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>>maple cookies

No, Jean, just can't get them where I live!

I have one package of Maple cookies left in the freezer ... and I'm testing my ability to resist temptation (I don't have a very good track record when it comes to resisting cookies!)

I go down to the freezer, open the door, look at the package (maybe even sniff it) and then put it back in the freezer.

I have to make it last!

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Alright, fish fry at Charlie's house tonight!

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So Charles as I understand it you are trusting your dinner plans to my luck in catching said dinner?
Generally when I seriously want fish for dinner I head to Bastrop to MiMi G's Steak and Stein, for their friday nite catfish. Best I have had in years.
I think the fish can read my mind, if I go planning on dinner they all hide in the corner and ignore me. If I am just playing and don't plan to take them home to dinner they fight over which one gets to bite first. I have tried fooling them by thinking happy thoughts, but it just doesn't seem to work. I have tried bringing my son , a vegetarian, along for mental cover, but he won't go. Maybe if I cover my bald head with aluminum foil it will block the signals. If nothing else that would guarante me lots of elbow room on the dock.

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my .02 on this

Well this is one of my real gripes. I agree with some of the other people need to take personal responsibility for their actions and can this law suit and passing laws for this and that.

What really gets me is how stupid people really are. They think if they read, hear, or see it on tv that it is true. Well got news for you most of that information is marketing, or the result of lobbying by a special intrests group usually the manufacturer of what ever.

Lets take milk I only drink the real thing, I think kids should too. Well they don't and as a result you have a bunch of kids today that have ADD and other stuff we never had when we were kids. I by the way can cure ADD in a NY min.

Cream in coffee I have the real stuff and it is better period. I also never use decaf coffee do you know what they do to get 3% of the caf. out?

Butter again I only use the real thing better for you than that fake stuff. Ever seen a real chef use anything but butter to cook with? Well I walked out of a resturant over this two days ago.

Real surgar you guessed it I use real sugar also better for you. That pink and blue stuff was pulled from the market at one time known to cause cancer. How did it get back on the market you guessed it they paid congress off and got the law changed.

Ok one more and I will shut up. Cookies why not just bake some real cooking at home for the kids. They will be much better and the kids will love you for it.

Well that's it I only use real butter, real milk, real cream, real eggs, real sugar. I weight about 135 and have not problems to date at 50.

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