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Name: john
Trailer: Compact Junior
Posts: 230
Good Fortune at Wal mart today....

I've been pondering about what to put over the Reflectix that is helping insulate the walls of my Compact Jr.

It's really made a difference since my walls are just a thin layer of fiberglass, about the same as an ordinary fiberglass canoe.

When the sun beats on the camper the inside walls are very hot to the touch.

And when it's cold and damp the inside walls are cold and damp too.

But the Reflectix helps a lot. However it gives you the feeling of being in a space capsule with all that shiny silver.

So I thought about buying inexpensive yoga mats that would be easy to cut and conform to the wall curves and put them over the Reflectix with double-sided tape.

So I went to Wal-Mart and found the least gaudy color they had. I grabbed a few at $9 each and made a beeline to the check out as my wife was waiting in the car.

Here's the lucky part, a couple was blocking the aisle so I slipped down a side aisle and it happened to have shelf coverings.

They had heavy duty shelf liners, foam backed, and labeled machine washable. Pretty tough stuff, like the kind you find in RV stores to keep things from sliding around in drawers.

And it came in a burlap finish and was only $5 a roll, and surprisingly was Made in the USA.

I'm about a third of the way done in covering the Reflectix and here's how it looks so far.

I'm really pleased with the look of it.

You can also see on the ceiling some light brown indoor/outdoor carpet. It keeps the walls much cooler in the direct sun, and helps with dampness too.

It's got a fuzziness to it not unlike "rat fur" and the back of it is a thin layer of smooth vinyl which helps it adhere to the ceiling with double-sided tape.
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Name: Rich
Trailer: 2015 Scamp 13D
Posts: 133
Nice find! It looks like it goes well with the rest of your interior. Show us some more photos when you finish and let us know how it holds up.

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Name: Wendy Lee
Trailer: Scamp 13' Standard
New York
Posts: 1,071
Nice job and quite creative I might add! You did a pro job and I live the look of it, neat and clean. Let us know over time how you sense it might add to the overall insular tube value.


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Name: Anne
Trailer: 2014 Parkliner 2016 Honda Pilot
North Carolina
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Great look! Will keep that in mind for future projects.

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Trailer: 2018 Casita 16' SD - Condo A-Go-Go
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That's a nifty solution!! Glad your detour took you someplace useful.

The people blocking the aisle is funny. I was in a grocery store with a young couple coming in the opposite direction. He was facing me and had control of the cart taking his half of the aisle out of the middle. She was on my side of the aisle, her back towards me, doing something with her cell phone. Not able to pass thru, I merely said, "Do you need the whole aisle?". To which he replied, "You just have to say excuse me". I looked at him and said, "I'm really not the one here who needs excused". She the moved and I continued on by. Glad I didn't forget to take my B*tch pills that day.
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Name: Kathy
Trailer: 2017 Escape 19
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Clever solution and it looks really nice.
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Name: Jeanie
Trailer: Cloud
Posts: 14
Reminds me of the insulation used by street Rodders on the front interior for engine heat reduction. Comes in rolls, reasonable and in silver. I may do that when I start on the interior. Have to buy a roll at back to the fifties this next weekend. Jeanie
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Name: Diane
Trailer: u-haul ct13
Posts: 1,013
Great Find! Thanks for sharing and it looks great in camper!
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Old 06-13-2015, 10:29 AM   #9
Name: Nancy & Dan
Trailer: Casita
Posts: 42
What a great solution to your problem! Love the idea. Putting in my file! Thank you for sharing your creativity.
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Name: jen
Trailer: 1980 13 ft. burro
Posts: 851
Wow, that's an awesome idea and so obvious now that you've pointed it out! Burros have that double-hull situation, but there's an inside ceiling strip that is only one fiberglass layer thick, and I have it covered with reflectix. I've been pondering whether to cover the reflectix, although I have grown kind of fond of the sparkliness of it, and it doesn't really clash with my silver accents. But I might take some of this burlap looking shelf paper into consideration.
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Name: Ron
Trailer: 24 ft 5th Wheel Shadow Cruiser
Posts: 117
Thats a great idea,,what are you useing for glue to stick-it with,,,???Ron
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Name: john
Trailer: Compact Junior
Posts: 230
i've tried a lot of different things Ron.....

The Reflectix is very light and doesn't take much to hold it up on vertical surfaces.

I started with heavy duty adhesive-backed Velcro but it's expensive. so I put some of it up with double-sided carpet tape.

to put the shelf liner (it's not paper, it's vinyl with a grippy foam back) I just used a lightweight 3M double-sided foam tape.

getting the carpet to adhere to the ceiling was a different story. I used heavy duty double-sided fiberglass reinforced carpet tape.

seemed to hold initially but than panels of the carpet started pulling away.
I was using pieces about 2' square.

but I found some double-sided foam tape that claims to hold up to 20 pounds. there was also some claiming to hold 15 pounds. I opted for that and it seems to be holding it very well. time will tell.

when I started using double-sided tape I would cut it into the lengths I wanted then peel back the backing from the individual piece.

Big mistake! very hard to do with most of the tapes. you need to unroll the length you need, then peel back the backing, THEN cut the tape from the roll.

I bought three rolls of the shelf liner, all my local Wal Mart had. it's 20"x6'.

I estimate I need 5 rolls total. so I went to another Wal Mart today and got a couple more rolls and found that it is also available in a 10"x10' roll which should be perfect for some of the smaller areas of my Jr.

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