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Legacy Posts 05-31-2003 03:44 PM

On the subject of illumination.

This is a comparison of a 'Signal Dynamics' 3 LED unit compared to a fixture with a standard 1157 bulb. The 3 LEDs in the tiny fixture are directed 45* apart so as to spread the light and while not as bright as the 1157, are remarkable.
<img src= LED reflection.jpg/>

Current draw is .04amps
<img src= LED amperage.jpg/>

compared to 1.51amps of the 1157. Don't take much of a solar panel to keep up with that!
<img src= 1157 amperage.jpg/>

....but we're talkin about some pretty good light at 38 times less energy useage, and the bulb ain't likely to burn out in our lifetime.

Color value of the LED is more 'blueish' than the 'yellowish' 1157.

Now, where to mount it???

Legacy Posts 06-02-2003 07:13 AM

Lite the way
Don, I love those lights! Where do you get them? Do you need any special devise such as transformers to operate them? Do they comme with or in fixtures? How do you mount them? Is there a limit as to how may can be hooked up in series??
Thanks, JD

Legacy Posts 06-02-2003 10:47 AM


I got these at a local motorcycle shop. Just installed two red ones on my scooter, they're really bright! Come in red, amber, blue, green and white. $17.95 for white, $9.95 for red

The 3 LEDs are mounted in a chrome finished plastic block about 1-1/2 wide x 1/2 deep x 3/8" high.

Wire as many of em in parallel as you can afford $$$. Come with 2 small mounting screws but I also used double sticky foam tape. No extra 'devices' just two small wires, hook one to + and one to ground.

I've found em online, google search 'signal dynamics corporation', several sources.

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