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Name: Cathy
Trailer: 1985 Bigfoot 19 w gaucho bed
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Payment for a trailer

I have a dilemma I am hoping someone out there has had experience with. In my attempts to sell my Escape 15' and posting it on craigslist (as well as here) I am getting messages from people that tell me they are out of the country but am willing to buy my trailer sight unseen. Trouble is they want to pay through PayPal. Now while I have used PayPal in the past for purchases I have made from eBay, I have not ever received money into my PayPal account. Does the buyer need anything other than my name? They are asking for all sorts of information from me which right off I didnít do because it makes me nervous. One woman (and I don't even know if it is a woman) says she is in the Air Force overseas and wants my PayPal account number. I told her cash only. She says she has a courier that can come and sign papers. I told her if she had a courier they could bring cash. Am I being to cautious and paranoid? I would like to sell my trailer but I do not want my identity stolen. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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I would ignore all of those. If someone really wants your trailer, they will come and get it and bring cash with them. I've accepted small deposits via PayPal before for cars and motorcycles and such but never the whole payment. Stick with your gut, it's telling you something!

"The babbling that I brook." - Pink Floyd

1991 Scamp 16'
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Trailer: 1991 Scamp 16 ft
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As far as giving you a payment (such as for a deposit) all they need is your email address. If anyone is asking for more than that, it's a problem.
"The babbling that I brook." - Pink Floyd

1991 Scamp 16'
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Name: chad
Trailer: 1975 Scamp- Super Cozy Ambulatory Mega Party, 1980 Boler B1500 15'
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You would be asking for trouble if you deal any way other than cash in person. Craigs is full of scammers and automated "bots" that respond to your ad with something like "is the item still available?". You should not even email them in return. Once you do, your email address is a target for spam and viruses. gOOD luCk!
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Fraud scheme --- run fast


I have seen the other side of the "military" scheme. A friend of mine sent me a photo of a Scamp trailer that she wanted to buy and said that the owner was within a couple days of deploying overseas with the Air Force. As soon as I saw the price I went online and found where the ad she was looking at was posted as a fradulent one by someone who had come within a slim margin of losing their money.

Please be careful, they wanted to use PayPal as well and would have you talk to their courier also. Said they were too busy getting ready to leave to show the trailer. I'm not saying it's always bad to use PayPal but with the description that you gave, me thinks you really need to steer clear of this. Stick to your "in person cash" requirement.
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Trailer: Trillium 4500
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Way to many scammers on Craigs list. All of my CL listings say in bold print- Green, american, cash money ONLY! Please post your phone # in response to this add, I WILL NOT RESPOND TO E-MAILS.
This seems to work. Scammers and scambots won't give you a phone #, but someone who wants your camper will in a heartbeat!
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Name: Bob
Trailer: 1973 Hunter Compact II
Posts: 7,912
Some Tips about Distance & C/L Selling that have worked for me:

I always verify any incoming emails before responding to them. If you right click on the senders address and ask for Details and it will tell you where it came from. You can bet that someone with an email address of is a scammer.

I always use PayPal to send or receive Deposits only. All you have to give them is the email address you use and that's all. The money should appear within a few minutes and you will get an email from PayPal. PayPay DOES NOT want it's system used for full payment on vehicles etc.

Courriers, overpayments, escrow deals etc are always scammers, don't even respond. Same for emails that don't mention the item by name. When you reply to a c/l email your email address is collected for future scams.

Some sellers I know keep seperate "disposable" email addresses to use in ads and dump them every few months.

I have been buying and selling stuff on C/L and eBay for years and have had very few problems, but I do get hit by scammers on almost every C/L ad I post. You should put a room for rent up on C/L if you want to attract the scammers that want to send you a years rent in advance etc....

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Name: jim
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Stay away from foreign transactions. They will get access to your paypal personal information, send an incorrect wire, ask you to send them the difference back and later find out the wire was fraudulent and you are out your money. They even offer to pay you extra for your time, do not fall for this.
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Trailer: Trillium 4500
Posts: 163
I've been trying to think up a scam-a-scamer-double reverse-these are not the droids you're looking for-scam. You know; play along, act dumb, get em' hooked, get a little somthin' from them cause they know the big pay off is comming....
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Name: Daniel A.
Trailer: Bigfoot 17.0 1991 dlx
British Columbia
Posts: 682
Scammers !!!!

Only deal with money systems you understand even cash could be phony.

You always want to talk to the person your dealing with, I've done many deals between Canada and the USA over the years on ebay all have worked out well.
Postal money orders are best but they do have limits.
Someone spending that much money would be working with you providing you with plenty of information that you can verify.
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Name: Charles
Trailer: In The Market
Posts: 10
I was hit by same USAF Female Sgt Scam or one similar. I did not respond. It to was on CL. Be very Careful.
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Name: Michael
Trailer: Li'l Hauley
Posts: 5,892
Cathy, don't even give those people the time of day, let alone any of your info. They will take you for all they can.
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Name: Roy
Trailer: 1972 boler American and 1979 Trillium 4500
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If you want to play it safe, set up a deposit as a buy it now on ebay, while reserving the right to cancel because the item is for sale locally. The listing could be for some obscure part of the trailer that no one would dream of paying for. Like $250.00 for a wheel lug. Payment by Paypal only. All they need is the item #, give them up to 1/2 hour to buy it. If they don't cancel the listing (pricing error or sold locally).
Once you've got the deposit you close the deal with a real person as you would locally.

What that does is make them have access to 2 accounts to be legit. 1 for ebay and 1 for paypal. You then ship the wheel lug to a verified address, signature required.
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Cathy Gale's Avatar
Name: Cathy
Trailer: 1985 Bigfoot 19 w gaucho bed
Posts: 107
Thank you all for confirming what I thought and felt all along. It felt like a scam and it most likely is. I too would like to scam the scammers. If I think of a good plan I'll let you know.
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Name: Donna D
Trailer: Escape 5.0 TA, 2014
Posts: 25,064
run away!!
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Name: Rick
Trailer: 1971 Boler 13' / 2020 Ford Escape SEL AWD 2.0
Posts: 980
I agree with Donna D, if it does not feel right it probally isn't.

Think about it for a second, Why would someone want to buy your trailer and ship it overseas, when there are lots of campers for sale on thier own continent. Not even counting in the shipping cost which in most cases makes the purchase not worth the cost alone.

Never mind buyers be wear, it should really be Sellers be wear. If they are serious they will come and buy it in person even if they have to travel some to get it.
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Name: Cathy
Trailer: 1973 Love Bug '13
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No point in stooping to their level. What goes around comes around.
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Name: Bob Ruggles
Trailer: 2015 Escape
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The daughter of friends buys & sells trailers on ebay. Once sent a travel trailer to Australia. The fellow sold it and told her he'd like another. She also sent a motorcycle to Europe. FWIW.
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Name: kootenai girl
Trailer: 2010 Escape 17B
British Columbia
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I had an unusual situation and actually sold my Scamp 16 to someone who was living in Paris BUT he was there for a year, actually had a house near Calgary. We spoke several times by phone, negociated a price AND the he had his brother in law come down to look at the trailer and eventually pick it up. He did send me money through my bank but all he needed for that was my email address. Actually really smooth transaction and I never felt uncomfortable at any point, I think that is the key. I also googled his name etc.
Most of the scams you can tell right away and therefore don't ever respond.
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Name: Gary
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 43
Been there done that

All I got were scams when trying to buy or sell anything on Craigslist. I was looking for a Scamp for years and all I saw were scams. I blogged about it at My Scamp Fiberglass Egg Camper

look for Scamps and Scams on the blog.

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