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Name: Ryan
Trailer: "Currently Shopping"
New York
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Hoping to decide with the help of this forum

Hi guys! Ryan here! Just saying welcome to me and looking forward to reading some of the tips here so I can already decide what should I get. Again..welcome to me!

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Name: Jon
Trailer: 2008 Scamp 13 S1
Posts: 8,852
Welcome, Ryan!

What you should get depends on a number of factors, including (1) what you intend to tow with, (2) how many people, (3) type of camping/travel you plan, and (4) budget. The classified ads here and at www.fiberglass-rv-4sale.com are great places to “window shop” a variety of makes and models. Be sure to check out the sold archives to see a greater assortment of makes and models, but realize that many are no longer made, and some are quite rare.

There’s no substitute for first-hand experience, though. Little things- like whether the bed is long enough for a taller person or wide enough for two- matter a lot. The difficulty is you won’t find many molded trailers at dealers or RV shows. Most new ones are sold factory direct, and most used one are sold through private party transactions.

Once you have some general ideas- and assuming you’re committed to an all-molded fiberglass trailer- a visit to a rally would be a great next step. There you can see many makes and models in one place. Some have a scheduled time for “open house” tours, and even if not, many owners are more than willing to give an informal tour. The “more” tab includes a link to a map with locations and dates. Contact event hosts for advice about scheduling a visit.

Best wishes!

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Name: bill
Trailer: 2013 Escape 19; 1977 Trillium 1300
The Mountains of North Carolina
Posts: 2,775
While everyone on here loves molded FG trailers, and most would not consider other designs, they do have limitations.


First, they cost more than stick built trailers, sometimes a lot more. The market decides the value and pricing of FG trailers, and not your budget. Its the old champagne taste on a beer budget....Many new to FG trailers are not realistic on budget.

Secondly, they are small. They are not only short in overall length, they are narrower too. Some have low ceiling heights too. (There are exceptions, the 25 foot Bigfoot is wider and much bigger than any of the other FG trailers.)

The older smaller ones typically do not have a bathroom or AC.

Most are designed for two people. Some can handle four (two children).

If you want to buy used, they can be hard to find.

They are not as light in weight as some people think. I often see FG trailers for sale with dreamland, ridiculously low and not real weights. Weights in the real world will give you actual data. You can't tow them with ANY car. Some cars for example are not rated to tow ANY trailer. Read your owners manual carefully, and then look at the weights in the real world spreadsheet.


Nothing holds its value better than a molded FG trailer. Its not unusual for someone to buy one used, maintain it properly, use it for five years, and sell it for as much or more than what they paid for it. Wish my tow vehicle held its value as well!

Durable: they are the most durable RV trailer out there. No wood in the walls and ceiling to rot, typically the roof is one piece all the way to the side of the trailer. So no roof to wall seams, no sharp corners, etc. They do have wood in the floor which can rot if leaks are allowed to continue.

Smaller trailers fit in more campgrounds and camp sites, are easier to tow, and can be towed by smaller vehicles. Many campgrounds in National Parks in particular were designed for smaller campers.

Towing a narrower trailer is EASIER! My two FG trailers are both the same width as my truck. So its no harder keeping the trailer in my lane as it is keeping my pickup in my lane. If you have ever towed a wide trailer, it can be a workout. Did you know that Atlanta added a lane on the main freeway through town just by making all of the original lanes narrower? Thanks Atlanta.

Despite the small size, I've met people living full time in vintage 13 foot molded FG trailers. They were perfectly happy with it! People that want to take everything with them, have two bathrooms, etc., will not be happy with a FG trailer.

The best way to tour a lot of brands at one time is to go to a rally. We went to our first FG rally AFTER we bought our trailer! Oops! At the rally, we discovered the trailer we should have bought..... Get knowledge first, then buy. There is a lot of variation in layout/floor plan between the various brands. Even something that appears as simple as the width of the center aisle can be much different. How will that affect you? Try getting dressed in the morning if one of you can't get past the other....
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Name: Kathleen (Kai: ai as in wait)
Trailer: Amerigo FG-16 1973 "Peanut"
Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area, Washington
Posts: 2,567
We paid a relatively high price for a 1973 Amerigo FG-16 that had to be gutted, and completely redone inside. The plus: it's constructed more like a house, with an interior plywood shell so you can put up your pictures and anything else you want much like in a house. It uses the air gap between interior and actual fiberglass shell as insulation, and it works okay, except for the huge windows. We covered those with double-layer fleece roll-down panels, and it holds heat well at night. It has a molded-in ceiling that we were lucky to leave alone. We replaced the rotted floor with marine ply and painted it, rather than adding more flooring on top. We know what condition it's in as nothing is hidden now. Paul patched 82+ holes and cracks in the fiberglass, and learned how in the process, starting with a lot of help from kind people on FGRV.

Since we chose everything that went back into "Peanut," (one shell, two nuts) we really made it our own, as they say here. We love it, but it's not "home." If I want to be comfortable, happy, eat four-course meals, and have all the conveniences, I stay home.

For the last 9 months, I've been housebound (and this will continue a whle yet)...but Paul uses Peanut in the driveway as a man cave, and sits out there safe and comfy, making coffee in the microwave (we could get him a 110 coffee maker for the counter...!), reading, having snacks, and waving at & visiting with the neighbors who pass by. I try not to bother him when he's in Peanut.

It was like adding a room to the house, and at this point, we have no thoughts of selling it.

An advantage of his reading in there is he keeps a close watch on potential leaks and infestations. So far, so good. We made it uber simple, all-electric, no water or propane. Nothing really to winterize, we carry water in jugs. We use paper plates & cups, which work then as fire starters, both here and in camp. Why carry newspaper when you can burn the dishes?

Anyway, I've forgotten what my point was.

Good luck to you on your search! Make a list of everything you NEED, want, and would be "magical" to have but could live your whole life without. Set yourself a budget--and double it. (I'm pessimistic.) Expect to search far and wide. Maybe you'll get lucky. People do!

Semper ubi sub ubi.
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Name: bill
Trailer: 2013 Escape 19; 1977 Trillium 1300
The Mountains of North Carolina
Posts: 2,775
K: get an old fashioned electric percolator. I picked one up at a thrift store and haven’t used my Kuerig since. Eliminated all the Keurig waste, brews multiple cups at once. Fast!
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Name: Jan
Trailer: 2017 Lil Snoozy
South Carolina
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Welcome Ryan! I won't repeat what everyone else has already said, so good luck and have fun in your search for your perfect to you camper!
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Name: Kathleen (Kai: ai as in wait)
Trailer: Amerigo FG-16 1973 "Peanut"
Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area, Washington
Posts: 2,567
Thrifty Bill: thanks! You're right; I bet Paul will be delighted. Funny we never thought of it before.

Semper ubi sub ubi.
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Name: Sandra
Trailer: 2006 EggCamper #35
Posts: 142
Thrifty Bill is right! Rally first if you can. Good luck on your hunt
The Egg-centric Argonauts are sailing soon...
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Name: vince
Trailer: escape
Posts: 39
F.G. Rally

The best source for feedback are the owners who can share their likes and dislikes. Also in your travels if you spot something, write down the name if you can, then call the manufacture for a contact list and additional info about the trailer. Good luck in your hunt.

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