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Westfalia II aka 13' std Scamp

Since acquiring a 1987 13' Scamp about 3 years ago, it has gone thru a series of changes all designed to enhance its livability and improved appearance. First all manufacturer and prior owner decals were removed and 2" wide 3M striping tape applied below the shell parting line in three colors, ABS wheel covers were added to tires rims and spare and a 13" white spare tire and propane tank cover added. Then the changes started. The list is long and I will enumerate a few of the them without posting pictures or descriptions of them. If anyone sees one that they might be interested in make a post and I will set up a picture and brief description. With this post is a shot of the dining table rework to increase the clearance between the table corner and the sink counter. We found it a bit difficult to squeeze into the seat with the original clearance of about 8". So to increase the clearance to 12", 4" was cut off the back end of the table, hardware reinstalled and a filler board fitted to the front of the seats to accommadate the cushions when in the bed setup. Hardly notice the loss of table top surface and it sure is easier to get seated.
Here's the list of mods:
1. Stereo sound system, CB/Weather Radio & switchable PS
2. Gravel guard conversion to awning
3. Solar Battery maintainer mounted on gravel guard
4. Ceramic heater built into lower RH cabinet
5. Kitchen utensil drawer & pull out paper towel holder
6. Holmes remote controlled twin fan in roof hatch
7. 3-way sink faucet, soap dispenser,splash guard & SS sink &
stove covers.
8. Fold down counter extension, right side of counter.
9. Replacement of original "icebox" w/ Coleman Cooler
10. Propane system update with new tank, 2 stage regulator &
flexible connection to current RV gas standards.
11.Carefree of Colorado 8' Sidewinder awning
12.Remake of screen door installed by previous owner and added
privacy blinds
13.Entrance door holder to keep in open position
14.Repositioning of interior 110VAC flourescent fixture from side
wall to under overhead cabinets 12VDC fixture added.
15.110VAC socket added to RH side stove cabinet, interior of
wardrobe cabinet to power ceiling fan and Microwave.
Additional weatherproof outlet added below curbside window.
16. Disconnect of Shore cable from CB box and conversion to
exterior plug with GFI.
17. Removable rack below curbside window for Coleman propane
stove for convenient outside cooking.
18. Recarpeting of floor w/ SS kickplate on riser.
19. PVC rear bumper extension & new tail lights w/ amber turn
20. Roof mounted Wintenna "Boomerrang" TV antenna & CB
21. Audiovox VE-550 dropdown color TV mounted under RH
overhead extension. (installation in process)

This is quite an extensive list but we feel our little egg is right up to snuff and very comfortable. We enjoy it and hope you will to. Incidently she is towed by a 90HP VW Vanagon Westfalia. See them both at <http://users.erols.com/nesu>
Nevin Lescher<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3dfd434bbaf4012 inch clearance.JPG/> <img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3dfd44483d366Filler Board for bed setup.JPG/> <img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3dfd447a5465eDinner for Two.JPG/>

Here's a shot of the Stereo Sound System<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03d11790289RH Cab Ext w 12V PS Battery Switch and Stereo.JPG/>

And 3-way Sink Faucet, Soap Dispenser & SS Sink Cover<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03d22f0e4b3Sink w 3way Faucet Soap Disp Splash Guard.JPG/> <img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03d25790ae3Sink with SS Cover.JPG/>

Gravel Guard in Awning Setup w/ Solar Panel<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03d6f48246aGravel Shield Open.JPG/> <img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03d74ad03feSolar Panel and Boomerang Ant.JPG/> <img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03d76daefd6Westy II, Gravel Shield Down.JPG/>

Utensil Drawer & Towel Holder<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03da2b4c381Utensil Drawer Towel Holder.JPG/>

Shore Cable Modification w/ GFI<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03da8c64b92Shore Cable Plug andGFI.JPG/> <img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03dabd6ae19Shore Cable Plugged in.JPG/>

