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Name: carla
Trailer: Scamp
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Fraud: be aware of the google green dot scams.

I was contacted by a woman saying she had a Scamp for sale. She was only asking $3000 for a 1999 13 Scamp.
If it sounds to good to be true , it probably is!
She went on to tell me she was going to be deployed in a few days and this was her fathers camper. She wanted to use Google Pay/ wallet. You go to the stores and buy them with your money, prepaid.
Then the Google Pay transport man calls and asked for you to read off the numbers on the cards. DO NOT DO THIS !
Once they have the numbers ,they have the money.
This is total fraud !
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Name: Charlie Y
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Originally Posted by Hopper View Post
I was contacted by a woman saying she had a Scamp for sale. She was only asking $3000 for a 1999 13 Scamp.
If it sounds to good to be true , it probably is!
She went on to tell me she was going to be deployed in a few days and this was her fathers camper. She wanted to use Google Pay/ wallet. You go to the stores and buy them with your money, prepaid.
Then the Google Pay transport man calls and asked for you to read off the numbers on the cards. DO NOT DO THIS !
Once they have the numbers ,they have the money.
This is total fraud !
I would never buy any trailer/vehicle until I had the title in my hand to examine it.
Charlie Y

Don't drill holes, try custom storage you design:
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Name: Marilyn
Trailer: 13 ft 2005 Scamp Deluxe; 2002 Subaru V6 Outback
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Carla, Please do not use any internet pay method. I got scammed on buying a Scamp on Craig's List from a non-existant military man "deploying" and had to sell...even sent me a photo of him in unform....and the price was too good to be true. The photo was stolen, the military base never heard of the person, etc.

I was successful in buying my Scamp by asking the seller to wait until I or my representative (a hired RV company) could see the trailer. I requested the owner to hold the trailer until I got there - drove 2 days to location. I had (prearranged with) my banker contact the seller's banker for a negotiated transfer of funds.

I love my Scamp. And glad I contacted the seller same day it was posted on this site...3 others offered to buy it that day, but the seller was gracious and held it for the first offer (me).

Best of luck
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Name: bill
Trailer: 2013 Escape 19; 1977 Trillium 1300
The Mountains of North Carolina
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Scamming pretty much always starts with the something for nothing, deal too good to be true.

People obviously still fall for it.
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Name: Jon
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Scams are almost always painfully obvious to those watching from a distance. It's also very easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment and miss the signs, especially after missing out on a legitimate deal or two by being the second caller.

The same could be said of projects-in-disguise.

It's always a good idea to involve someone who is knowledgeable about RV's and more important, not emotionally invested in the purchase.
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Name: Kathleen (Kai: ai as in wait)
Trailer: Amerigo FG-16 1973 "Peanut"
Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area, Washington
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Good thought: we paid a lot, drove quite far, and had to fix everything...but by golly, we had title in hand and we got our trailer. A heckuva lot better than paying and getting nothing but grief.

BEST to all
Semper ubi sub ubi.
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Name: Val
Trailer: 1988 Bigfoot Deluxe B19 19 ft / 2007 Nissan Frontier V6 NISMO 4x4
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Really good points. I was negotiating with a Canadian couple who were selling their trailer when a local Canadian dealer offered them cash. Even though I was willing to pay them their asking price, they weren't comfortable trying to figure out how to take a downpayment from an American buyer and were in a hurry to sell it, so sold it for less than their asking price to the dealer, who then turned around and priced it $2,000 over the couple's original top asking price.

The dealer apparently specialized in used fiberglass travel trailers and knew how rarely a 19 foot comes on the market. After looking for a few months for another 19 for sale by a private owner, I was fortunate enough to connect with fiberglassrv forum members Ken and Diane, who lived right in Vancouver and who offered to go take a look at the trailer and verify that the dealer actually had it on the lot to sell. Ken and Diane reported back that for its age, the trailer was in excellent condition so I finally put a downpayment down with that dealer. I researched legal purchase agreements ahead of time and insisted she fill out my purchase agreement, which she did.

