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I'm wondering where in our forum to post pics of other peoples eggs. I just returned from a hot rod weekend where many participants (myself included) camped in our trailers. I took pics of all the glass eggs that were there, but I'm wonderin if/where I should post them here for all to see.

Thanks, Doug

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Name: Ches
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Hi Doug
I think it would be ok to post them in the Camping, Campout Reports

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Hi Doug
I think it would be ok to post them in the Camping, Campout Reports
What Ches said.
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Thanks, I'll load some into the p.c. toomorrow when I have more time, being sure to reduce size to less than 500 before posting?
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Name: Donna D
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500-600 is acceptable. It's just as important the pics be web-ready (vs. print ready). In otherwords 72-96 dpi. Otherwise those of us on dial-up are... (imagine a picture of a screw here!)
Photo Upload Tutorial
Thanks for asking Doug!
Donna D.
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THANKS for getting me further confussed Donna what in blazes is a DPI and can I find one at my local rod shop ???
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Sorry, I'm not much help with the techno stuff. I just know that if I resize it to no more than 500 x 500, it'll work. The instructions appear to say you can actually make it 600 x 600.

Here's what I try to remember.

1. No spaces in the file or picture name. If there is, rename it so there isn't.
2. Resize it so it isn't over the size above.
3. When you save the new size, make sure it is a .gif or .jpg
4. After you type your post and have it like you want it then you can go down to browse and find it in your computer. Click on that.
5. Post it.

Remember, don't try and preview it or you will have to put your picture back in. It'll drop it if you try and preview.

TThese may not be the best directions, but it works for me. Does that help?
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Name: Mary
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DPI means "dots per inch." Some programs call it "pixels" instead of dots. Today's computer monitors display either 72 dpi or 96 dpi. This is what is meant when someone mentions "resolution" of an image.

To print a pic on paper, you need a much higher resolution. 300 dpi at least. Without the higher resolution, your printed photo will be blurry. On some printers it might even look a bit like a newspaper photo (you know, where when you get out your glasses you can actually see the dots ... per inch).

If your pic that you want to upload to FiberglassRV.com (or many other web sites*) is 300 dpi instead of 72 or 96, it will look HUGE on the computer monitor (bec. the monitor can only put 72 of those "dots" in an inch of screen space). Another way to look at it is there is TMI (too much information).

Hope this helps! (We do wanna see your pics!)

*NOTE: Some web sites have software that will automatically downsize images for you, so they look perfect with minimal hassle/knowledge on the uploader's part. FiberglassRV.com isn't one of those sites.
Mary F Fiberglass Rules!
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Old 07-13-2007, 01:39 PM   #9
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Thanks ALL for the help. I got about a bakers dozen loaded into the p.c. and wiil 'see' what I can do with them....
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DPI means a lot to printing, but really has nothing to do with the actual image in a file. If, for instance, you post some images to FiberglassRV and each one is 300x400 pixels, they'll all appear the same size on the screen. If you tell your photo or graphics program that one is 600 DPi, it will print it 1/2" wide; tell the same program that another of these images is 100 DPI, and it will print it 3" wide... but they're really the same size of image data, and will display the same on the screen in most programs (such as browsers). The DPI setting can even be stored in the image file, but the program which displays it (a browser or a printing program) can ignore that, and display or print whatever physical size you want.
An example... (left one is 600 DPI, right is 96 DPI, both are 300x400)

Click image for larger version

Name:	LoganLake_300x400_600DPI.jpg
Views:	44
Size:	41.7 KB
ID:	8982

For printing, you should consider DPI, as Mary has explained. For web posting, pixels are all that really matters; the size which you can measure with a ruler on your monitor will depend the monitor's pixel pitch. Both of my examples appear 3" wide on my monitor because it has a common pixel pitch of about 100 dots (or pixels) per inch.

Since many people use photo-editing programs which are oriented towards printing, they tend to express the size of images in inches and DPI, but the data is really just pixels. I think this just causes massive confusion.

That's my egg in the photos - sorry it doesn't fit Doug's theme...
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Brian, it MAY not fit the theme but I am soo much more clued in to this process thanks to your (and everyone elses) input.

I'm still a at all this internet junk, LOL!!!!

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