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Paul Stringer 10-15-2006 08:41 PM

PineKnot was indeed a rousing success. We had about 48 rigs present--lots of Casitas, a good number of Scamps, plus a Compact Jr, a Unik, and a U-Haul. We had great participation in all the activities. Everyone agreed that the Crimestoppers Band was excellent. The potluck provided some very delicious food. Tom T. received rave reviews for his Dutch Oven demonstration. Of course, the visiting among old friends and new provided the most pleasure of all.

After much discussion among ourselves and with Claude, the manager at Tonkawa, it looks as if we will return again next year around the second weekend in October for PineKnot-III. We will be posting some definite information very soon after I have had a chance to talk with Claude again.

The Crimestoppers Band has verbally promised to return next time. Also, Billy B. has offered to bring his sharpening equipment and donate his time and talent in restoring a keen edge to our kitchen cuttlery. As time goes by, I am sure more activities and events will be proposed.

Thanks to all who came and helped make PK-II the great success it was.

Tom Trostel 10-16-2006 03:01 PM
I'm sure all who attended will join me in thanking Paul and Lindy for another fine rally. Hope to see all of you next year. If you missed it, start making plans for October 2007.

Tom Trostel

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