Screen Door w/Privacy Blind<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03db1d43de1Screen Door with privacy blind.JPG/>

Electric Heater & Coleman Cooler<img src=http://www.fiberglassrv.com/board/uploads/3e03dbc42ae53Electric Heater Coleman Cooler.JPG/>

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Hi---------Super job. I have done some of the same things to my 17ft Boler. The table idea I did first. But just put extention board to front wall.Keep up the good work. I am waiting to get my film developed then I will post some photos:wave

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Westfalia II aka 13' std Scamp

Just posted a whole series of new pictures on the various mods done on our Scamp. More will be coming.

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Looking Great!

Thanks, Nevin. Very interesting to see your Westfalia II. The V-dub photo is a fun touch (that would be Westfalia I?)

Did you install the slide out paper towel holder, or were slideouts part of the original gear storage under sink/stove area?


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Where do I start? they are all so good.
I guess my first question is the screen door. you said the first owner did the screen and you did mods. can you start from the first and explain the screen and how it was done, then your mods? or how ever is the best way for someone(me) to start with no screen to get to something close to your screen?

so much to do and so little time..before spring:)

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OK Nevin...

Let's cut to the chase. Your first and third pictures show a decanter of wine with a bull on the label.

The world wants to know, "what is it?" :cheers

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Westfalia II aka 13' std Scamp

Matter of fact this is no bull. What you see on the outside of the decanter is the Canton flag or symbol of the Swiss Canton (state) of Uri. It is a mountain region in southern Switzerland bordering Italy and probably most famous for the legend of William Tell and the Gotthard Tunnel thru the Lower Alps. The tunnel is 15KM in length and you can easily consume the contents of the decanter in the lounge car in the 25 minutes you are in the tunnel en route from Italy to Zurich. OK, no more chase. NCL

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Untensil Drawer & Towel Holder

HiHo Mary. These two items were custom made by yours truly using standard drawer slides. The utensil drawer is a fairly deep one with the slide positioned at the rear with velcro to the carpet type interior insulation and supported with a block from the wheel well. A half size sliding tray in the upper half provides additional storage and access to larger implements in the lower part. The towel holder uses the same slide only mounted vertically in the right hand cabinet. There is still plenty of room below these from other storage including the built in Pelonis ceramic heater. Hope this answers your question. NCL

PS: No, the split window V-dub is not Westy I. Our '87 Westfalia is our great little 90HP tow vehicle.

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Wow Kevin, Great Job! Seeing your pictures, I realize, I have only scratched the surface on my 86. It gives me incentive. Thanks for sharing.

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Westfalia II Screen Door

T and J: When we acquired the Scamp the previous owner had constructed a hinged screen door and frame. He did a pretty good job on the door itself but the frame left a little to be desired. He never finish painted either the door or the frame. The frame made from 3/4" pine was attached to the RH lower front cabinet and the left side to the wall of the closet. The door itself is made from 1" sq alum tubing with a channel to secure the screen with a vinyl spline. At the top and bottom on the inner and outer surfaces are 1/8" sheet aluminium pop riveted to the tubing to hold the door together and the entire door is hinged on the left with a full length piano hinge. I removed both door and frame, squared up the frame, primed them with Rust-Olem primer and finished them with white enamel. New screening and mid point crash bars added, reinstalling both door and frame with new and additional screws. To make it virtually pest proof, foam weather-strip was added to the frame as was a rubber door sweep. Last year to give adequate privacy and still keep the luxury of ventilation I found that a small venetian blind could just fit in the 1" depth of the channel frame. Of course, each slat had to be trimmed to fit the opening. A little time consuming but well worth the effort to gain both ventilation and privacy. I'm not sure if I would have attempted to build the door from scratch but it was there so why not fix it right. I know Scamp makes a bi-fold screen door and I have seen just plain snap in ones with a zipper, but you don't get much privacy from either. Hope this is of some help. NCL (See Photo)

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