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I used the following procedures to install a microwave on the wardrobe cabinet in my Escape. The same idea should work in other trailers. I hated to drill holes in our new toy and was concerned about chafing damage to the countertop. I only used two bolts to hold the microwave and used an old mouse pad to prevent chafing damage.

Stuff needed -
An old foam backed mouse pad
Two 5/16 inch bolts with washers and nuts. You can use smaller bolts; I have lots of 5/16 inch bolts and think they have a suitable contact area for the washer and nut.

1. Cut four squares from the old mouse pad. Each square should be about 1 x 1 inch. Drill a 5/16 or so hole in two of the squares. The hole doesn't have to a clean hole, just a defect for the bolt to slip through.
The four squares will protect the countertop from chafing damage.

2. Take out the screws on the back of the microwave; this is to remove the cover. Use tape, a crayon or a non-permanent marker to mark a spot on the top and sides of the microwave cover that is aligned with the screw hole in the back of the microwave.
The cover will be re-installed after the microwave is bolted in place. The marked spots will make it easier to reinstall the screws since you will not be able to easily see the holes on the back of the microwave.
If they screws have an odd head, get them out anyway you can and replace them with regular sheet metal screws. Most Star shaped screw heads can be removed with a standard slotted screwdriver.

3. Remove the cover off the microwave.

4. Remove the feet from the bottom of the microwave. The 5/16 inch bolts will go through the holes left by two of the feet, on opposite corners of the microwave.
If there are no holes, you'll need to drill and de-burr two 3/8 inch holes.
You made need to make the holes bigger to accommodate the bolts or use smaller bolts.

5. Place the microwave on the wardrobe and center it left to right (or you see fit). Leave enough space between the back of the microwave and the wall so that you can easily reach anything that drops back there.
You will also need the space between the microwave and the wall to reinstall the microwave cover.
I used a clenched fist as a spacer. I figure if I drop anything back there, my hand will naturally assume a clenched position.

6. As you are facing the microwave, mark mounting holes in the front right and back left corner of the microwave.
On an Escape, these will be the easiest corners to use.
The idea is to bolt the microwave down from two opposite corners.

7. Remove the microwave and drill the two marked holes.

8. Insert the two bolts in the appropriate holes in the microwave and through the two mouse pad squares with a hole drilled in them. The bolt should just barely extend through the pad. This will make it easier to install the bolts through the cabinet.

9. Place the microwave on the cabinet and insert the two bolts through the drilled holes. Attach the washer and nuts and loosely tighten.

10. Place the other two mouse pad sections under the remaining corners of the microwave and tighten the mounting bolts.

11. Reinstall the microwave cover. Use the spots marked in step 2 to insert the screws. The screws don't need to be tight and if you lose one or two, it should be ok.

Best of luck.
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