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Old 03-27-2019, 10:30 AM   #61
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Name: Alexander
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New Hampshire
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Originally Posted by Mikmay View Post
Diane I in know way felt you had made any disparaging comments but after what you are going through you are more than entitled to it. Hope this all works out for you and others effected by the LS closure.
Mike, as far as I am concerned this statement says more about your company than anything else in this thread. That you're even willing to talk about it speaks volumes. If your business plan is working for you now, then keep on truckin. The post mentioning escrow never even talked about what happens when the customer walks away mid-build, only when the title is transferred or if someone wants a refund. In today's business climate, I don't blame you for requiring such a deposit especially if you do a lot of commercial builds. One thing I suggest though is be extremely careful expanding. Over expanding tends to kill of a lot of small companies. Right now the economic indicators are not good for the future of the economy so be conservative.
As far as your deposit goes, does anyone who posted complaints about the deposit remember when a little upstart company called Tesla required a $50,000 deposit on a car that hadn't even been built yet? And yes, some of the comments made comparing your company to LS sure sound a little disparaging to me as well unless maybe they were trying to be sarcastic.
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Old 03-27-2019, 12:29 PM   #62
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Name: Jan
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Originally Posted by Mikmay View Post
Jan while I can not tell you the lead time as of now as it veries from day to day ( you would have to contact Happier Camper sales for that information) I can tell you we are working extremely hard to shorten it
As most here know fg trailers can not be mass produced very easily,the only real way to increase production is to increase your molds.this takes time and money as building a new set of molds is very expensive.Unlike some of the other fg manufacturers here which may have as few as 5or 6 molds the HC1 has over 15 not including the rotomolded parts.The hardest part is trying to duplicate the molds while remaining in production Due to the demand for The HC1 we have had no choice but to find a way to achieve this. In the next few months I hope to be able to post more on this but as of now it is something I can not discuss.

Mike - right now your salesman said a 10 month waiting period from start to finish. He was very nice in answering all my questions. Realizing one would have to go out to CA to pick it up as to have it delivered to the East coast would be expensive at 80 cents a mile. Interesting little camper though.
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Old 03-27-2019, 02:38 PM   #63
Name: RogerDat
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Let me see if I understand this really long thread. Some people think the company should not charge a deposit. The company thinks it should. Flogging this dead horse for 5 pages adds exactly what value to the forum?

Some folks had a recent loss with Little Suzy when it folded because the were at the time of that purchase willing to make a large deposit. Others having seen that take place or having experienced a loss from it are now reluctant or unwilling to make that sort of large deposit on a camper.

The company making the camper seems to have their own equally strong intention of continuing to require a large deposit. I'm sure they have their reasons based on their experiences as well as the stated intention to treat the customers equally driving their decision.

There were two main points.
I am not comfortable or willing to make a large deposit.
HC1 is not willing to wave the deposit they charge.

Once those two points were made that seems like it would have been the end of the discussion. Really nothing more to say. I read through the pages and can't find anything of value on the deposit subject beyond those two points. More negative than positive posts. Justification, point and counter point arguments to no benefit or gain.

Don't want to pay a large deposit, as was noted many FGRV options are available that don't charge as much deposit. Wish HC1 would consider a lower deposit? That point has been made and HC1 company is declining to reduce the deposit at this time. Pretty much wraps the whole discussion up.

Getting old having folks complain about the posts with snarky comments. So if you can't think of anything nice, or unrelated to the established situation of the deposit, why bother to post? Who gains from it?
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Old 03-27-2019, 03:19 PM   #64
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Name: Steve
Trailer: Escape 15A
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Originally Posted by RogerDat View Post
Getting old having folks complain about the posts with snarky comments. So if you can't think of anything nice, or unrelated to the established situation of the deposit, why bother to post? Who gains from it?
Boy, I bet you just love facebook...
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Old 03-27-2019, 03:40 PM   #65
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Name: Glenn ( second 'n' is silent )
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British Columbia
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Originally Posted by RogerDat View Post
So if you can't think of anything nice, or unrelated to the established situation of the deposit, why bother to post? Who gains from it?

Social Knowledge? The owner of this forum and recipient of ad dollars?
What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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Old 03-27-2019, 03:43 PM   #66
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Name: Floyd
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As far as I know, most other fiberglass trailer manufacturers do not directly post on forums officilly, or do so in a businesslike manor to make an occasional pertinent announcement.
I have participated in automotive forums as well as FiberglassRV and the relevant car company does not make any direct representative posts.

It seems that policy works well, and the fans and private owners have proven to be enough advocacy.

It is usually best not to self promote in this venue anyway, but rather to let the product and its private owners do the talking. It comes off more credible.

The apparent reason? ...Wisdom!
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Old 03-27-2019, 05:40 PM   #67
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Name: John
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You may have missed some of the subtle points or the time it took to get some clear answers.

One of the things that has been talked about in some threads here is whether or not to put down a large deposit on any trailer, and now it has been shown that that can be risky.
As many as about 45 people have recently lost their deposits at LS. They want trailers. It only makes sense to ask a lot of questions when interviewing another manufacturer. And everyone wants to feel secure with the responses they get before putting down their money.

I suggested that HC might be missing an opportunity and Mikmay was asked repeatedly why so large a deposit, with an answer of, basically, "because we do" or nobody else would want one that was built for someone else. Those two answers elicited more questions because they did not give a lot of confidence. Seems to me it's perfectly understandable that people would be cautious or skeptical. And again, there are buyers looking for the right company to deal with. Some have already gone to Scamp.

It took clear until post 62 to even get an idea of how long the waiting period was.

HCs seem like very nice trailers and people are standing by with money to buy something. HC, of course, can run their business anyway they want, and I wish them well. Meanwhile Scamp, apparently only needs $500. and it is refundable.

There is two sides to the story. The buyer, who must be cautious, and the seller, who must make sales and deliver. The friction is somewhere in the middle.

I didn't read, as you stated, that anyone was wanting HC to not charge any deposit, but they were curious as to why a large one was needed. Especially after Mikmay said they didn't need the money.

It boils down to buy it with the terms HC demands, or buy something else. I think several of us were trying to get a handle on why the terms are what they are and if they are flexible or not. Some of those questions took a number of attempts to get a clear answer. After a lot of drilling, Mikmay did tell us that he had been in contact with the folks in LA to see if they could work out a deal to help. So, the long conversation has made good progress. Albeit slow.

I see no problem with the lengthy conversation and I don't think it was as simple as you seem to think. People are being cautious and they had a hard time getting answers that made sense to them, or answers that were presented in a way that built confidence. Now it seems to be mostly cleared up.

Again, I hope Mikmay and HC are successful. They have a unique design and seem to be making high quality trailers.
I only exaggerate enough to compensate for being taken with a grain of salt.
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Old 03-27-2019, 08:47 PM   #68
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Name: Michael
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Originally Posted by Scampdoodle View Post
Combative behavior signals irresponsibly.

Combative people are usually not able to see another person's perspective.

Combative people tend to think they are always right.

You can argue your point in a combative way all you want. It just solidifies my opinion.

I do not wish to do business with combative people.
This post sounds combative to me.
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