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Old 06-09-2007, 10:30 PM   #1
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Trailer: 75 Boler
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Hello All,

Just bought a 75 Boler today and joined this forum. I've been avidly searching this forum for hours now. Great site!!

Here's the good news:

- I have an empty 75 Boler

Click image for larger version

Name:	boler1.jpg
Views:	29
Size:	19.5 KB
ID:	8232

- The gent I bought it from spent a lot of time and effort on the frame

Click image for larger version

Name:	boler2.jpg
Views:	49
Size:	26.3 KB
ID:	8233

- Notice that he reinforced the back with extra tubing and added a receiver back there while he was at it (e.g. can add a bike rack very easily)
- He really beefed up the hitch as well
- Welded on hand cranked scissor jacks in the rear - sweet!
- I have the fiberglass seats, closet, rear shelf (from what I've seen so far these seem to be rare), poly water tank, windows (tinted) and cushions for the main bed (stinky)
- My wife, whose idea of roughing it is ordering room service, thinks its cute and was actually out there today scrubbing walls

The bad news (or maybe its good news):

- I have an empty 75 Boler

Click image for larger version

Name:	boler3.jpg
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Size:	19.8 KB
ID:	8234

- Not an inch of wiring, tubing, hose in it
- No kitchen counter/vanity - Do have the cabinet above though
- No stove, refridgerator, etc.

What I could use some help with:

- I currently have a 4 pin on my vehicle. Should I change this to a 7?
- I can easily wire the lights - 4 pin

Click image for larger version

Name:	boler4.jpg
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Size:	17.5 KB
ID:	8235

- What do I buy to wire the rest?

Click image for larger version

Name:	boler5.gif
Views:	51
Size:	22.2 KB
ID:	8236

- Inverter...Converter...Circuit Breaker...Fuse Panel...outlets....if you have them; what size/type and where are they mounted?
- How are all of these wired together - did you secretly do a diagram?
- How is the water tank mounted underneath?
- Where do the water lines run in yours (City, Gravity, Tank, Sink - a diagram would be nice)? Tell me, please, just how big is your.....sink?
- Where do the LP lines run?

Please let me see your guts! Send or post pics, please. I've seen bits and pieces elsewhere.

I'm not a big propane fan in small enclosed spaces (I know, I know, I know - please don't tell Hank Hill) so I think I'm just going to use LP for cooking. I'm sort of liking the dorm fridge idea. I don't think I'll need a heater - here in Minnesota if its not below zero its a nice day out and if it is below zero, why aren't you playing hockey or ice fishing? I believe I'll be relying heavily on AC connections at campsites.

If I've missed a post that has already discussed some of these, by all means, point out my newbie ways and post the link.

Thank you in advance for your prompt and detailed replies.

No really, Thanks!

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Old 06-10-2007, 03:28 AM   #2
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Name: Gerry
Trailer: 1979 Boler 1300 / 1991 Casita Freedom Deluxe
Posts: 1,657
Bob, sounds like your going to need loads of time to get er ready, but Lady-Bug, our 80 Boler 13ft, is still taken days of work after owning for 2 years.
The only thing I can show you is my rewireing job for the main wires.
Go to

The trailer was a nest of wires when I got it and it took 4 days to sort it all out.
Just this past year I moved the battery box out from under read bench to tongue and then installed a 7 pin connector so while driveing to and from campgrounds I have the extra wire in there to charge onboard battery.
More photo's of other improvements I have made may be helpful are here.

Good luck and I know this site and also Bolerama will help in all aspects of the job
Gerry the canoebuilder

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Old 06-10-2007, 06:10 AM   #3
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Name: Donna D
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Glad you joined us Bob!

