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Name: Wayne
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Originally Posted by patrick crawford View Post
mine would have to be the "original" mini cooper i owned in the early 70's. man, that little car was faster than stink.
I recall those days Pat. The muscle car guys had no respect for the Mini's but then again they didn't understand how well they handled and how much fun they were to drive. My Mini's had radial tires. What an innovative/novel idea!
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Oh and I have a 1952 MGTD in the garage....[/QUOTE]

Back about 1959 I had to make a decision between a TC and a 54 Meteor for my first car.I picked the Canadian Meteor because it had the Merc flathead and dash and I didn't have the experience at the time to repair the wooden chassis. We need to talk about the TD. It would love it here in Ontario, and look so kool with the Crossfire, don't you think?

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MCI and Patrick,

Aside from my road racing mini I posted earlier I had a "Street legal" mini also with twin Webbers and block was bored to +/- 1450 cc (not legal for racing) and had the only vanity tag I ever had. No Toy

Always fun when some teen dude with a muscle car would pull up, point at me and snicker. That was the cue to put my foot in it. For safety usually I would slow down when I hit the 90 MPH range so not to attract too much police cruiser attention. Eventually the kid would catch up to me and look very bewildered.

Only once did a wanna be young dude catch me after I slowed, glare and stomp his throttle again. That time after I passed him I did not let up until nearing the top end of 110 ish. This was on a section of road as the Brits say "had twisty bits."

After I slowed to legal limits again I could see when he caught me again that did the trick.

Those were the days!

If we ever move from Scamping to a really big rig (not likely) I have thought about a current mini (John Cooper special) to pull. As I understand there were only about 425 of those imported to the U.S. a few years back.
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Name: Wayne
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Bat Dude.... reading your post puts a smile on my face. Thnxs for posting.
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Name: Dave & Karen
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My chevelle, my 900 kaw's, my HD softail and my 4x4 toyota's.
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2014 Casita SD 17ft. 2004 lifted Tacoma TRD 2002 stock 4runner 2000 lifted 4runner 1968 resto-mod Chevelle
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I like your style...

Originally Posted by jgraps1958 View Post
I sold my 09 Challenger so I could get a tow vehicle. Now that works a bit better !!

I had a 2010 SRT8 Plum Crazy Purple...sold that for a Jeep Wrangler also..I like your style
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Name: Hazel
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I'm not a vehicle enthusiast. To me a vehicle needs to be reliable and suit our needs at the stage of life we are in. Young couple need something different from parents of a pack of wee ones.

Our current vehicle is a Honda Element and it serves us very well. Pulls the Trillium, carries hubby's lathe and woodworking tools to workshops and craft shows, takes me out on photo trips.......adaptable and not terribly greedy for gas.
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Name: Dennis
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Of the 40+ vehicles that I have owned, my two favorites are my 1966 Land Rover Series IIa and my 2011 Mazda MX5 Retractable Hardtop.
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Favorite tow vehicle:
Chevy SSR, a convertible hardtop pickup truck.
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Mine would be my 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster. It had that wonderful quality of an easy, predictable 4wheel drift, a great sound, and in addition to the soft top I had a removeable hard top. The picture isn't mine but same color and all.
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Name: Charlie Y
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Restored this sweetheart. 5 speed with a blueprinted engine. 1963 Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider with twin 40 mm Weber carbs.
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Charlie Y

Don't drill holes, try custom storage you design:
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Name: Tyler
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Name: Alexander
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New Hampshire
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For sheer versatility, I would say my 1979 VW Bus. It was a camper, cargo van, party bus all rolled into one. I especially LOVED passing 4x4 Pickups on washboard dirt roads! You could not beat the long travel torsion bar suspension for smoothing out the bumps.

For sheer joy of driving, my 1971 Datsun 240Z. I used to drive Or-34 between Corvallis, OR and Newport, OR. There was one section of multiple 20 MPH hairpin turns that I used to do at 50 MPH without a single tire screech! Of course I had to balance the twin carbs every month, but hey I enjoyed working on cars when I was younger.
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Originally Posted by Dan Meyer View Post
I'm another AMC fan. My first car was a 10 year old completely worn out '69 Rambler 2 door sedan. My favorite car was my '80 Eagle, closely followed by my '77 Pacer!

-- Dan Meyer
Me & my wife's first car was a 67 Rambler sedan. Paid $900 in 72' and it had 25K miles on it. 48 years later my wife is still here. Few years later, got new car fever & got a Vega. What a pile of sh*t.
Been with my sweetheart since 1969
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We enjoy Whole Plant Base food
If I won the award for laziness, I would send somebody to pick it up for me.
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Name: Justin
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The 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Foxbody is still my no. favorite. I was 8 when it came out and up until now I'm still very much attracted to how it looks.

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Name: Andy
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North Carolina
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Oh, dang. Ramblers...went thru a ton of them. Could NOT hurt that old straight 6. (just for info, Jeepers, that same engine is what is in many Jeeps. Basically a bored Rambler 232 ci engine.) I found a Rambler 770 convertible with the 327 Rambler V8 in it. Tons of fun. Finally sold it to a collector. Only problem with it was the "Slushbox" automatic tranny.

After that, ended up with a Volvo 123GT. Rallied it for awhile, annoyed the Porsche owners, put over a million miles on the poor thing...thus the screen name.

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Name: Alexander
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I can't decide on just one. I have two due to their very different natures:

My 1979 VW Bus which was my can do almost anything vehicle. I set it up so I could stick an extension on the last seat when folded and place a twin sized futon in the back for car camping. I used to remove the center seat, fill it with Pallets and have a really good bonfire with my buddies. I also used to go 30 mph or more down washboard roads without any trouble due to the torsion bar suspension.

My 1972 Datsun 240Z which was my "Damn! this car is fun to drive!" vehicle. With Michelin XZX tires I used to take the 20 mph hairpin turns coming down from Mary's Peak on State 34 in Oregon at 50 mph with no sliding or squealing tires.
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Name: Dave W
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It seems that most people have the fondest memories of high end vehicles with a large engine, or otherwise impressive. First vehicles are also a recurrent theme in this list. My favorite falls into the latter category. Just out of high school, I purchased a Honda MB5 motorcycle. They only imported it to Alberta in 1982. Though it was only 50cc, it could go 80 Km/hr, (~50 mph) in 5th gear, at red line. That was as long as the ground was flat and there was no wind. It had a whopping 7 hp. The seat was large enough for two, even though it only had one set of foot pegs that had to be shared. The top speed was not affected by having two people on it. It was 198 lbs. wet. I could lift it off the ground.

While it was not an impressive vehicle, it was freedom. I would put $1 in the tank and go till I was lost. Having a motor bike for a first vehicle is not something I would recommend. I’m lucky I survived. My first wipe out was at, or near top speed. I was cornering harder than ever before, when the rear wheel came out from under me. I remember sliding on my back, head first, and looking over my shoulder at the bike, (also sliding) as it was shedding plastic and glass, and thinking about how expensive that was going to be. I also did a hand stand off the spoiler of a brand new Trans-Am, I cracked her tail light.

One of my favorite features was the tool kit storage container at the front of the gas tank. It was a perfict cup holder for a 7-11 slurpee.

The picture below is not my bike, but is exactly like it.
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