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Trailer: 2000 Casita Spirit Deluxe 16 ft
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Hi: I have a 16' Casita SD that does not have a fan, but I want to add one. It is not prewired for one, and the factory told me I need to fish the wire through with a coat hanger. Has anyone done this and can help me with specifics, so I do not ruin my Casita?

Thanks in advance, I hope,

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Trailer: 2000 19 ft (formerly 17 ft) Casita Freedom Deluxe ('Nuestra Casita') / 2000 4WD V8 Tundra
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MikeAg, My 2000 FD was pre-wired for a fan, it seems strange that your 2000 isn't. I'm not positive, but I think , in our case, the power was picked up from the lighting circuit over the side dinette. It was not possible to see the wires until the vent was removed completely and they were tucked into the foam insulation between fiberglass and carpet on the side of the vent opening closest to the side dinette.
If they really are not in existence, then the way I'd do it is to remove the existing vent so the edge of the carpet is exposed. Use a straightened coat hanger which is long enough to reach into the cabinet over the dinette. Very carefully push the end through the foam insulation between the carpet and roof, starting with the side of the vent opening closest to the dinette. Once it has appeared inside the cabinet, fold the end of the hanger (in the vent opening) at about a 45 degree angle approx. 2 1/2" from the end. Then fold it back again so there is about a 1/4" jog in the wire. Now fold the remaining part of the same end of the wire so it forms a fairly tight hook to hold the 2 strands of electrical wire. The end of the hook should line up with the straight part of the hanger so the hook will not catch on the foam insulation. The electrical wire should be placed through the hook, doubled over so a 3" loop is formed. The loop should be squeezed tightly so it will follow the hanger without a lot of resistance. Start wrapping electrical tape around the wires overlapping as you go, until you have covered about 3" of the coat hanger. If memory serves, one length each of black and white #14 wire was used. The lengths should be long enough to reach from the vent opening to the splice location plus about 6" extra. The fun begins! Start pulling the hanger inside the cabinet bending it as necessary so it doesn't get caught in the cabinet. Stop when the electrical wire appears.
At this point, the difficult part has been accomplished.
The job is easier if you have someone to assist by feeding the electric wires as you pull on the coat hanger.
Congratulate yourself, follow the directions that come with the Fantastic Fan and connect the wires in the cabinet, and you'll be done. Check the Casita wiring diagram to locate which wires to splice.
Enjoy the mod process!
Kurt & Ann K.

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Name: Gina D.
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To prevent big smoke, big smells and possibly some laundry issues with your undergarments, I strongly suggest you do NOT forget to disconnect your battery before fishing out wires.

Don't ask me how I know this....
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Trailer: 2000 Casita Spirit Deluxe 16 ft
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Thanks so much to you all for the help! I have not taken the vent apart yet, so I can't confirm that I am not prewired for this.

I think Jonathan at the factory was saying to fish the coat hanger towards the back, to the long cabinet back there. I can't say for sure, as I was freaking out about the thought of pushing a coat hanger around. If I go towards the back, I don't have to negotiate that dreadful curve or two to get to the light over the side dinette. The one in the back is pretty much a straight shot. What do you think?

Thanks so much,
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It was more work than expected when I put a Fantastic Fan in my Burro ceiling but thankfully not because of wiring. Because of the double hull, fishing for the wire with a coat hanger probably wouldn't have been too difficult.

Matching the fan interior frame bezel to the shaped Burro ceiling was my hang-up. Since the fan body is made to fit the thickest of walls (over 2 inches) I had to cut the interior trim down, but the dropped-in fan body still hung down too far into the coach. I called the mfg up and complained and they sent me a spacer (not included in the original shipment,) free. But because of the Burro ceiling curves it still required my own custom wooden spacers.
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Trailer: 2007 17 ft Casita Spirit Deluxe
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I had the same problem with a simple Jensen style vent I just installed. The Burro roof is something like 1/2" or less thick. I too had to cut down the 'garnish' as they call it to fit my roof. I did not need a spacer but it was touch and go because if you break the plastic piece while cutting it, the vent just became more expensive as you have to reorder an item.

I screwed mine in feeling real good about how clean of a job I did only to find out when I tried to finished it off there was an issue. Lucky for me it worked out without pulling the vent off or it would have destroyed it as the butyl tape is mucho strong.

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Trailer: 2000 19 ft (formerly 17 ft) Casita Freedom Deluxe ('Nuestra Casita') / 2000 4WD V8 Tundra
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Gina makes a very valid point. Heeding her advice may save grief in the future.
It sounds as if you are using the location where an AC unit normally goes. We have AC and a vent. Our vent is in the forward location.
Fishing towards the rear may very well be the best option for you. I still think you'll find the wiring when the inside vent trim is removed.
Pray before you start to prevent cussin' later.
Kurt & Ann K.
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Trailer: 1996 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17 ft
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I am also planning to put in a Fantastic fan in my 96 Casita SD17 with front air. If I am following this discussion correctly, you run the wire from the vent to the left rear of the trailer to avoid the hump in the roof? If this is done, does the wire show a bulge in the roofline? This would be something I want to avoid. Before I read this discussion I was planning to run the wire directly to the left side of the trailer, around the hump somehow, and into the storage bin.
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Fiberglass Friends,
I too want a FF in our 13 Scamp.Scamp factory (Kent)suggested just running the wire on the surface and cover it with a strip of "rat fur" . Has any Scamp owners done it and how did it turn out?Maybe this could be adapted to a Casita. Happy Holidays !!
Tony and Darlene (mt_horebites)

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