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Name: Linda
Trailer: Hunter
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My 1972 Hunter Compact II came with quilted foam backed Naugahyde that is still in great shape and so easy to wipe down.

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Name: Larry
Trailer: Casita 17 LD
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Covering the walls in a Casita

When we purchased our Casita Liberty Deluxe in 2012 we had plans for extensive travel and possibly full time for a year or two. We travel with 2 dogs and with plans to live in the trailer for a while I was concerned about our ability to meet my wife clean standards with carpet all over. I wanted something that we could just wipe clean with a damp cloth so I set out to cover the walls with 3mm Baltic Birch plywood. After cutting and fitting 7 pieces I carefully coated and sanded multiple coats of polyurethane to both sides of all 7 pieces and applied them carefully over the carpet on the wall by simply tucking them in at the top and bottom and clear H channel between the pieces. The ceiling I covered with 1/8 inch white hardboard. There is still some carpet over the small cupboards but it make a great place to hang stuff with drapery hooks. The carpet under the wood makes great insulation from both temperature and sound. I have never seen condensation on the walls and ceiling but I do have to make sure the weep hole stay clear to drain the condensation from the windows. One time we spent a couple weeks in Florida during the rainy season and we got condensation in the closet but a couple weeks in the desert southwest took care of that quickly. My advise to coloring or spraying anything on the carpet to cover it is - DON'T DO IT

Visit to see our complete line of Casita latches and other interesting items.
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Name: clinton
Trailer: trillium 1300 "1976"
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I agree, i would not spray or put anything on the carpet that can't just be pulled right back off like the plywood.
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Name: Renae
Trailer: 17' Casita SD
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I agree with most of the above. I found the carpeted walls a bit strange when we got our casita. I thought it would get dirty and hold odors. I have since come to appreciate it. We have lived In ours full time almost 2 years with 2 small dogs. It still looks as nice as when we started, and no bad odors. We were cautious about frying and cooking other high oder foods. We did make coffee and fry eggs and precooked sausage quite often, but always with the vent fan running. The carpet adds a coziness on cold mornings and keeps it cool on a warm one. I love the added ability to hang just about anything anywhere with a drapery hook, always taking wiring into consideration.

Being a brand new owner of an escape 21, I can now look back and appreciate those qualities.
We now have so much more space, which I love, but it takes longer to warm it up and I haven't figured out how I will hang things yet
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Name: Dave
Trailer: Scamp
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Walk hangings

We're talking about what's affectionately called Rat fur right? I've found that it works like the loop side of velcro. We put adhesive loops on posters to dress up our Scamp.
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Name: Cheryl
Trailer: Casita
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Originally Posted by Julie Wise View Post
I Love the scamp and casita but hate the idea of having carpet on the walls. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cover it? Would painting it and creating a sort of "popcorn ceiling" like affect work?
You can use curtain hanger clips to attach to the rat fur which holds our fishing poles,flag rolled up, etc. I didnít like it at first but you get used to it. It seems to insulate you from outside noises too.
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Name: Kevin
Trailer: Casita
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I have a 2016 Snoozy and I found some foam backed carpet to install with hot glue.
The Snoozy is made with a 1/2" fiberglass sandwich that has a little insulation, but not enough for comfort and condensation control.
Dabs of hot glue are pretty easy to remove.
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Name: Neville
Trailer: Trails West Campster
Posts: 47
Originally Posted by ShelbyM View Post
I don't know if moisture dries out quickly or just doesn't attach to the walls in the first place. We've had windows running with condensation a few times but the carpeted walls have never felt damp. We've never had any mildew or mold on the inside. Also, I think those pins are called drapery hooks, for curtains. You can stick them in the carpet and hang stuff, pull them out w/o damage if you change your mind.

All the carpet does is stop the air coming in contact with the cold fiberglass at dew point and becoming water. There are other better looking, but more costly, solutions used in the marine industry. Guarranteed nobody wants carpet on the walls (Bulkheads) of their million dollar yacht. Armaflex is one product. Must be made by a Ford as the only color is black. If you are ordering your trailer new, have them install that instead of carpet. It is pricy, but a fraction of the price of your Scamp. Just make sure it is coated with a nice soft color. You can even paper it with a Con-tact film.
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Name: Jon
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Originally Posted by davenjo View Post
We're talking about what's affectionately called Rat fur right? I've found that it works like the loop side of velcro. We put adhesive loops on posters to dress up our Scamp.
The OP's question was a generic one about Scamp and Casita. "Rat fur" is a nickname for the particular variety of long-napped marine headliner Scamp has installed over foil bubble radiant barrier since the mid-80's. Casita uses foam-backed carpet.

Both are good at preventing condensation, deadening sound, and providing a modicum of insulation. Both are made from synthetic fibers, so they do not absorb moisture or odors, and both can be cleaned, though not as simply as a wipe-down lining like the foam backed vinyl used by Escape and many vintage trailers. Both Scamp and Casita install a fiberglass backspash over the liner in the galley (Scamp's is optional). Both make a warm, soft-touch surface when you brush against it, which happens a lot in a small trailer.

The linings used by Scamp and Casita were chosen for cost and ease of installation in entry-level molded trailers. They are durable in normal recreational use and adequate for 3-season travel. Changing them out is a huge task. My thought is to try it if a Scamp or Casita otherwise suits your needs and budget. You might like it. I do.

And if you don't... maybe there is an Escape or an Oliver in your future.

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