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Trailer: Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
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I have a 1988 scamp standard 19ft for sale. has new 3500lb axle with new larger tires just put on May 2007. roof air, toilet, NO shower, 3 way fridg., hitch. did pull it with my 1988 chevy excab full size truck. Now pull with 2000 chevy excab full size 4X4. Trucks never new it was there. Nothing wrong with it, we have bought a 30fter because 19 turned out to be a little snug for us when we tried to spend 3 months in it. I have owned this unit about 5 yrs. taken 4 grand kids and wife and I many times. but only short stays. times change. If anyone is interested email me. don't know if I have to post that or not.

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We are quite a ways away, but can I ask what you are asking?


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If anyone is interested email me. [b]don't know if I have to post that or not.
People can find the way to send you an email by clicking on your name, [b]IF you have filled out your email info into your "My controls". Otherwise, they will only be able to send you a Private Message, and you'll get email notification of that.

It helps those wanting to contact you to have that enabled if that's how you wish to be contacted. That way, you don't have to put your email address in the post itself; it keeps your email address private and still allows someone to send you email.
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Trailer: Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 6
We are quite a ways away, but can I ask what you are asking?

so few of these come up for sale that I don't know what a fair market value would be. I am hopeing some will tell me. Only ones I have seen come up for sale are fairly new and priced above 10,000. I don't really expect to get that (though it would be nice).
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What are you asking for your scamp? thanks, jim
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Trailer: Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 6
What are you asking for your scamp? thanks, jim
how about $7500, or, best offer
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Trailer: Scamp
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Aloha Dan,

Is you scamp still available ?


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We're going to pass on this one!

I left yesterday morning at 8 AM and drove to see the Scamp 5th Wheel after speaking with Doug and having him assure me that everything worked and was in good condition. After driving 458 miles with cash in my pocket, we arrived and inspected the Scamp. The floor was rotted clear through under the bathroom -- the electrical system had been removed completely -- the water system was entirely disconnected (fresh water tank laying under a seat not attached or connected to anything -- the water lines to the toilet are hanging loose -- no water for the sink) -- the roof AC unit has been smashed by a tree limb -- the rat fur interior is dirty and water stained -- the gelcoat is worn-- every metal surface appears rusted.
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Trailer: Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 6
Well Dan I am sorry you wasted your time. But in my own defense I must say some things he says are not completely accurate. The floor under the toilet maybe bad, It doesn't show from the topside and I never went arouint pooking at the bottom with a stick like he did. anyway it is something I was definetly unaware of. Thanks Dan for showing it to me. I have no idea what he means when he says the electrical system had been removed. It is all there, everything that came on it new, Oh wait, he must mean the 12 volt battery-the battery tray is empty. I never boondock never needed it doesn't mean it is all gone. The flush mechanisium on the toilet is missing 2 bolts, was like that when I bought it, I never tried to attach it. I have had several RV units and frankly I never put water in any of the tanks,have not put a drop in this one either. I don't like to go thru the sanitation procedure for a weekend trip every time we go. We hookup to the city water inlet and use the sink just fine. It has an electric water pump that works just fine if you were to put water in the tank. (I read that some people take out their tank for the extra storage). The A/C works just fine. It is true that a tree limb fell and cracked the A/C cover and a 1.5"X1.5" hole is in the cover. smashed is not really true. The rat fur....well it maybe dirty to some, the unit is 30 yrs old and I made no effort to detail it and cover up anything. The gelcoat..........again the unit is 30yrs old and I am not going to get it repainted to cover up anything like a used car salesman. The metal surface. 30 yrs, Michigan, winter. I did spray paint metal surface with Rustoleum rusty metal primer which is rust colored (you do this in Mich) he may have mistook that color for rust. I could spray over it with Rustoleum White or Black but that would be obvious that I was covering something up.

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<Moderator Hat ON>

This is a prime example of how two different people can view the same trailer. I have edited posts in this thread for "factual accuracy" to the best of my ability while leaving out disparaging comments.

This is an example of why it's impossible for the staff of FiberglassRV to police our ads for accuracy. We advise sellers to be as accurate in their descriptions as possible avoiding comments like "excellent condition" and use instead descriptors about the actual condition of the trailer... for example, "floor is solid, no rot" or "exact floor condition unknown and uninspected." "Water systems functioning without leaks" or "Water system needs repairs". A trailer that may be described by one person as being in "Excellent condition" may not be so "excellent" to another and those miscommunications always lead to hard feelings, particularly after a potential buyer makes a long trip to find their expectations unfulfilled.

While factual information posted by members on the condition of a trailer they've seen in person is always appreciated, please limit your comments to facts only, and let other members decide whether the trailer is a good buy. Again, another person's "junk" is someone else's "jewel".

We also always suggest asking another member close to the trailer you're looking at to use our Check List and take photos for an objective third-party assessment of the condition of the trailer to avoid wasting time and money on a wild goose chase for a trailer that may not suit your needs. At the very least, always request that sellers provide good clear photos of those areas that may be problematic. Sellers should be willing to provide those when requested.

As always when buying from ANY advertising source here or elsewhere remember that the standard is: "CAVEAT EMPTOR... Let the Buyer Beware."

<Moderator Hat Off>

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Trailer: Scamp 19 ft 5th Wheel
Posts: 6
thanks Roger. I did make one other error. the trailer is 20 yrs old not 30. I also have a 1978 Boler in the yard. That is 30 yrs old. And not for sale, I sold it to my daughter. Scamp is a 1988.

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