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Name: Ann
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Hi Alice

I spent months reading and rereading information here on this forum. There are years of excellent advice; from the 'search' command use the lower Google search box and just start typing in your search words.

Also, Lightweight Travel Trailers & Small Campers - Scamp Trailers has many tutorials, videos, lists, etc. It takes quite a bit of time to go through it all, and some of it you'll go back and read/watch again and again.

On this site, in the 'Documents Center' (under MORE in the version I'm using), is the 2016 Scamp Owner's Manual.

Happy Scamping!

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Name: Jon
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I'll second the Scamp video tutorials on their website. They go over the basics and, most important, they show you the basics.

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Name: Jim
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Gordon 'list

"Help !" , with Gordon's list you may need a semi ! Get good roadside assistance insurance & let them fix your problems . That way you can delete most of the list . Don't get carried away . Sorry Gordon , just my take . I'm older now so I let others do my work .
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Name: Alice
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Thanks so much everyone for all this help!!! I will try to find the right balance between trying to learn everything and just making sure i am covered for problems with roadside assistance like "Jimp" said, and learn as i go somewhat. I dont really want to stay in MN after i pick up the Scamp though, if i can get away with not. It means some 12 hr drive days to get back out west if i do stay. Would rather have shorter days of driving as i get used to trailering. My tow vehicle is a 2000 Toyt 4Runner & it was quite a while ago that i last drove a trailer. I already got the hitch put on, but no anti sway bars. Am i going to be staying below 60 all the way even if the weather is calm?
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Name: Dave & Paula Brown
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Alice, you shouldn't need a weight distribution hitch with your 4Runner. You probably don't even need a sway bar, but it is inexpensive, light weight, easy to install/use, and may give you peace of mind.
Dave & Paula
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Name: John
Trailer: 2000 16ft Scamp
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I really like this sight...Alice asked and holy cow the flood gates opened up. The only little item I can add is pick up some Vaseline jelly and put a light coat on the outside of your brake and light plug. That way your lady hands will have an easier time with that plug. If there is anything you need at the last minute just south of Backus maybe a half an hour is Pleasureland RV, it's right on 371.
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Name: Kevin
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Woodstock, IL
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I know you have long days ahead of you driving back home, but staying just the night you pick it up would alert you to any possible problems and give you time for the first setup. Then, it's off bright and early the next morning. You won't even have to unhitch if you're staying one night each place on the way home. Just put down your stabilizers, hook up to water and power, and you are set!
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Name: Zac & Cathy
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Get a pair of gauntlet style rubber gloves for your sewer hose also hand sanitizer. We bought a Scamp 13 from the factory a few years ago and went camping all over the area we did not have any problems whatsoever Oh! except one! bugs coated our window so bad and those nice clean window washer squeegees at our gas stations here is CA look like brown goop back there. Get a large jug of windex and some paper towels for your tug. Enjoy your adventure!
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Name: Gene
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North Dakota
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I agree with others who said to stay in the area at least one night to check things out. There is a nice resort nearby. It's called Ruttger's Pine Mountain.
Ruttger's Pine Mountain Camping Resort and Pine Mountain Cabins
Be sure to ask for a tour of the factory. You'll learn much about your camper. There is a good restaurant just down the road to the South near the Cenex gas station. If you didn't get the microwave...good! Too expensive. Get your own but ask for the brackets they use to secure it down. They want about $250 and your can get one yourself for about $75. Fleet Farm stores have good prices. Magic Chef has a good one.
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Name: Jann
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Originally Posted by David B. View Post
Welcome Alice. One thing I had difficulty with when picking up our new Lil Snoozy 2000 miles away from Arizona, was getting license plates. I could get transportation plates, but they were only good for a few days, so no camping for us, as it took 3 days just to drive it back here.
Dave & Paula
When we bought our motorhome in AZ we got at least a 30 day temporary with it. Most places give you 30-60 days because it takes that long to get the title done, especially if there's a loan. When we bought our Casita in TX we paid cash and still the title had to be sent. Again we had at least 30 days on it.
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Name: Jann
Trailer: Casita
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Originally Posted by AliceGardner View Post
Hi Everyone,
I'm new to RVing but have only about a year until retirement, so I'm launching on a big learning curve to get up to speed on everything I need to learn. I've ordered a 16' Scamp and will go get it in MN in July (I live in CA) and then do some camping in the Tetons on the way home.

The first thing I need to know is when I go to MN, what things do I need to bring with me to make my Scamp immediately usable. I'm not talking about kitchen & camping stuff. I'll be bringing my whole pre-RV camping kit. What I need to know is what things are particular to Scamp RV camping that Scamp won't give me, like aids to hitching up & unhitching in the Tetons, dumping for the first time, hoses for filling with water, and stuff like that. I'm close to being a complete newbie at those things. Wow, there's a lot to learn.

