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Name: Aaron
Trailer: Trillium 1300
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Refurbishing Trillium 1300 Questions

Hi all,

My parents have an old Trillium 1300 that has been sitting in the place for about 30 years. It's in decent condition - no obvious body problems - and my wife and I are considering refurbishing it now that we have twins and our backpacking life has slowed down... considerably.

A few questions for wise trailer owners:

1. Propane vs Electrical vs Both?

We will need to redo the electrical and/or propane lines. Getting them done by someone who is qualified is expensive, so we're wondering if we really need both. Propane seems easy to get rid of; we could just use a portable propane stove or induction burner when we're connected to the grid. There isn't currently a propane furnace, but we don't really know that it's necessary.

Electrical: it'd be nice to have an outlet or two to charge phones & computers, and a few LED lights through the trailer for nighttime.

The thing I can't wrap my mind around is the fridge. We'd like to install a small fridge, but for the life of me I can't figure out if there's a boon docking solution for electrical that will allow it to run for extended period of times on solar, or if that's just an unrealistic use of solar on a relatively small trailer. A 3-way solution seems best, but then we have to have both propane & electrical re-installed... Apparently you can run the fridge off the electrical connection to the car? Can someone help de-mystify this for me?

2. Sink vs No Sink & Carrying water vs Not Carrying Water

How do folks feel about the utility of carrying water/having a sink, etc? In campsites, there's usually potable water within easy walking distance, so carrying a jug around isn't too hard. There is such limited counter space that I was thinking the sink might not be too useful. Plus, I think the gray water just drains out onto the ground under the trailer, and I'm fairly certain that's not allowed? I don't think the sink is large enough to actually do dishes, so I wonder what the utility of the sink actually is. Advice on this?

3. Lastly, a puzzle! Twin Infants in a Trillium 1300

We have 4mo twin infants. They'd be roughly 6mo when we head out for a few weeks of camping, theoretically. Has anyone figured out a double crib situation? I'm thinking something custom in the bottom bunk is the best idea, but I'm curious if anyone has done something like this. Surely we can't be the only parents of twins also interested in vintage, fibreglass trailers, right?

Many thanks for your wisdom!

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Name: Alexander
Trailer: 1979 Boler B1300
New Hampshire
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For the fridge, you can get a 12-volt compression fridge. A number of them use less than 2.5 amps on 12-volt when running which makes them easy for boon docking with Solar. I currently have a Dometic portable that uses 7.7 amps running but If I have full sun my two 100 watt panels have no trouble keeping the battery full during the day. If for some reason you need more charge capability, you can always connect jumper cables to your tow vehicle and to the trailer battery and charge it that way.

As far as the sink goes, you can make a cover that will give you more counter space when not using the sink. When it comes to drainage, I have the parts needed to hook up the grey water outlet to a standard RV hookup drain using 5/8 inch hose from the outlet on the side of the trailer to a sewer adapter with a 5/8 inch hose inlet which is then connected to a sewer hose seal for the RV sewer inlet:
If boondocking, you could get one or more of those portable grey water tanks. You're going to have to do something with the grey water whether you have a sink or not. Although I haven't been able to find one, a guy at an event with no hookups last year had a device that would evaporate the grey water. You hooked up a garden hose to it and somehow the grey water would slowly evaporate. Not sure how it worked. Kicking myself for not having talked to the guy about it in detail.

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Name: bill
Trailer: 2013 Escape 19; 1977 Trillium 1300
The Mountains of North Carolina
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Boondocking plans = don't get rid of propane. Boondocking also means no available water.

Everything you remove is one less capability you will have in your camper. Where I typically camp (state and national parks), I rarely have any hookups.

No, you are not going to be able to run a traditional RV refrigerator off your car. and certainly not once you are camping. I just pulled the 120V wiring on my 1977 Trillium, scary stuff, got a "good" jolt off of it too. (Is there such a thing as a good jolt? I am not sure....)

Modern boondockers are moving towards 12V truck compressor refrigerators that can be run off solar, plus a battery of course.

Old Trilliums have several known issues: body to frame bolts, frame recall/cracking, windows leaking (wood rotting), door hinges wearing out and wood where hinges attach rotting, belly band leaks, old power centers that need to be replaced or no power centers at all.

Click on the manufacturers tab, choose Trillium, and read the myriad of threads that cover all of these and more.

So before I dealt with electrical, propane or water, I would address body to frame bolts, windows leaking and belly band.

The second wave on repairs I would focus on your 120V AC and 12V DC systems, power center, and interior lighting.

I am just now dealing with propane issues: broken lines, bad regulator, rotten hose, etc. I pretty much finished the first two lists.

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Name: Daniel
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Northern VA
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Originally Posted by mcfarlanea View Post
... now that we have twins
Congrats on the twins. Got twin girls here, 4 months old.

Have fun and good luck with the camper work.
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Name: Aaron
Trailer: Trillium 1300
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Originally Posted by Dan-NS27 View Post
Congrats on the twins. Got twin girls here, 4 months old.
Have you thought about how to take them in a trailer? Any ideas for how to squish two cribs or a twin crib-like situation into a 13' trailer?
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Name: Lucille
Trailer: 13 ft trillium
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When I purchased my 1300 1975 Trillium the previous owner had installed a Koolatron fridge and it works great. I use my generator when hydro is not available or just plug in with hydro. Great option for now

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