I didn't put down more than $1,000, already had bought the tow vehicle here and then drove with my then-partner all the way from Arizona to Vacouver Island to buy was quite the adventure! We had only enough vacation time to drive there, get the trailer and drive home, so we literally had only one night in Vacouver after getting the trailer, but we found time to meet up with Ken and Diane, who were both retired and kindly invited us to their apartment for tea.

Ken showed us a DVD that he'd compiled of some of the highlights of years spent traveling with Diane all over Canada and the U.S. in their two fiberglass travel trailers. He died of cancer a few years after our visit. I exchanged emails with Diane for awhile but we lost touch over time. But it's that kind of great experience that I loved about this community. It felt like a community that looks out for each other as we can and lends a hand to be helpful where possible.

A year or two later, I had some occasion to look up that dealer again, and with some shock and dismay, read in a local online newspaper that she'd escaped to Mexico to avoid being convicted of selling trailers that she didn't have and taking trailers to sell on commission and then never giving the sellers their cut. What?? I assumed that kind of unethical business behavior never happened in Canada (given our country's sad state of internal affairs, that kind of shady business here in the U.S. happens so often in so many places now, but I think it's still much rarer in Canada).

She'd acted very professionally with us, completed all the necessary documents and signed over a clean title... perhaps because I'd made it clear that I'd done my legal homework and perhaps too because Ken and Diane had come to preview the trailer for us and could have vouched for us had she tried to stiff us...whatever the case, I'm just grateful it all went so well.

Always so appreciative of Ken and Diane for driving by to look at it for us before I put any deposit down. That was 10 years ago now, but it seems like a lifetime ago. I hope to get back to Canada for a real visit one day. Can't leave town for that long now because I've got my elderly mother to watch over, but I hope at some point....
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Name: Dave
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Nice story of site members help Val.
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Name: Justus
Trailer: Hymer Touring GT
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One way I have spotted scams on Craigslist is by using Google's reverse image search. On an Android device, you can long hold a photo and do an image search; on a PC, right click on the image and select "copy image address," then open a new tab and go to Click the camera icon in the search bar and paste the image URL you just copied. This search will show you all indexed pages that the image exists on, even if it has been resized. It will also show you visually similar images, which should capture cropped or color enhanced images.

Seems many of these scammers just pull images from dealer sites or private sale sites like this. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a scam, but it can be an indicator.
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Name: Lyle
Trailer: Scamp 16, previously Scamp 13
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Good tip. I never heard of this, but it makes sense that it would be available. Could be useful in many different scenarios as well.
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Name: Daniel A.
Trailer: Bigfoot 17.0 1991 dlx
British Columbia
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It's that time of year for all kinds of scams.

Opened my email this morning in bold type the word AMAZON in my in box, no .com or .ca just AMAZON did not open it but put the cursor on it to see where the email came from.

With cyber Monday coming people need to be careful with links.
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Name: Francois
Trailer: Bigfoot
British Columbia
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"e-transfer" surprised me....

what a great tool that is !!! direct bank to bank transfer via e-mail....

I was selling a pair of kayaks...a guy called and said he'd be by that afternoon to look at them....then a woman calls, says it's exactly what she was looking for and had missed out on another pair just recently...she wanted them bad....I told her there was a guy dropping by later to look at them...she offered to buy them on the spot right now and transfer me the money....

I said "Yeah but how long is that going to take?"..she said "watch"!..she sent me an email with a password...I filled in the blanks, sent it to my bank and 10 minutes later the 700 dollars was in my chequing account!!! I emailed her back and told her she had just bought two kayaks....I guess (???)...

It occured to me that this would be the perfect method to buy anything from a private long as they had email and an internet connection you could use right in their cash, no certified cheque.....instantaneous and secure

"Learn something new everyday, and no day is wasted"
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