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Name: Jack L
Trailer: Sold the Bigfoot 17-Looking for a new one
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Originally Posted by Dennis Clinton View Post
Personally, I would not be faxing a copy of the title to anyone. Just tell them you have a current title/registration and are willing to show it to them when they inspect the trailer. Working in the insurance industry for years(now retired), I saw many times where the 'buyer' got a hold of the title, or even just the registration, then stole the vehicle and sold it to unsuspecting buyers.
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Name: Jeff
Trailer: Escape
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I concur, don't send the title or registration to anyone- by fax, email, mail, etc. They only need your assurance that the title is clear and the registration is current. As a buyer I want to ask that of the seller by phone or email, and then confirm it by looking at the documents when i inspect the Trailer.
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Name: Wayne
Trailer: Airstream Sold, Nest Fan
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Alice.... Lots of good advice here so far.

When we sold our Coleman pop up years ago the buyer offered to go to the TD bank together (where we both had an account) and transfer the funds right there on the spot. We then drove a short distance to the licence bureau and transferred the ownership. It worked fine.

Do you have any pics of your new trailer?
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Name: Patrick
Trailer: Shopping for new RV
North Carolina
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Sad fact is in today's society there are way too many rip-off artists looking for ways to relieve you of your property and money. Simple solution is trust NO ONE!......Ask your self...WHY???.....when trying to sell anything supply only pictures and documents like the registration and title only come into play when the cash changes hands....not one minute before.
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Name: Bob
Trailer: 1973 Hunter Compact II
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But.... at the same time we as buyers expect a vehicle seller to fork over the VIN so a CarFax can be run.
I have yet to see a documented case where a scammer did anything with a scanned copy of someone's title. If one was that worried, just cross out the VIN itself so that the seller knows who is selling what.
As a buyer I have seen several cases where sellers exaggerated who's name was on a title when asked on the phone, meaning that it suddenly changed when I went to inspect a trailer/motorhome.
I think that a buyer has a certain "Right to know" as well.

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Old 12-09-2014, 05:14 PM   #26
Name: RogerDat
Trailer: 77 Scamp 13
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There is an old saying "cash in sight starts no fights" and the ever popular "show me the money".

You have the cash, I have the title if we do a deal these and the keys change hands. Possession of a title signed by the seller is legally ownership. You do not want to sign your title in the sellers section until the cash is changing hands.

This link has a list about half way down on detecting counterfeit bills, especially important if one is dealing with a bleached $1 bill that has been reprinted as a $100. Counterfeit Money: How to Spot Fake Bills

One other scam that while I do not know of it being used on camper purchases is out there being used on other purchases including cars.
  • Buyer provides a money order, cashiers check, or sometimes sends a personal check but they suddenly realize it's for too much money.
  • They say no problem go to your bank you deposit mine and just withdraw and pay me the difference between my amount and what I owe you.
  • You feel safe because you deposit theirs first BUT it takes a few days to find out it was a fake, or doctored by then the buyer is long gone.
E.G Buyer says darn I screwed up your trailer was 45 hundred (4,500) and I got the cashiers check for 54 hundred (5,400) you deposit it and give them the $900 difference. Only to find out three days later the deposited cashiers check was a fake or real but only for $400 and was doctored to read $5,400. People then flip the vehicle without transferring the title to their name.

Becoming more common on auction sites with mailed funds (followed by frantic email about mistake) but has been around in the used car market for years. Used car/RV sales place, or private buyer will take the signed title as ownership, recall what I said about a signed title and don't sign until you have the cash.

VIN # is one thing, fax copy of the title is another. And for a camper? I'm thinking only reason one would need VIN is to set up insurance to tow home.
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Name: Ron
Trailer: 2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull #69
South Carolina
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I've sold a few trailers. On Craigslist and thru online forums.

For locals, I took a check and signed over the title. These are people I could verify who they were and knew they lived nearby. For out-of-stater's I insisted on cash. Some folks were put off by it, but that's the way it had to be.

Also, be sure to count the money. Twice! I got cheated out of $50 once because I didn't count the second time until I got home.

When I first sold something online, I was too sensitive to peoples feelings - I just told them before they came out to "be prepared to buy" thinking they'd know to bring cash. Well, they didn't and were quite offended that I wouldn't take their check. I find that older people are more offended as they thing everyone should trust each other. You'd think just the opposite!

Alice, you should love your T@B clamshell. That really is the one to get! I've had Little Guy products in the past and they are quite good, and they stand behind them. Not a fan of the Amish, they don't bring anything to the table in my view as far as quality goes, but they work cheap obviously, and that is reflected in the price. I have a T@G right now, and it's really a clever little trailer.
2015 Oliver Legacy Elite II - Hull #69
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Name: Myron
Trailer: Escape
New Mexico
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I say always insist on cash. Nothing beats having it in your hand when a week later the buyer calls you up demanding a refund or some money back because he or she just discovered something they do not like. (Yes, even if prior to the transaction you were up front about every known issue.)

Original titles ONLY! Copies, a notarized "Bill of Sale" etc., are not worth the paper they are written on.
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