I just had the correct hitch installed at U-haul, along with the brake controller. Next I guess I need a transmission cooler on my 2000 4Runner, right? Any advice on which one?

Thanks ahead of time,
You might not need a transmission cooler. Check with vehicle manufacturer for your need. Don't ask the person that will install it as they would say yes just to make money. We have never added one and we've pulled with 3 different vehicles. One vehicle was a 2002 4.2L 6 cyl in a Chevrolet Trailblazer. Walmart is a great place to buy a lot of RV stuff. Make sure to get some toilet chemicals and preferably without formaldehyde. Many places do not allow it in their septics. I like the drop ins as they are easy and don't ever spill. Camping World has everything you need also. If you are not a member it is worth the cost. Being a member of Good Sam makes you a Camping World member for your discounts and they have a lot of great benefits like real good tow service, etc. Not all tow services will tow your vehicle and trailer separate. Check all this out. You are smart to start way ahead of time.
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Name: Raj
Trailer: Escape Trailer - SOLD
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Lots to learn from this thread for another newbie
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Name: Stephen
Trailer: NotYet
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Great List (and I copied it and then added a few items).

Things You Might Need When Picking Up a Travel Trailer for the 1irst time.
Note the first item (deep socket for removing spare tire) as it might be the one and only thing that is unique to Scamps.
Or just throw the trailer spare tire in your tug.
That way you know you can use it when you have a flat.

Tier-One includes priority tools and supplies that you should not leave home without.
You should know how to safely use them, or have someone available who does.

Running Gear:
Proper tools to change tires. Check beforehand
(Note Scamp needs deep socket to remove spare [from spare tire mount], but regular socket is OK for mounting wheels to hubs on axle.)
Air compressor (12volt type [unless you have access to an operable 120volt generator]) and tire pressure gauge
Jumper cables of the appropriate length
Spare hitch pin(s) and clips

Various voltage adapters (15 to 30, maybe 50 to 30, 15 amp extension cord with adapter to 30 plug and/or 30 amp extension)
Multi-meter or 12 VDC and 120 VAC testers (also surge suppressor or better is recommended).
Spare wire (10 and 14 g), crimp connectors, wire nuts
Bulbs (tug and trailer, inside and outside).
Wire cutter / crimp / strip tool
Wire ties

Sewer hose extension and fittings (black water might require a 45 degree elbow to fit on a different hose)
Water heater drain plug socket
One or two drinking water Hoses with spare washers
Pressure regulator (limiter)
Container for lugging drinking water, look for one with wheels, (esp. if you only carry one hose).
Assorted sizes of Hose Clamps

Adjustable wrenches, channel lock pliers, crescent wrench, needle nose and vice grip pliers (sized to the gear on your rig).
Small hack saw
Phillips and flat screwdrivers, also torx if needed.
Duct tape and or Gorilla tape
Electrical tape
Butyl tape
Spare rivets and rivet gun
Emery cloth and small wire brush
JB Weld
3M 4200 Marine caulk and gloves to protect hands as needed.
Bailing wire
Plastic or Nitrile disposable gloves
Mechanics type work gloves
Any specialty tools or attachments required for your particular towing rig.
Owner’s manuals with parts lists.


Tier-Two includes tool you might be able to get by without, but they come in handy or are required less frequently. Tier-Two tools are recommended when full timing or boondocking when ready access to stores or repair facilities is not expected. Some of these items are so lightweight that there really is no reason not to carry them.

Spare bearing and seal set with cotter pins. Bearing pre-packed with grease and sealed in baggie works well.
Tire plug repair kit
Metric and SAE Socket Set with extensions and appropriate adapters (1/4 inch to 3/8 inch drive, 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch drive.
Battery hydrometer
Torque Wrench
Hammer with claw or Axe–hammer and small crowbar
Electric screwdriver / drill and bits
Grease gun if you have “bearing buddies”
Can of WD-40, and silicon spray (with spray tube)
Chain quick links and shackles
Silicon Dielectric grease
Assorted bolts, screws, etc.
Sections of replacement hose(s)
TFE paste and Thread Seal Tape
Soldering iron with solder and applicable soldering flux
Small bubble level
Refrigerator flue brush and/or canned air.
RV antifreeze if you might unexpectedly experience sub-freezing temps.
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Name: Gerry
Trailer: 1979 Boler 1300 / 1991 Casita Freedom Deluxe
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Hey Steve, don't know if your post was alittle tongue-in-cheek but if I carried all this, there would be no room for food, cloths, and real camping stuff. I would need a 3/4 ton truck to tow my boler,1300
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Name: Benja
Trailer: Scamp
Posts: 4

This is the most comprehensive pack list I could ever dream of. Thank you for sharing and being so thorough! Your username may be gorden2, but you're gorden1 in my book.

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