I can offer some info...on the left navigation bar near the bottom is the Document Center...inside you'll find a treasure trove of info. For instance, this link will take you to the wiring diagram for a Scamp...which really is just a newer Boler.
Scamp Wiring Diagram
Donna D.
Ten Forward - 2014 Escape 5.0 TA
Double Yolk - 1988 16' Scamp Deluxe
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Old 06-10-2007, 09:17 AM   #4
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Trailer: 73 Boler 13 ft
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Morning to ya. A Boler-thinkin' weekend, it seems! Bob, your questions are going to receive lots of answers to my questions as well. Gerry, the canoe builder-your photos gave me lots of ideas, and MORE questions. Can I fire away? There is a cover over the front window, on the outside, I believe. Was it there, or is it new. Our front window is in terrible shape, and we are going to replace front and back windows. (The side windows are original, I think, and the metal is shining up beautifully after someone else's tip about Mother's Mag Polish!) How do those outside covers attach? Is it something that comes installed on the actual window frame? I was going to bring the Boler, this week, to the local glass guy, and ask him to replce with Lexan (is Lexan the consensus?) Wondering if an RV shop would be more knowledgeable in that dept., though. Or would try it ourselves,if the units can be ordered from Scamp or Trillium,but looks like a tricky job.
Looks like your front curtains are attached on the bottom too..did you add something?
Why did you put floor racks inside the storage compartment. ? levelling? ? expecting water problems?
I see there is a black ? rubber trim, horizontally, between the rigid fibreglass, and the ensolite. Did you add that? Ours has a bad silicone attempt, but still there is a gap. Does a gap matter? Should we expect dust to come up from the storage compartments below?
I like the adjustable shelving. Is that in the main closet? Looks like the area is lined with ensolite, and our main closet is unlined with a curtain. Lots of extra holes required to hang the shelf supports, though, I guess. We are still at the stage of dreading putting any MORE holes, and wonder about filling all the unused screw holes.
Did you make your cupboard and closet doors? Beautiful! Do you like L or R opening for a door on the main closet?
Do your scissor jacks frequently hit rocks or bottom out? I presume, if you are a paddler, that you don't stick to the asphalt. How much clearance do you now get from the bottom of the jacks? Thanks, everyone!
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Old 06-11-2007, 02:48 AM   #5
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Name: Gerry
Trailer: 1979 Boler 1300 / 1991 Casita Freedom Deluxe
Posts: 1,657
Peggy I will try to answer all the questions before the hands fall asleep from typeing so long
First lets take care of the easy questions and answers
The black trim on the rear bench seats were added so as not to have sharp edge of fiberglass tear the cushions and the racks inside the storage units were add before I installed the fan over stove.
A rainy weekend, camping with the wife and one of the grand-kids had the condensation so high in trailer we did get pools down in rear storage area so the racks made of cedar kept everything up 3/4 of an inch and a 1/4 hole at lowest point let water out.
Now that the fan is installed over stove I can keep a the air moving and no more concensation.
The sizzor jacks in the back fold up so that they are higher then the original water tank brackets so no worry of them bottoming out and has never happend.
The curtains my wife made and I added an extra slide bar to the bottom of the windows with the snapes slides top and bottom. Trouble comes if you make them to tight, top to bottom they tend to stick and you break the tiny legs off the slides if not careful.
The closet door is much better to swing to the right that way when open it will not be in main entry way and when needing something from outside just take 2 steps in and open door and get it.
Inside of closet does have ensolite in it and I used running shelf brackets pop riveted through the sides and I can adjust shelves up or down.
The rock guard came with the trailer when I bought it a few years back but it is not attached to the window frame and just has 2 regular 3 inch hinges on top and a slideing locking thingy on the bottom sides that can be purchased at RV store (Replaced one on my traieler).
Hope the answers satisfy your curiosity and helps.
Gerry the canoebuilder
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Name: Alfred
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Send a message via Yahoo to Alf S.
Hi: Peggy... At risk of sounding like I work for Scamp Trailers... I WISH!!! the Gravel Shield $59.00 + mounting hardware $19.50 aprox. prices are available from them. The only problem is they have trouble shipping to Canada!!! Small items ordered from Justin in the Parts Dept. are easy and even some big items like the complete cushion covers I have already ordered were not a problem., click on parts and service and download their parts list. Scamp started in business making parts for Boler... so they are "Kissin' Cousins". Call their 1 800 # and ask for Justin... I found him to be a great help... Regards Alf S. Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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Name: Alfred
Trailer: 2014 Escape 5.0TA/ 2016 Ram V6 Eco Diesel
Posts: 3,973
Send a message via Yahoo to Alf S.
Hi: Bob... I go again... In Backus MN. could probably supply you with the missing Kitchen cabinets and others... colour match I don't know about... Check them out!!! Regards Alf S. North shore of Lake Erie
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Trailer: 75 Boler
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Hi bob,

I have seen your boler and talked with Dan before he sold it. It has the potential to be a nice rig. Here is my web site:
Work from the bottom up and from page 5 to 1. You may just get some Idea's. Mine is a 75 Scout.

I live in Eden Prairie, so if you would like to see it, your are more then welcome to come over and have a look-see if want too! Mine was rebuilt from the ground up! There is nothing I don't know when it comes to Bolers Reno's. I also know where to get all the part you will need locally to save you time.

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Name: Brian
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- I currently have a 4 pin on my vehicle. Should I change this to a 7?
If you're seriously planning on refrigeration without propane, then I think having 12V DC power supplied from the tug to the trailer will be valuable, to keep it cold while on the road, until you get to that power-serviced campsite. That alone would be reason to go for a 7-pin connector.

The other reason is that you would need the 7-pin for electric brakes... I know, you don't have electric brakes, but maybe you should? You could always convert from 4-pin to 7-pin later if brakes are added.
1979 Boler B1700RGH, pulled by 2004 Toyota Sienna LE 2WD
Information is good. Lack of information is not so good, but misinformation is much worse. Check facts, and apply common sense liberally.
STATUS: No longer active in forum.
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Trailer: 75 Boler
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Thanks for all your replies. They are very, very helpful.

I'm beginning to wrap my hands around how I'm going to rebuild it ("it" does not have a name yet - my 4 year old suggested "Barbie" but I think we'll hold off on that for now).

I figure as long as I keep money in the checking account and post on this forum I'll be OK.

Thanks again for your replies and please keep them coming.

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Trailer: 75 Boler
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Any chance I could see it this week?


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