2003 Casita 17' SD For Sale - Fiberglass RV

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Name: Gary
Trailer: Casita 17" SD
South Carolina
Posts: 13
2003 Casita 17' SD For Sale

2003 17í Casita Spirit Deluxe For Sale

Price, $10,500.00

This Fiberglass Egg is in excellent condition with all the standard options and more to include the following:
3 way refrigerator
Retractable awning (been extended 4 times)
2 burner stove (never used)
Propane furnace with thermostat (never used)
Water Heater electric or propane
Roof A/C with heat strips
Outside electrical receptacle
Cable ready (never used)
Spare Tire with Casita Cover (never used)
Draw-tie hitch with load leveler bar included

Iím certain that Iíve left some items off the list?

The factory carpet was covered with an indoor/outdoor carpet before the unit was ever used so not to walk or soil the original Casita carpeting.

This camper has been used 12 times and has always been garage keep. Never been cooked in and the propane tanks have never been filled. It still has the new egg smell and is in new condition.

Call or email for more details.

Thanks for looking,
Aiken, South Carolina

Attached Thumbnails
Casita EXT Left side.jpg   Casita EXT DS.jpg  

Casita EXT Rear.jpg   Casita Interior (best).jpg  

Casita Best of Kitchen.jpg   Casita Bath & Hallway.jpg  

Casita Bath.jpg   Casita Kitchen.jpg  

Casita BR &K.jpg   Casita BR.jpg  


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Name: Carol
Trailer: Chalet XL for sale. Hoping to get a Snoozy.
New York
Posts: 75
Have you ever had it weighed? I was looking for a 16' but your 17' looks so nice!

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Name: Gary
Trailer: Casita 17" SD
South Carolina
Posts: 13
No I never have had it weighed but I'm sure that someone here on the site can chime in with the factory weights of a Casita SD 17'.

If I recall this past summer there was an Egg Rally where one of the members weighted the total tongue weight and the total camper weight then posted the findings.

hope this helps

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Name: Gary
Trailer: Casita 17" SD
South Carolina
Posts: 13

This was a post from a form member, Fredrick.

I belive that these campers were loaded and ready for 2 or 3 days of camping?

This is a spreadsheet of all of the weigh-in results that I have from the past 3 years.
There are now 62 Individual Trailers in this list.

Sorted 1st by TOTAL, 2nd by TONGUE, and 3rd by Length
* = This same trailer was weighed 3 times
** = This same trailer was weighed 2 times
*** = This trailer has a generator on the tongue
**** = This trailer had a FULL fresh water tank

13'_______Hunter_____Compact Jr____980_____140______1120
13'_______Hunter_____Compact Jr___1200_____100______1300
13'_______Boler ______B1300_______1160_____140______1300
13’_______Hunter_____Compact Jr**__1540______60______1600
13'_______Hunter_____Compact Jr**__1480_____120______1600
13'_______Scamp _________________1420_____200______1620
13’_______Hunter_____Compact II____1640______80______1720
13’_______Boler ______B1300_______1580_____220______1800
13'_______Hunter_____Compact II____1700_____160______1860
13'_______Hunter_____Compact II____1900_____120______2020
13'_______Escape_________________1780_____240_____ _2020
16’_______Scamp _________________2100_____320______2420
16'_______Scamp _____Standard_____2280_____240______2520
13'_______Casita______Patriot_______2380_____260__ ____2640
17'_______Escape_____Plan B* ______2340_____320______2660
16'_______Fiber Stream_____________2560_____180______2740
17'_______Casita______Liberty_______2260_____480__ ____2740
16'_______Scamp _____Deluxe_______2440_____360______2800
16’_______Casita______Freedom _____2580_____240______2820
17’_______Casita______Spirit ________2260_____560______2820
17'_______Escape_____Plan B* ______2500_____340______2840
19'_______Scamp _____5th Wheel ____2420_____480______2900
17'_______Escape_____Plan B _______2560_____380______2940
17’_______Casita______Spirit ________2560_____380______2940
16'_______Fiber Stream_____________2800_____160______2960
17.5’ _____Bigfoot__________________2600_____380______29 80
17’_______Escape_____Plan B* ______2500_____500****___3000
17'_______Casita______Freedom_____2680_____360____ __3040
17'_______Casita______Spirit________2660_____380__ ____3040
17'_______Casita______Spirit________2740_____380__ ____3120
17’_______Casita______Freedom_____2700_____420_ ___ __3120
19'_______Escape _________________2920_____220______3140
17'_______Casita______Liberty_______2860_____360__ ____3220
17’_______Burro ______Wide Body____2900_____360______3260
17'_______Burro ______Wide Body____2820_____440______3260
16’_______Fiber Stream _____________2760_____500****___3260
17’_______Casita______Spirit ________2980_____300______3280
17’_______Casita______Spirit ________2900_____400______3300
17'_______Casita______Liberty_______2880_____420__ ____3300
17'_______Casita______Liberty**______2840_____460_ _____3300
19'_______Scamp _____5th Wheel ____2640_____680______3320
17'_______Escape_____Plan B _______3020_____320______3340
20'_______Custom-Lite 5th Wheel _____2820_____520______3340
17'_______Casita______Freedom _____3000_____360______3360
17’_______Casita______Spirit ________3000_____360______3360
17'_______Casita______Spirit ________2960_____400______3360
17'_______Casita______Spirit ________2960_____440______3400
19'_______Scamp _____5th Wheel ____2720_____700______3420
17'_______Casita______Liberty**______3000_____460_ _____3460
17'_______Casita______Spirit ________3140_____360______3500
19'_______Scamp _____5th Wheel ____3000_____580______3580
19'_______Escape__________________3440_____360____ __3800
17’_______Casita______Liberty _______3140_____680______3820
19'_______Escape__________________3620_____240____ __3860
17’_______Oliver______Elite_________3560_____34 0__ ____3900
19'_______Escape_____5.0__________3220_____680____ __3900
17'_______Casita______Liberty_______3300_____660** *____3960
19'_______Escape _________________3740_____240______3980
17.5' _____Bigfoot__________________4040_____360______44 00
20'_______Bigfoot _____5th Wheel ____3600____1060______4660
20'_______Bigfoot _____5th Wheel ____3780____1000______4780
20'_______Bigfoot _____5th Wheel ____4420_____640______5060
21’_______Bigfoot _____Rear Bed_____5200____1160______6360
25’_______Bigfoot _____Rear Bed_____6420____1420______7840
The Scaleman / I weigh trailers!
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Name: Gary
Trailer: Casita 17" SD
South Carolina
Posts: 13
Thank you for looking............

Sale pending at this time.

Gary (AKA Boda 66)
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Name: Gary
Trailer: Casita 17" SD
South Carolina
Posts: 13
Last Friday Gary and Sue a very nice couple from WS. came by our home in South Carolina to pickup their Casita. They are the type of people that once you have been around them for 10 or 15 mins. you felt as if you have known the all your life, good people. Once we walked through everything stove, AC, hot water heater, etc. to make sure that everything was in working order I lined up the hitch the transaction was made and off to FL. they went. Well there was one problem. The 7 pin plug had drug so a good connection was not going to stay in contact. I made a few calls and found someone that could install a new one for them ASAP. Off we went! Once install now they were on their way to FL.
I've talked to them a few times to see how they are injoying their egg and everything is working out just fine.

thanks and enjoy.

stop by Aiken anytime

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