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Trailer: 1980 Scamp 13 ft
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Well, now I did it!! Today, I cut out the rear section of floor and found that the reason the floor was rotting is that the plywood actually hangs below the lower edge of the fiberglass.
What am I supposed to do now? Is this the way it's supposed to be? How do you fiberglass underneath that part? The trimlock is actually in the way from being able to apply resin to the shell.
Any suggestions would really help since I am trying to finish tonight.
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Name: Donna D
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?? Why not remove the trim? It's riveted on and has a metal core. If you're careful, you can put it back on and rerivit.

Donna D.
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Possibly put a 1/2inch piece of plywood across steel frame and this will lift new floor.
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Name: Byron
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One possible solution would be to put a thick layer of resin on top of that fiberglass lip, set the new floor plywood on top of the wet resin. This would seal the plywood and not allow water to gather under floor. Once the floor is down, fill the voids between the edge of the shell and floor with more resin. Then use the glass cloth and resin on floor going up a few inches on the shell wall.

Remove the trim if you need to, also you might have to shim between the frame and the new floor, as Chester suggested.
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Name: Greg
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While you have that wonderful access to the frame members there, may I recommend a wire brush cleanup and paint with a rust proofing paint before you put flooring back down.
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Trailer: 1980 Scamp 13 ft
Posts: 39
I think I figured out what may work... I think I'LL do a little of Byron and Gregs idea. To ensure it seals well, I'm going to fiberglass the bottom first and let it dry so that I can pour more resin from the top to fill the voids then glass over it. The only problem with that is if I EVER have to do it again, Whoa Nelly!!! it's going to be tough to get off. So we'll see!!
Thanks for the input.
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Most boat builders use a product called 3-M 5200 caulk/glue to seal the hull/deck joint on boats, this would be a great solution to your problem. I would use epoxy resin on mat to insure the underneath section of the plywood would never be a problem again, and multiple layers of epoxy on the top as a sealer. Lee
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Name: Vic
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I did a major floor repair on my Fiber Stream. See:


As I look at your system, I am assuming the following:

- the fiberglass body rests on the frame member
- your floor sat on the frame member and butted up to the fiberglass body

unknown: how was your floor attached to the frame member (screws/bolts)

My procedure:

Cut a solid wood piece (not plywood) to slightly less than the thickness of the frame member.
Put fiberglass cloth and resin on that wooden filler piece, bringing it up in thickness to that of the fiberglass body.
Tape this finished piece to the frame member with masking tape (temporary only)
Cut a new plywood floor to fit on this extra piece and inside your fiberglass body
Coat the bottom of the floor with fiberglass cloth and resin
Place the floor in the trailer on the new support and inside the fiberglass body.
Attach the floor as before. I would screw the floor to the new filler piece as well, if standard flor attachments do not go to the frame member.
Fiberglass the inside joint between the body and the floor.
In my case, the floor was quite thin and flexed as I walked on it, so I fiberglassed the entire floor.
Undercoat the trailer floor with standard auto undercoat products.

Simple, isn't it!!


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