue weight in a negative way? Will it defeat the purpose of having a small trailer? I am talking about storage of 2 camping rockers, the BBQ, odds and ends, nothing huge. We have been using electric and water at sights and usually don't have the water tanks filled.
Any ideas on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Lorraine and David:

Storage is a problem in the small 'egg' trailers, but adding anything to the rear bumper is a risk. You're right, it'll add weight and give you a 'teeter totter' effect when towing. More importantly it'll "shake-n-break". Keep in mind you are liable for damage caused by anything falling from your trailer into the roadway (if they catch ya):chased .

I added a box on one motorhome and it was successful ONLY after drilling thru the back of the motorhome in two places and bolting a brace which ran down to the frame holding the box. Vibration will eventually get to any cantilevered platform and on a 'bumper pull type trailer' you get more sway and bouncing. :cblob

Store your stuff in (or on top) the tow vehicle.:drillsrgt


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Lockable plastic storage box?

If I remember correctly, Casita (the factory) has a bicycle rack option which connects to the rear bumper via a receiver hitch. As long as your storage box weight is equal to or less than a bicycle rack with a couple of bicycles, you should be ok. Attach it the same way; platform - storage box via rear receiver hitch; narrower the better.

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storage box on the bumper

Well, at the risk of sounding like a smarty pants, I'm gonna say:

I've hauled motorcycles on the front bumper of two vehicles, bicycles hung on the back of several (coast to coast). Towed a motorcycle with a VW beetle. Built a platform on the back of a van. A storage box and tandem bike carrier on a motorhome. Built several utility trailers. I've seen a lot a stuff going down the road hanging on the back of RVs, and am aware of what's offered to get your dollar, but regarding your question:

Don't do it, it's not safe!

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Bumper mounted bike rack testimonials...


10-13-02 "FWIW, I bolted on a receiver in the same manner Carol had her's welded on. This is similar in design to the bolt-on rack Casita, Camping World, etc. all sell. The rack I use, a Yakima, is heavier than the one Carol shows on her rig and I'm estimating the total weight of my load was around 100-110lbs, but the lever action the bumper is significantly more.
That said, I used it with two bikes on the rack for a 250 mile trip to a local park a couple of weeks ago, essentially four hours or so on the road.

I was concerned from the start that the bumper would flex against the frame mounts since they are just stuck into the bumper and don't support it from underneath.

Well, I was checking things today and unfortunately what I was afraid might happen, did. When looking inside the bumper where it is attached to the frame you can see where the weld has flex and is failing."...Ralph San Antonio.

2-17-02 "Aloha All, Have found a solution to my Bike Rack problem. We have a Hollywood bike rack which fits the 2 inch receiver for the hitch and allows us to take 2 bikes along for the ride. We now can take them with the Casita.
Charles & Barbara

<img src= bumper bike rack reciever.jpg/>
10-13-02 "Yes, we should have listened to you, Don. Checked and it did have a crack. Roof top is the way to go. This site is great for all."

The above was borrowed from another website, but in the interest of safety, I hope it's OK.

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storage space

Well that's exactly why I asked...cause I needed a 'smarty pants'to tell me that if I (a novice) am thinking it could be a bad idea, it probably IS a bad idea. ;) I don't like the thought of bolting, screwing, nailing or otherwise making holes in the Casita like I do in the walls at home. I just get bigger pictures to cover the mess I make while decorating, don't want to crack the 'egg'.
Thanks so much for all the advice, most appreciated. I do have a luggage rack on the top of the tow vehicle; I'll do as suggested and use that (and maybe take less junk).
Nasty picture of the damage caused by that modification. Think I'll just leave well enough alone.
Thanks again and yes, this IS an awesome site.


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