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Name: Debra
Trailer: Scotty but in the market for Fiberglass
Posts: 8
Parkliner 2013 Tires

I think I know why my Parkliner is towing poorly. It has light truck tires instead of trailer tires. My 2013 Parkliner had the problem of the tires rubbing on the fiberglass wheel well. The previous owner had them reshaped to fit. I wonder if my smaller than standard tires were an attempt to make them fit the opening better.

Does anyone on here with a 2013, who has not jacked it up, have tire recommendations?

On now:
185/R14 LT 102/100P max load 1875 65 PSI Nexen brand for light trucks.

Tires that were in the brochure:

thanks! Debra
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Name: Michael
Trailer: Trail Cruiser
Posts: 763
I bought a trailer a few years back that came with Walmart tires. They looked new but were terrible for towing. The rubber was soft and thin and the trailer felt like it constantly wobbled.
I had two used HD truck tires and decided to give them a try. World of difference! Trailer was stable and solid on the road.
I don't like "wimpy" tires. I use the same tires on my Ranger as I do on my 3/4 diesel.
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Name: Bill
Trailer: Parkliner 2013
North Carolina
Posts: 25
Parkliner Tires

Hi Debra,

We also have a 2013 Parkliner. Originally our camper had larger, bias-ply tires. When the tires-rubbing-on-ParkLiners issue came up I looked closely and found that mine were also rubbing ever so slightly. Ours also was towing poorly. I took it back to the factory and Chandler checked it out. When he designed the Parkliner he used the dimensions of the bias-ply tire. It turns out that the tire dimensions can vary somewhat between tires and he had evidently used a smaller example of the same tire to design the camper. He also had welded the axle to the frame. This was counter to the instructions that the axle manufacturer gave. Our axle had broken down as a result. Evidently the heat from the welding compromised the internal rubber component in the axle. When I got the camper back it had a new axle bolted on and thereafter he said that all axles would be bolted on and not welded. He also had installed the smaller Nexen radiel light truck tires. All of this was in the spring/summer of 2013. We have had no problem with the Nexen tires at all. They were on the camper when we towed it to Alaska in 2014 and gave excellent service up until March 2020 when I replaced the old Nexen tires with new Nexen tires. Very unfortunately the pandemic hit shortly after I got the new tires and the camper hasn't moved since. It will be moving shortly, however as we are ready to "hit the road."

I am not a tire expert. But I did look on-line at the rationale for putting bias-ply tires on a towed vehicle and the benefit seems to be that they can help minimize trailer swaying. With the radial tires we experienced zero trailer sway, better gas mileage and pretty nearly effortless towing. Some of that could have been due to the axle replacement. Anyway, my experience suggests that the small radial tires are not the only reason for your towing problem. Many things (for us, the axle) can contribute such as insufficient tongue weight, unbalanced tire pressure, speed, and so forth. I would suggest that you take your Parkliner to a place that does RV maintenance and ask them what causes the issues you are experiencing. Hope this is helpful,

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Old 04-26-2021, 10:01 AM   #4
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Name: Allen
Trailer: Park Liner
Posts: 4
Hi Debra,

I think we talked about the subject on the Facebook group. I recently got a 2014 Parkliner and it towed very good in my opinion but I still decided to take a closer look after I got home because I new the trailer was parked for sometime. The breaks were not working and were rusted and also the bearings were pretty bad with lots of play. All of that contributes to poor towing. I replaced everything new and now it feels great, break distance is shorter and smoother and it drives awesome.
My tires were good but they were old, so I installed new Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire - ST205/75R14 LRD/8ply but I did not have rubbing issues. I checked the clearance after install and it looks pretty good everywhere. I took some pictures to compare in the future if there is any deviation.
In your case maybe you should stick to the tires you had previously and check the trailer wheel hub assembly, or have an RV mechanic check it for you. If you do it yourself you will need a new grease seal if you dissemble it. They are pretty cheap and is relatively easy to do.
If you are going to try the bigger tires (205/75R14), maybe just buy one and mount it on the spare and replace one side, no need to move the trailer, just lift it. Then look for the clearance and if all looks good take it for a short spin and recheck it again after that. I think you should be able to return the tire if there is a problem. I paid $12 for installing each tire on my area. The axle status has a lot to do with that too. If it is sagging you will probably need the smaller tires.
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Name: Debra
Trailer: Scotty but in the market for Fiberglass
Posts: 8
Bill how can I tell if my axel is welded on or bolted?

Thanks for your detailed message!

Coming home from the trip this weekend it was not towing well. I have a "clam" and moved it from the back of my Ranger truck toward the back of the trailer and it was a good deal better. For some reason when it is acting up, moving the weight to the back has helped. Still, it bothers me that it can be so touchy over 40 lb. There was no water in it.
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Name: Bill
Trailer: Parkliner
North Carolina
Posts: 8
Parkliner tires

My Parkliner is a 2013 and I replaced original tires with 195-75R14 Radials. Plenty of clearance and tows great. I bought it used and know of no axle modifications. My TV is a 2012 Odyssey and that works great, too.
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Name: Debra
Trailer: Scotty but in the market for Fiberglass
Posts: 8
As an update, I did get trailer tires installed 205/175 R14 and it made a world of difference based on the 15 miles between home and the trailer shop. I am looking forward to taking it out in June. Thanks for all the input!
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parkliner, tires

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