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Name: Stephen
Trailer: NotYet
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The one thing I haven't seen mentioned is the need to have the phone number of an attorney "if" you do use a 'weapon' in self defense. One who can cross state/national boundaries and will cover the payment of bail. Just saying.

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Name: Manley
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Everywhere, USA
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Originally Posted by Tomcat58 View Post
I brought too much stuff.....I didn't need......
I also wanted to say this because I have heard it many times before from those that have already 'been there and done that', but I also understand there is a process everyone has to go through when downsizing and starting a new adventure/life style. You can always buy what you think you need and then give it away, trade it, upgrade, downgrade, or sell it, if you find you do not need it. Every rally has a 'for sale' table. or you can wait and buy it when you find you DO need it.

So Debbie in Florida, you have generated SO much great advise!
I have totally enjoyed this thread from all the experiences and advice that everyone has shared.

But I do want to say.....I totally admire that you are thinking of all the possibilities, and thinking ahead. There is only wisdom in becoming educated.

Currently in Utah with Happier Camper and Happier Campers!
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Name: Patricia
Trailer: ECO
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I have an AirHawk from rite aid, that I have used without problems for 2 years. You can charge it from a 12v, or household current. It holds a charge for months, and multiple uses. It is cordless, so no problems reaching trailer tires.

There are many women’s camping groups out there. Sisters on the Fly, Bitches with Hitches, and are three that come to mind.

Be sure you are covered for roadside assistance. Some insurance policies do not cover the trailer, or have very limited coverage on what services they will provide.

Good luck.
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Name: Ray
Trailer: scamp
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Originally Posted by Barb Hunt View Post
I think an RV park is the safest place for a woman! People will respect your privacy, yet are close enough to discourage anyone with bad intentions. And RV parks invariably have a community spirit of helpfulness.
Actually mostly the park management is pretty darned helpful. I have broke down a couple times or at least was having problems and needed more tools than I had, and have gotten the tools I needed to fix things.

Of special notice is the Dayton KOA. I needed to have a bunch of tools to do a fix. The owner let me part it in his shop are and use all his tools including the air ones to get it fixed right. Another time a friend had a problem and it needed to be professionally fixed. He recommended a shop and helped us make arrangements to have it down. Then he met the people and made sure that they got to the right unit and that it was done. Let us go have fun. He called a couple times to keep my friend up to date.

Another time a friend had a medical issue. And we had to arrange to get him home. Nothing that major if treated right, but otherwise a problem. Up and about and camping again in a couple weeks. He verified what had happened and let us keep my friend's camper there for a couple extra days at no charge till we could get back and retrieve it.

Another time I had a problem that I had to fix on the road and called in and told them I would be late. He said no problem that my packet would be taped to the door and to text him when I got there. I got there like midnight. And when I texted I figured he would text back or come over in the morning. Nope he came down and grabbed a UTV and made sure I to to the right camping spot and then held the flash light and while I setup. He even crfanked some on one of my jacks. And then his wife came by with some cookies and some cold water as I was about done setting up. I have setup in the dark before by myself but it sure is nice to have help.

Really good people
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Name: Norm and Ginny
Trailer: Scamp 16
Posts: 7,422
20 years on the road with no experience to start.

We started RVing with zero experience. We did the following to gain experience.

1. We parked the RV in our front yard and moved in to support a new mindset and learn what was needed to live in a smaller space. WE lived in it for 5 months before heading off as fulltimers.
2. We joined a local RV Club mostly of people who had our brand, joined Good Sams and Joined Escapees RV club. That summer we went out every chance we could with any of the clubs having a rally in the area. This gave us the opportunity to tie into their travel experience.
3. Our first alone trip was to a state campground in our very own town, less than 3 miles from our house making forgetting something a no brainer. (One line we learned from others "don't worry if you forgot it Walmart has it.)
4. I read everything I could find on line, particularly the Escapee Clubs full time RVer forumn. Escapees has more full timers than just about anyone. There are numerous books by fulltime RVers.
5. As we progressed to a Fiberglass trailer we went to numerous fiberglass trailer rallies around the country, fiberglass trailer owners are a different breed, a nice breed.
6. Our initial biggest fear with a small trailer was backing it up. We've had virtually whole (small) parks turn our to see us back it in. There is always someone that will help. RVers always are willing to help. Never hesitate to get out and take a look when backing. (One rule never try to park in the dark.)
7. We never carried a gun though we legally can carry a concealed gun in 36 states and since you're from FL (?) you could as well. Generally you can not carry a gun in Canada. There is a single book you can buy that tells you the laws in all states. The states with the strictest gun rules have the largest number of gun deaths.
8. As to fear the only places I worry about are cities. It's not much of a problem because we generally avoid driving thru cities and would never camp in a city, these days particularly the left coast cities. There is insanity in both Portland, Seattle many CA cities where the police have been virtually ordered not to protect citizens. If we want to go to a place like Washington DC, a really interesting City, we camp outside the city and drive in to tour.
9. This is our 20th year. Traveling in an RV for the past 20 years has been wonderful. Most of our years have been in a small RV. WE have never for a minute found it too small. Admittedly our friends with larger RVs can't imagine why or how we can do it. That's all OK. One year we spent 310 days in a row in our Scamp 16, the only down side was we gave over 100 tours of our Scamp. We'd go into a grocery store and people would be waiting for us to come out so they could see our Scamp. We charged a quarter (just kidding). It was always fun to share.
10. I wish you well. It's a great life. You'll figure out what you need rather quickly. Except for tools, if we traveled and did not use it or wear it, next time we didn't bring it.
11. We did not carry an iron, we bought into the wrinkled look, and recognized that we could wear outer clothes for more than one day, it wasn't like going to work or school where people kept track of your attire.
12. On and on..... The best advice I can give is to go to Newfoundland, our favorite place in North America. Our favorite place in the lower 48 is Port Orford, Oregon. (I am happy to give tips on both of these. We've been to Newfoundland 11 times and Port Orford 10 times. You'll absolutely never need to defend yourself in Newfoundland or Port Orford. You'll wonder why you haven't lived in either place your entire life.

Best to you. Norm
Norm and Ginny

2014 Honda Odyssey
1991 Scamp 16
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Name: Debra
Trailer: Casita 2019
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Products and prep for full timing

Well, as Tua said, there is so much good advice in this thread. Thank you all for sharing.

Of late, I have been focusing on selling the condo. I think it was Len who suggested I reconsider and keep my piece of real estate, but I live on the beach in Florida and the hurricanes, assessments, salt erosion of the balconies and appliances, etc. contributed to my decision to sell ... and I wanted to be as free as possible to enjoy this next adventure without worrying about hurricane damage or broken air conditioners. So, the condo is on its way to being sold. We close on August 26th. I had been concentrating on preparing for the sale and then going through the dire process of showing during these strange times. But, it only took 6 days for a serious, cash buyer to cross my path. Yeah.

So now I am absorbed with moving and storage and doing the needful. I think I will park the Casita at a nearby RV park initially to make sure I have things in order and take time to get better acquainted with the Casita before I take off.

Thank you for all your helpful advice. I am most grateful. I will be checking in to see if there are any new helpful bits.

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