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Junior Member
Name: Bill & Sherry
Trailer: 2010 Casita LD 17'
Posts: 15
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Hi, We are Sherry & Bill...

A year after buying our used 2010 Casita LD and retiring, it was road-ready in in the fall of 2017. Sherry joined several of these forums and read a lot. We camped fairly close to home initially, being cautious hauling this earthquake on wheels. Bill is knowledgeable and patient with repairs and upgrades.

We learned so much more about each other: stress tolerances, habits, communication , the size of our bubbles, alone time. Not so easy in a tiny home when it's raining or far too smokey to be outdoors. Smoke & COVID-19 together is a lot to handle. Ask questions. And how long is it comfortable to be away from home?

It's challenging: Bill likes to go away for a week or less and has a large personal bubble. Sherry would love to travel for a month or four and has a very thin bubble.

In January this year we planned 8 trips, one being hotel travel, 3 were cancelled, we attended 2, now one to go--the Fall NOG in October. We don't want to be snowbirds so life in the NW is very seasonal.

Lessons learned: stay in touch with people/gatherings we know and enjoy, reserve as early as possible, look for new adventures, and always remain flexible! When stressed take walks, think, slow down. Remember loving kindness.

We vacillate between buying a larger trailer/RV, a motorcycle with a side car, or fly to visit friends and family rather than fulfill the bucket list.

Bill says his skills and talents in R&R and tech improvements (eg solar power, inverters, wiring, plumbing, fiberglass, etc) are a blessing and a curse. If funds were no object Sherry would buy a new Escape 21. Or on the other hand, get a vintage Boler and an EasyUp--low tech and fewer worries!

We would like to know what other challenges couples have while on the road--please do reply!
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Julie and Jose's Avatar
Name: Julie
Trailer: Scamp
Posts: 58
Julie vs. Jose

We too have discovered different styles when camping.

Jose likes to sit inside with air conditioning and his laptop while Julie prefers to sit outside and convene with nature.

Jose wouldn't mind one or even 100 evenings without a campfire. For Julie it is a must.

Jose could stay in our comfy memory foam topped bed till noon. Julie has to get up as soon as it is light out to put the coffee on.

Jose leaves his clothes and other personal items (including the laptop) anywhere he sees a an empty spot. Julie thinks a 13-foot camper is way too crowded and unlivable with all that clutter. Put everything back in its place!

And best of all: Julie thinks Jose is going to hit every tree, electric post, and water spigot when backing up into a campsite--just get it into the campsite and STOP. It is good enough! Jose wants the camper to be in the absolutely most perfect spot on the campsite even if it means backing up 15 times and turning Julie into a screaming shrew!

It is a good thing that we both maintain a healthy sense of humor (40 years of togetherness).
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Scamp 13
Posts: 1,827
Julie buy Jose a front wheel for your 13 footer and on level ground just unhook the trailer and push it to the perfect spot. Taming of the shrew. be glad you have a cluttered 13 footer just imagine a 19 footer you will be tripping over that much more stuff. as for the campfire, visit your neighbors bring some snacks and enjoy their fire much more fun than alone or with a fire bummer. just ask most campers will adopt you.

Steve & Lesley here, we have a Scamp 13 and we love the easiness of it. it fits everywhere doesnt have bathroom so none of the dumping stuff at the end of the trip. we use campground facilities and in an emergency use the portapotty so we are very familiar with each other. And yes my wife and I struggle with backing up, to put it lightly had the trailer 5 years now but have at least learned not to want to kill each other. She never has even tried to back up the trailer and has no clue just what and where to be for real help.

I do most of the set up and take down and she pretty much stays out of my way. She deals with the packing and food stuffs. we eat better camping than at home. all out door cooking mostly cooked by me or eating out. She likes rally's and I tolerate them I don't like the daily rush rush rush trying to keep up with things. I am an early to bed and early to rise person and Lesley would rather sleep in. I like campfires but fear them and Lesley's health will not allow her to partake of them. so we don't do fires or events concerning fires. We do like being together so that is a big plus. when we go to bed she goes to sleep, I go to bed to stretch out and watch DVD's all night. cant sleep without the distraction. Lesley tolerates this and still finds a way to sleep. we haven't gone camping this year as I had a bad spell with covid 19. Lesley took care of me and saved my life with a fatal risk to her if she got sick. Glad she didn't get sick. I do lover her so. we will be back at it next year.
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Name: David
Trailer: 2010 Escape 15A
Posts: 34
"We do like being together so that is a big plus."
I think that is the key. We tolerate a lot with each other because we have been together 20 years and enjoy the heck out of each other's company.
Enjoy the journey
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Name: Mitzi
Trailer: LilSnoozy 12/01/16, Tug 2012 Dodge Citadel
Posts: 551
DH's nickname when I met him was THE GEEK- because in one of those cutthroat college scrabble games he used GEEK and was challenged it wasn't a word- but he knew the correct definition- the guy in the circus sideshow who bites the heads off live chickens and snakes!
I was an ultralight backpacker/canoe camper. The Geek wants to bring everything he might possibly need, including the blow up kitchen sink from Coleman. I love cold weather and he is a native Floridian who would like the temp to not go under 68-preferably not under 72. He loves Interstates and I love back roads. He likes cotton and every one of my Boy Scouts knew at what point in my lecture to the new Scouts about the MLK holiday backpack to chant "Cotton Kills!" The Geek would rather be in a hotel room and I already told you about my camping style. Fortunately after all these years he did admit that he promised to camp with me "someday" and after some scary episodes in hospital for both of us he admitted that "someday" had probably arrived.

And one more thing- he would rather eat every meal out, and I like to eat out occasionally. I finally got him trained that lunch out is far more reasonably priced than dinner out- and we can have a hefty snack in the GrandmotherbearsDen when it's close to bedtime, saving both time and effort, not to mention $$
That's my job. I read...and I know things
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Name: Renee
Trailer: Boler
Posts: 97
Nothing matters if you can’t sleep.
We have finally found the mattress and arrangement so we can both sleep.
Besides backing the trailer into a spot, we do ok. 20 years of practice getting along has helped prepare us for close quarters in our ‘75 Boler 13.
Wash your hands!
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Name: Martha
Trailer: 2009 Casita SD
Posts: 25
Life together gets great after 60 years! If you have not made it by then you might not.
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Name: George
Trailer: 1997 16' Scamp
Posts: 71
One size doesn't fit all but it sure feels good when you find the right fit. My wife and I have been camping out of state with our 16' Scamp for 7 yrs now. One yr we spent 4 months in it while on a US National Parks tour. We traveled for 2 months, stored the Scamp in California, flew home for a couple months and returned for another 2 months to get home. That was exciting but we find that about 5 weeks in the confined space is about our limit. We've settled into returning to southwest Texas each yr. A week down, 5 wks camping in parks and a wk back takes a nice bite out of a MI winter. We love the desert hiking, mountain trails, the dark night sky, grilling, reading books, a little shopping and just hanging out together. I must also mention "The Dance". Two people moving around in a 16' Scamp demands a certain amount of rhythm. The rest of the yr is spent happily in MI. The Great Lakes and a sailboat make for a seafront flavor. We cruised for 10yrs spending 3 to 4 months a yr on the boat as we traveled from Lake MI to the Caribbean and back. A lot of Mother Nature has seeped into our bones over the yrs and it brings us comfort. Ain't life Grand! Good luck with finding your rhythm.
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